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With nicer weather, I try to explore the neighbourhoods and see how the rich and famous of Mayfair live.

Wonder if they will ride these or have their chauffeurs do the work?

I get very merry when skies like these appear over London.

It's not easy to photograph the alleys and streets in the City. Even under bright skies, the light may not be able to properly illuminate the street scene.

So I need to point up and zoom.

The Gherkin is one of my favourite skyscrapers.

I did the typical tourist itinerary on my first few visits. So the following few photos will be familiar places.

I hopped around the railway stations to see how each one differed. If I were to do this again, I may be scrutinized by the police for wandering around these "prime" targets.

Canary Wharf's Tube entrance looked amazing.

The skyscrapers were also decent, albeit conservative.

My friends lived in South Kensington for many years, so I have explored this neighbourhood well.

Many great vantage points await. Two in close proximity of each other are the Monument and St. Paul's. I don't recommend one over another. Both are worth a visit.

You can spot the invading French coming up the Thames.

The climb up St. Paul's is a lot more taxing though. Luckily, it was open on our visit. I previously didn't realize the view would be so good.

London has a lot of interesting monuments.

My first in-depth visit was in 2004, where I spent a week exploring. Armed with a London Pass, I visited as many admission attractions as I could. The view from Tower Bridge is quite good, showing the contrast between the short and tall buildings.

I learned about the birth of time.

The Cutty Sark eventually burned down many years later.

We had bought tickets online before departure, but something went wrong on their end and they couldn't find our tickets. But it was only a brief hitch and we were inside the bubble in no time!

The expensive ticket was worth it.

A royal institution - crowds await the changing of the guard.

Who would've thought you can get a tan in London?

My London gallery :

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Thanks again. It looks strangely bygone despite being less than ten years ago, I guess London's changed a lot just in the past few years
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