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With the Olympics under way, I'm doing a compilation thread from my many London photos taken over the years. London was once the key port of call for my Europe trips, where I would base myself and fly into continental destinations using budget carriers. With the price of fuel soaring, more competitive fares into continental Europe via the Middle East, and incredibly high British airport surcharges, my trips to London have greatly decreased lately.

The wealthy elite get to live in these rowhouses. The poor can access these, but will need to put up with a room and sharing the toilet with others. Welcome to the modern slum.

On cloudy days, it's time to photograph the architectural details.

Previously for horses, now for humans.

These inner streets are very serene and leafy.

I wasn't here to shop, but to photograph the colours.

I didn't realize there were bargains in London until the recession came. I now get all my nice shoes in London (maybe it will change once I visit Italy more).

In addition to plane spotting, bus spotting is also great in London. The streets are narrow enough to get the bus in full frame, without 3 lanes of traffic in the way.

The skyline looked a lot different back in 2007.

I like exploring local markets, and my did browse Camden, with its funky wall architecture.

Food looks good, but is too expensive, just like most things in London.

Plane spotting is a joy in London, and it's not just limited to Heathrow.

Who says London doesn't experience major earthquakes?

Rainy days mean time to explore some of the world's greatest museums, many of which are free.

Or photograph some close-up's, avoiding the grey skies.

I've used all of London's key airports - Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and Luton. My favourite to use is Luton, as it was a small facility so security was a breeze.

Sunshine didn't elude me on may visits.

I never bothered with these touristy bus tours, as I could just hop on a regular bus and do the same tour for 90p only. Now it's only marginally more expensive.


The Strand is one of my favourite streets. The buildings are nice, the inside streets are diverse, and the odd Routemaster would rumble along.

I still can find Routemasters plying the streets, only in less numbers.

The old docks are being revitalized into new housing. With close proximity to the City and Canary Wharf, these ones should be quite popular with the professional crowd.

As I said before, I like bus spotting.


Winters can get chilly here, but how can you stay indoors when the sun sets at 3pm under blue skies?

My London gallery :
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