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Holland Village

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Extremely popular with both locals and expatriates, Holland Village offers you a good selection of shopping and dining.

A 10-minute leisure drive from Orchard Road will get you there – ample car-parking lots are available at different spots within this self-contained village.

There are also public buses available all over the island that can easily get you here.


Once here, you can't miss the grand old dame – the Holland Village Shopping Centre.

Never mind her plain exterior walls.

Once inside, you can spend a good hour or two exploring the little shops.

You have your choice of shops carrying popular Balinese teak and new-asian style furniture pieces, decorative items ranging from candles, lamps, tableware to spruce up the home, furniture upholstery, ladies' and kids' fashion, a pet shop, hair-dressing salons, a nail bar, the selection never ends!

To enjoy a guilt-free shopping trip, you have a choice of a 2nd-hand bookstore and an other shop carrying used designer brands merchandise, CDs (each a steal at an unbelievable S$5!) and other interesting knick-knacks.

Coming down to the ground level is a supermarket that opens till 10pm daily for your grocery needs.

Still bursting with energy?
We recommend that you take the time to explore the back and side lanes all around to uncover more shops.


Tired with all the walking or strapped with cash but nothing to buy?
Unwind and pamper your body with a visit to the spa and reflexology boutique establishments here.

Utter bliss and pleasure for your senses – we guarantee you'll walk out "floating".


You'll have to make several trips to finish sampling all the dining outlets here.

This place is so alive with fast-food restaurants, al fresco cafes, snack bars, bake shops, cake and ice-cream parlours, a local food court and resturants serving both local and international cuisines.

Perfect dining solutions for every special occasion.


Enjoy your evening with close chums after a hearty dinner over a nice cool drink.

Take your pick from the wide selection of pubs and water (yes, water!) bars available.

If you must have alcohol, as a road-safety message, either get a friend to drive you or you can hop into a cab (easy available) home.

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I wonder how the name Holland Village came about

It sure is a good place to chill out with friends though! A nice alternative to the city, especially for those living at Bukit Timah or western Singapore :)
I guess the place was at Holland Road and it was like a small "village" with locals and expats. Thus, Holland Village?

It would be more happening when the Holland station is completed, probably in 2010.
Holland V (what its commonly called) is a good place to take people pictures :yes:
Alfresco dining and people watching? :D
YAH :happy:

There seems to be a lot of choices to pick from.

Anyway that windmill there was a recent addition
Very unique ambience...
There's a unique kampong-ish mosque there...
Sigh...used to go there since its so near to my school. I suppose I wont have to soon. :D
i still go there every week :) but i never ever explore the place because no one go with me.
what do you go there every week for?

Holland Drive to get 40-storey blocks

22 Apr 05

Area to be redeveloped, but residents left out complain to MP

By Tan Hui Yee

THREE 40-storey blocks are set to rise in Holland Drive as part of a redevelopment plan involving some 800 households near Holland Village.

But home owners in two nearby blocks left out of the redevelopment have complained to their Member of Parliament Lim Swee Say. They are worried that the value of their flats will go down when the new blocks come up and want to be included in the programme.

The redevelopment, announced yesterday by the Housing Board, involves three-, four- and five-room flats as well as shops in blocks 14 to 17, 22 and 23 there. The blocks are about 31 years old.

People living in these blocks will be relocated to the four spanking new high-rise blocks just across Holland Drive, three of which will be 40 storeys high. The project should be complete by 2010.

But residents from blocks 20 and 21 in Holland Drive, just next to where the new 40-storey blocks will be sited, were upset yesterday when they learnt they were being excluded.

More than 100 residents packed an activity room in Buona Vista Community Club last night to ask Mr Lim if he could persuade the Housing Board to reconsider its plans.

Mr Lim later told The Straits Times that he would do his best to convey their concerns and request to the HDB.

One resident, Ms Jacinta Tan, 50, described the moment she was told her block had been excluded: 'It felt like they had dropped a bomb on us.'

The news to redevelop the Holland Drive precinct comes just one month after the HDB announced its plan for a massive redevelopment of the Clementi town centre, which will get a 40-storey complex with a shopping mall, library, town council office and air-conditioned bus interchange linked to the MRT station.

Under the Selective En-Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers), old flats are demolished to make way for new ones nearby, in order to maximise land use. The Holland Drive precinct is the 56th that has been identified for redevelopment since the scheme began 10 years ago.

As part of the Holland Drive plan, the current Buona Vista Community Club will be relocated to the site currently occupied by Block 36, where a HDB branch office is located now. The new club will be housed in an integrated complex comprising HDB shops.

The Singapore Sports Council, meanwhile, is looking into a suitable replacement for the Buona Vista Swimming Complex, which will be phased out after 2010.

Eligible home owners affected by the redevelopment plans will be guaranteed new flats nearby at a discount.

The HDB will also compensate home owners and shop owners according to the prevailing market value for their properties.

Homeowner C.S Yee, a 40-year-old manager, welcomed the plan as it would give him a new flat nearby without much of a hassle.

He said: 'I don't want the inconvenience for the two years when my flat is upgraded.'
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1 Jun 1986

I never knew this cinema existed!
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Is that the box office up front? Haha. How endearing.
probably... I think this one is gone. There's another old cinema which now houses sheng song market at Kallang area. Can't remember the exact name.

I kind of missed such old pictures which redstone usually posts... not sure he would be back or not...
**** holand its shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Hi Sunny. Please note that profanities are not allowed in this forum.
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