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HOBART - #Proposed: Lenna of Hobart expansion - 7st / Hotel

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September 26, 2017 6:00pm
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PLANS for a $60 million expansion at the site of the heritage-listed Lenna of Hobart hotel in Battery Point will be lodged with the Hobart City Council this week, the Mercury can reveal.

The original 1874 sandstone building, on the corner of Salamanca and Runnymede St, already features a 1970s extension and owners Lloyd and Jan Clark have joined forces with developer Dean Coleman for a new 85-room, six star boutique hotel on the existing car park.

It would also feature three street-level retail tenancies and a publicly accessible social space that opens up onto Princes Park.

The seven-storey building would have an overall height of 33.2m, 6.2m higher than the existing Lenna building, which contains 52 rooms.

The current height limit for the Sullivans Cove precinct is 18m.

Designed by Partners Hill, the plans have been two years in the making and have been changed in consultation with council planners over the last 18 months.

Mr Clark said the final courtyard-style design was aimed to integrate with the existing structures and to avoid being a single, block-like tower.

“We love and greatly respect Lenna and are committed to preserving the existing buildings for future generations to enjoy,” he said.

“As well, we are maintaining maintaining and further developing a viable tourism business into the future that is able to compete with existing and future accommodation developments.

“Our goal from the outset was to develop a proposal that would enhance the current Lenna site and the area generally and also respect the local history.

“We wanted it to be a development that Hobartians could be proud of and for there to be a large public area where anyone could bring their guests and enjoy the adjacent park and water views from the podium level.”

The new building would features three distinctly different facades on the park, water and Salamanca sides.

Mr Coleman, who will project manage the development, said it would create 400 jobs during construction and 80 hospitality industry jobs.

Mr Coleman’s Melbourne-based company Solutions*Won was a key partner in several major Victorian projects, including Southern Cross Station, the Melbourne Convention Centre, South Wharf and the Hilton Hotel complex.

In Tasmania, he is perhaps best known as the man behind the alternate hospital redevelopment proposal on the Queens Domain, which failed to win over the State Government.

He is also one of the developers behind the $9 million Richmond Maze redevelopment.

Mr Coleman said the mantra for the Lenna project was “locals doing it right”.

“You can’t please everybody, but we like to think we can please as many people as possible,” he said.

The development application will be lodged with the council in the coming days, Mr Coleman said.

If approved, it will take approximately 18 months to build.


Get ready for some Battery Point comments on this! Mercury comments are blank so far.

It will look good though, but quite commanding on the hill - look at the last image via the link. Will try and post images ASAP.
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Thanks for the story Rover!

Heard about this on the news last night- its a big project. Looking forward to the renders.

The old fart NIMBYS of Battery Point and the anti development brigade will be falling out of the trees over this one I suspect....but it has a pretty good chance of being approved at least in some form providing Silly Anna does not get her way on the Council.
Found one interesting render - this will give the Battery Point heritage nazis a heart attack...

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Another image with this one looking up at the proposed extension from Castray Esplanade. Pretty substantial. Going to be interesting to see what the Council thinks...

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With a profile like that it won't just be the "old fart NIMBYS of Battery Point" complaining I suspect. The "heart attack" render shows the size and how it appears to loom over Salamanca. Will be interesting to see who, apart from the usual, comes out swinging.
Mmm. Dont disagree Idiom but I just wish Hobart people, especially the usual suspects, would just get with the program and get some perspective about growing the city and not leaving it like a museum.

The Lenna extension is really not that imposing. Salamanca can cope with such a building bookending it at the Eastern end.

Now, this is how they incorporate modern hotels with rows of heritage warehouses in London, for example. And because of having such a progressive inclusive and enlightened approach to urban design and welcoming growth, London is much the richer city for it.

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This doesn't have a chance in hell of getting through.
I think you might be right Felx22 - no doubt there will be some horsetrading over the height thats for sure but maybe the architect has designed it so that the bit which is higher than the current Lenna extension (the top floor apartments) can be sacrificed.

I suspect that is going to be the final outcome.
Planning documents are now with the Council.

Some more renders and plans have been loaded on the system for those clever enough to post.

I could not find the value but it must be worth $40 million or so. I would strongly suggest that SSC Hobart members whack in an e-mail representation as this is going to be strongly resisted by the boring old fart reactionarys in Battery Point and their followers.

Finally, Rover you might like to change the thread title as this is a 10 storey building according to the planning documents - not sure if there has been a lift in height or the 2 level basement is now being included.
My E-Rep has just gone in. So at least one person in Hobart has sent in a representation in favour...I suspect it will struggle to get approval though. A redesign is likely to get this one over the line.
Before the Mercury puts the following 'non story' behind its paywall, my spies tell me that Lenna have now withdrawn the original design from the Council and will be submitting a new design by the end of April. The massing and height will be reduced. The new design will be advertised.
I don’t love the interface between old, mid-old, and new on this one, but I’m not sure how they fix that. Splitting a hotel across three buildings from three eras is going to be very difficult—has any material around this mentioned a gut-and-refresh of the 1970s building? It’s tired on the inside.

If not, perhaps it should go, in favour of a lower new building spread across a larger land area.
^^ Your prayers have been answered Tasmanian. Plans have now been lodged with the HCC after a significant doubt one of the cleverer members of Hobart SSC can upload some better images. I suspect this version has a much better chance of approval. It actually sits lower than the 1973 extension behind it. If people object to this on height grounds they need to be locked up...

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I like this a lot. Fingers crossed for approval!

Between this, the Salamanca warehouse conversions, and the Morrison St hotel there’s a lot of hotel coming through in the immediate area.

As I understand, there’s a stage two of the Salamanca warehouse project planned as well, which would add another 30-40 rooms.
^^ As noted on a previous thread, this has been recommended for refusal at Monday nights Council Meeting.

According to the Senior Culutral Heritage Officers opinion, the building is too large, will block important views and does not respect the scale and form of the surrounding buildings.

Yeah right...and if we as a society took that view then nothing larger than what we have now would ever be approved. Lets hope the Planning Committee has more sense and approves it.
Suprisingly this was approved 3-2. So some light at the end of the tunnel.
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Rejected by full council (as detailed thoroughly across social media and various news outlets!)
And the article in the muckery...dont you love the comments from that d***head Briscoe...pompous arse...'if they lower the height and move it away from the park then maybe it will be ok'.

A $60 million dollar development and all the related jobs in construction and servicing a new hotel at risk because he does not have the balls to stand up to the Battery Point mafia which has blatantly misrepresented the shadowing effect.

2 years of hard work by professional arhctiects, consultants and engineers basically ignored because of a luddite in the Planning Unit at the HCC and some sad old privileged reactionary farts...

Ah, rant over - that felt better!

THE developer behind the rejected Lenna of Hobart’s expansion has accused Hobart aldermen of ignoring facts.

On Monday night, the council voted 8-3 to refuse the $60 million proposal.

The planning committee had recommended council approval.

Lenna project leader Dean Coleman said: “We are disappointed on the change in position by aldermen following the planning committee’s endorsement.

“We were even more disappointed by the incorrect comments concerning overshadowing of Princes Park, where various aldermen suggested there would be significant overshadowing created by the new hotel extension. This is simply not true as is shown by the many professionally produced shadow diagrams.”

Alderman Jeff Briscoe, who voted in favour of the development at the planning committee, said a visit to the site changed his mind.

“I think if they go to appeal and change the height and step it back from Salamanca Place there could be a mediation but that is now out of the council’s hands,” he said.
If this dysfunction keeps up, the State Government would be well justified in taking away the Councils planning powers over any project with a value of $50 miilion or more.
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Yes, the council truly are incompetent. How these guys can be trusted with projects worth millions of dollars as well as the countless jobs created; willing to throw it away for most pointless reasons is mind boggling. Someone should start a petition or something, asking the government to step in.
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