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Hokkaido 北海道 & Tohoku 東北 (Sapporo, Hakodate, Fukushima, Sendai, etc 札幌・函館・福島・仙台・など)

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Please contribute :cheers:
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Great, thanks a lot for all the threads. :cheers1:
To get started, Akita Selion Tower, 143m, Akita city (340,000 inhabitants).

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ありがとう CO2! I think those are the first Sendai subway pics I've ever seen :)
Sendai's high rises over 100m:

1. Tohoku Electric Building 150m
2. NTT DoCoMo Tohoku 150m
3. AER 146m
4. SS30 Sumitomo Life Sendai Central Building 143m
5. Sendai Kyodo Building ?m (2007)
6. Lions Tower 114m
7. Park Tower 110m
8. Lions Tower 110m
9. Atlas Tower 33 109m
10. Kakyoin Square 106m
I think Sendai is too green

I prefer no trees on the streets in Japan (yes I know I don't live there)

What city in Japan has the least trees on the streets?
This is what I know about Sapporo's buildings over 100m:

Zephyr Tower Shin Sapporo 200m? (unknown, recently publicized)
JR Sapporo Station Complex 173m
Odori Park City Tower ?m (2007, the height will be publicized soon)
North 8 West 3 project (83 Square) 143m (2006)
The Sapporo Tower Kotoni 136m (2006)
NTT Odori Park 4 Chome Building 130m
Sheraton Hotel 116m
AMS New Tower Nakajima Park 107m (2006)
Tiara Tower Nakajima Park 107m (2005)
Sapporo Prince Hotel 107m
D Grafort East Sapporo Viento Tower 104m (2006)
Center Building 102m
Belle View Tower Kotoni 102m
Nissay Sapporo 100m (2006)
The Tower Nakajima Park 100m

(over 90m)
NTT DoCoMo Hokkaido 98m
Art Hotels Sapporo 96m
ANA Hotel 96m
Clio Remington House I 95m (2006)
Clio Remington House II 95m (2006)
Hokkaido Agriculture HQ 94m
Hotel Monterrey Edelhof 93m
City Tower Maruyama 93m (2005)
Lions Sky Tower 92m
Hotel Arthur Sapporo 92m

# of high-rise buildings ranking (buildings over 40m): 1. Tokyo 2. Osaka 3. Yokohama 4. Kobe 5. Nagoya 6. Sapporo 7. Chiba 8. Saitama 9. Kawasaki 10. Sendai 11. Hiroshima 12. Fukuoka 13. Kita Kyushu 14. Shizuoka 15. Kyoto
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Hakodate Station (by JR Hokkaido & Danish State Railways) from: "Can You Go To The North"

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Sapporo Snow Festival 2005 from:

Leipzig City Hall, Germany

Oslo The Parliament of Norway, Norway

Nagoya Castle, Japan
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:eek2: I-just-creamed-my-pants pictures!!!

:eek2: the snow festival is awesome!! thanks for your pics once again CO2!!
i love these shots, especially the night pic ;)

Japan - Human oriented Democratic Liberalism of Sapporo vs Practical and Bureaucratic Nationalism of Tokyo - two biggest thoughts of modern days Japan were originated and have developed in Sapporo and Tokyo speeched by the chairman of Tokyo University:

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i like that last photo.... what city is that?

looks like Hokkaido
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