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hkskyline's 2022 in BATH

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Bath is a very worthwhile day trip from London, with the train taking only 1.5 hours from Paddington. The city is very walkable and getting around on foot is the best way to explore the historic centre's architectural highlights. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is famous for its hot springs that was already known during the Roman period. By the 18th century, it attracted the upper echelons who came here to have a good time, and the city's grand architecture was built to reflect its affluence.

This is my second visit to Bath. The first one was ages ago on a coach tour that bundled with Stonehenge as well, while this more recent visit was by car and stretched to 2 days, incorporating Bristol as well.

Stop 1 - Bath Abbey

Next up - Bath's grand residential architecture

For more, visit my website : Bath Photo Gallery
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Bath is a nice historic city, have to go there as a daytrip next time I am in London.
Stop 2 - Bath stone architecture

Bath's golden age came in the 18th century when Palladian mansions and Regency townhouses were built using local stone. The architecture has been retained and it is an easy walk to these 3 clusters. King's Circus was designed by John Wood (the elder) and construction began in 1754. There are 3 curved sets of townhouses that form a circle.

The 500-foot-long Royal Crescent was built between 1767 and 1775 with a beautiful lawn set against the terrace houses.

In contrast, the back side doesn't look so appetizing or grand.

Cavendish Crescent is located uphill from the town centre with townhouses dating from the early 19th century designed by John Pinch.

For more, visit my website : Bath Photo Gallery
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