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Hallstatt is a beautiful lakeside village framed by mountains. Increasingly touristy to the point of being overrun, the next mission to find an equivalent quieter spot elsewhere in the mountains.

Getting here is fairly easy. Upon arrival at Hallstatt station, the train will empty out (follow the crowds) and go down the long, slippery path to the ferry pier.

A boat was already waiting for our arrival. Buy your ticket on board and hop to the open-deck back for lovely views. It is a short ride across the lake to the town.

No blue skies today, but the scene does look magical with a dusting of snow.

Despite the fog, the snow-covered landscape was magical. No wonder the passengers were so impressed as we pulled into the pier.

The best way to explore the town is on foot. Hallstatt is not a big town but do take your time to admire the details, browse around the shops, and breathe the fresh air. What I wasn't prepared for were the crowds. For a small town, it gets quite busy.

After a walk all the way to Lahn along the lakefront, go back the way you came and head uphill to the Catholic Church and its neighbouring streets for a lovely view of the town and the lake.

More photos on my website :
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