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hkskyline's 2017 in Doha, Qatar

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Doha is a great place to break up a long flight between Asia and Europe. The city doesn't have as many attractions as its neighbours, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but the hotel prices are a bargain due to the ongoing blockade. There aren't too many tourists around and the people are very friendly to help you get around. Here is a pot pourri of a quick morning of sightseeing during my Qatar stopover.

One of the must-do's is to walk along the Corniche, which stretches along the bayfront for a good 7km. I didn't do the entire walk but just a small stretch around the Museum of Islamic Art.

While I stayed in the "old" area, the exciting part of town for skyscraper fans is on the other side of the water at West Bay.

While nowadays tourism and aviation play a prominent role in the economy, pearling used to be the country's key industry.

Just across from the pearl monument is Souq Waqif, a tidy market and great place for a meal in the cooler parts of the day.

More photos on my website :
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Luv that modern building just above your Corniche pics. :eek:kay:
Nice photos, but I would never personally visit Qatar, it's a slave state, hundreds, thousands even of asian workers have died building the soccer world cup facilities there, it's disgusting, and it should be boycotted.
Like Dubai, the best way to appreciate this desert oasis/miracle is by air. Both airports offer wonderful city views on their flight paths.

More photos on my flight report :
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After my vacation in Europe, I was back in Doha for one night before continuing my journey home. West Bay is the new central business district with lots of colourful skyscrapers and a lovely waterfront promenade as well.

More photos on my website :
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Great photos. Prefer the old town.The modern skyscrapers, while impressive in a very certain sort of way - are just soulless by comparison.
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