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Sai Gon Construction Corporation - SGC
18A Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: 84.8. 9104801- 9104 803 – 9104 805 Fax: 84.8. 9104800 - 9104052
Email : [email protected]
Contact person: Mr. Nguyen Minh Luan - Head of Planning & Investment Dept.

Brief introduction

Thanh Da now.

With proposed functions as an urban area of modern eco-tourism services including main functions such as ecological parks with natural landscape (tourism – culture – entertainment), combined with public and commercial functions, and traditional and modern residential areas.
Scale of project (Area, total investment capital, estimated population, number of houses, flats...)
Area: 427ha
Estimated population: 80,000 persons
Investment purpose
To build an urban area of modern eco-tourism services
Legal form of investment
Calling for investors who meet good financial capacity and experience in investing and building new urban areas or investors for tender packages of the project by contributing capital or bidding forevery tender package of the project according to the approved detailed planning
Master plan Under submission to the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee for approval of the 1/2000 scale detailed planning tasks
Land acquisition and compensation
Under investigation, verification of the curent state in service of the site clearance and compensation tasks
Decision of land allocation
Dicision No.2740/QĐ-UB dated June 14th, 2004 of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee on the land recovery, and land allocation to Saigon Construction Corporation for preparation to invest and build Binh Quoi – Thanh Da New Urban Area
Duration of project implementation

The project is due for implementation in 15 years


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TEL: (84.8) 8299330; 8249109; 8228223
Fax: (84-8) 8249108 – E-Mail: [email protected]


The North-West Metropolitan Area of HochiMinh City is formed in an agricultural land in the surburb of Ho Chi Minh City .

Building and developing the North-West Metropolitan Area is expected to convert the economic structure from agricultural-based to services-based economic, promote the economic growth of the City and neighbouring regions. The North-West Metropolitan Area would be a regional center, a modern ecological metropolitan area with the harmony of urban and social infrastructures, ensure a good environment for residents.


Residental status: Currently, the Area consists of some 30,000 inhabitants with about 5,900 houses. Population density is 5 persons/ha, mainly distributed along the trans-Asia highway and provincial route No. 8.

Land utilization status :

+ industry and handicraft land
+ Public works land
+ Land tenure
+ Commucation land
+ Cemetery land
+ Agricultural, fallow land



North-West Metropolitan Area is in the north-west gateway of HCMC, 30 km away from the City center. Its area is 6,000ha with the width of 3-5 km, stretching some 18 km in length adjoining:

- Trans-Asia highway in the East.
- Long An province in the west.
- An-Ha canal in the south; and
- Canal No. 14 and the boundary of Phuoc Hiep Commune, Cu chi Dist. in the North.


North-West Metropolitan Area includes: The centres of service, commerce, health, culture, education and training, sports and physical training.… with an enormous ability to give employment, fast economic growth rate through the development of public services and trade.

Basing on economic- social factors, North-West Metropolitan Area is planned as 6,000 ha with the expected population of 300,000, including:

- Industrial park: with some 70,000 laborers.
- Services and commerce field with some 130,000 official jobs.
- Public works, domestic and international education - training fields are expected to attract some 60,000 laborers.


Urban construction land-use to be 6,000 ha (100%), in which:

+ For civil use
+ industrial land
+ Warehouses and entrepôt:
+ For external communication:
+ Public central land of the area:
(in which 200 ha for Service, trade, health, culture, sports and training, entertainment including health, culture )
+ Vocational training land:
+ Ditches, canals and regulatory lakes:
+ Verdure system

2,300 ha (38.5%)
550 ha(9.2%)
200 ha(3.3%)
250 ha(4.2%)
500 ha(8.3%)

300 ha(5%)
600 ha(10%)
1,300 ha(21.5%)


- Land rental exemption granted to: i/ technical and social infrastructure building projects to be handed over to the Government or of non – profitable character; ii/ housing projects for low income people (Decree 02/2006/ND-CP dated 05/01/2006 ).
- Land rental exemption granted to: education, healthcare, culture, sport, science – technology projects for large public usage (Decree 142/2005/ND-CP dated 14/11/2005 ).
- Corporate Income Tax: 20% or 28%
- Tax holiday and tax reduction periods from 2 to 7 years depending on specific projects.

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Bitexco Financial Tower, owned by Bitexco Group, a wholly Vietnamese company, is a skyscraper of 68 floors above ground and 3 basements which is currently under construction in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is located in business district 1 of the city. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in September 2005. Construction of the tower was started in June, 2007 and the tower is due to finished by the end of 2010.

NOVEMBER 2009 (From Vietnam forum )

The tower will have more than 16 elevators of the latest generation that can reach any position and any floor in the building within 45 seconds. When the building comes into operation, about 10,000 people will work there. Because of its size, the project is designed with seven basements covering 33,000 square meters for parking and for equipment for the building's operation. The tower is located on an area of 6,000 m² with the floor area of over 100,000 m². Total estimated cost of this project is more than $220 million. Upon completion, this will be the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City, reach 265.5m height. By 2010, the tallest building in Vietnam will be the Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower with 70 stories. However, as far as the number of floors is concerned, this tower will still have the most number of floors in Vietnam. The tower will be made of steel and glass and shaped as a lotus petal. The lotus is considered a symbol of Vietnamese culture.

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Total area: 8 hectares.
Total built space: 900,000 m2. ( 140.000 m2 for shopping mall )
Estimated construction cost: US$ 700 million.
Expected completion: 2011

A World - Class Complex - All in one location

State-of-art Shopping Mall
Landmark Offices Towers
High-quality Residential Apartments
Cosmopolitan Restaurants
Modern Cinema Complex
Latest Technology Entertainment Centre
Exceptional Promenade Plaza
Unique Green Park Landscape

With internationally recognized architect Arata Isozaki & Associates (Japan) combined with the leading experts such as Turner International (USA), our projects reflect the highest international quality standards and innovations.

Metropolis-Thao Dien is a world-class complex located at a short drive from downtown Saigon offering high quality residential apartments, landmark commercial offices, state-of-the-art retails shopping, cosmopolitan restaurants, plus a modern cinema complex and the latest technology entertainment centre - all in one central location.

Encompassing a rich program of residential, recreation, park, retail and office towers, Thao Dien is a 21st century civic center. The project will provide a city scale anchor for entertainment, international business and high end residential.

The site is strategically situated along the main highway connecting the east and west side of Ho Chi Minh City and the project includes a public facade along the highway with state of the art office towers, retail & entertainment facilities. Two sculptural office towers facing each other create a large scale city gate with a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. A green park separates the commercial and public from the residential & private area and also acts as a sound buffer.

Tying and uniting the towers & the commercial area is a city block long steel canopy which provides shade, public spaces and a strong architectural presence relating to the adjacent highway. The individual architectural solution for each function will ensure a rich architectural composition and a dynamic living and working environment.

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Wake up, wake up :D

SUNRISE CITY - District 7- Hochiminh City

The project is located on Nguyen Huu Tho Street close to the Himlam residential area in Kenh Te and Phu My Hung town in District 7.

The six towers will be developed together, which allows a most completed state of the area when the apartments are transferred. The residents will not be affected by the construction as the whole project will be finished by then, according to the investor.

Sunrise City is a huge project with a total land area of 51,260 sqm. The project consists of three main blocks, namely V, W, and X, with 14 apartment towers from 31-35 floors. Upon completion, the project will offer over 1,800 high-end apartments, penthouses and over 70,000 sqm of business and shopping centre. Total investment of the project is more than US$500 million.

More information about this project :

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THE VISTA - District 2- Hochiminh city

The Vista offers a total of 750 luxurious units with a truly alluring array of modern facilities. Residents enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Saigon River and the city skyline. With 23,463 sq.m, the project comprises apartments and public constructions. The Vista is located in An Phu ward, district 2, 4-6 kilometers from center city, easily to Ha Noi highway and Dong-Tay avenue under construction.

Comprises 5 towers, the property is located on a position in which there are many trees, serene water features and many facilities in surrounding area. The Vista is near Metro supermarket, together with International British School and International School of Ho Chi Minh City. Potential customers the Vista expects are businessman and high income persons.

Condominium Features:
- Linear design with good natural and ventilation in all rooms/kitchen
- High ceiling
- Private & exclusive living only with 6 to 8 units per floor
- Spacious apartments, creating bright & airy environment
- High quality finishing
- Lush greenery, beautiful landscaped garden & serene water features
- High speech passenger lift & service lift
- Multi-level car park

Facilities & Service:
- Tennis court
- Golf-putting green
- Timber sun deck
- 50m swimming pool
- Water features
- Children playground
- Club house: gymnasium, sauna & steam
- Jacuzzi
- Bamboo garden
- Personalize lift access system

Extra information:
The main developer (80%) of The Vista is Viet Nam Capitaland Group with the cooperation of Phu Gia Joint Stock Company and Thien Duc Commerce and Construction Company (20%).

It is predicted that The Vista will have been completed by 2011.

More information :
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