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My dad is a TV producer. He is filming a TV movie in Vancouver. I said, "Can I go to Vancouver?" He said yes. I said, "Can my friend come with us?" He said yes. Thus, I went to Vancouver. These pictures were all taken with a Zeiss 25mm f2 and a Zeiss 35mm f1.4, for those who care about that kind of stuff.

Fun fact: this is my tenth visit to Vancouver!

This is Theos first trip to Vancouver. Theo hates traveling. Here you can see him hating traveling. He hates a lot of things.

My hotel offers a Chinese Breakfast. I said, "Why not?", and I tried the Chinese Breakfast. Thus, the Chinese Breakfast.

Vancouver isn't all glass, you know...

Fun Fact: These are banned in the U.S. However, they are freely available in Vancouver. They are also delicious. I drank an average of three bottles a day.

Theo also hates the sun.

Then I went to the movie set.

Reverse angle!

I had craft services for dinner, but forgot to take a picture.

Then I went to bed.

The next day...

In Vancouver, sunlight never lasts long. I went to the historic area of Downtown. It was cloudy, about to rain. I took one picture, it didn't turn out, said "**** it", and left.

Theo is a big fan of Epic Meal Time. In Epic Meal Time, they often use A&W hamburgers. We in California do not have A&W. As such, Theo really wanted to try A&W. So we did. I have to say, it wasn't bad. Sure, it's no In and Out, but I'd eat there again.

Not the biggest fan of this picture, but something made me post it anyways...

And a little higher...

Fucking cars driving in front of my shot...

See you next time.
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