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More pics from my city, finally i got to use my new camera in the
magic hours of the changing skies.. :cool:

The afternoonish blue sky above a nice house in north Ramat-Gan

and above a nice tree

above the B.S.R. towers, since they began to rise above the
horizon of this calm Ramat Ganian neighborhood it seems like
evil towers dominate its future..

but let us not be to poetic, finally the citygate tower gets a decent lighting


oh, here those bunch got a nice lighting either

Here's a girl riding up the small hill of 'Rosh-Zipor'

and the Diamond exchange district

the Tzamerts

Pivko tower

That got out to be some kind of Vertical Panorama (!)

The Citygate

Ramat Gan

Airplane landing at 'Sde Dov' Airport

the Ayalon Freeway above the Ayalon River, do you see the ads
on the train? those are the most annoying thing, they place a lot
of spaced dots on the windows so it looks like a continues image,
so from inside the view out is blocked by numerous small circles
and it makes you dizzy to look at the view, and that's after you
paid to get on the friggin train...

more of Ramat Gan above the Napoleon hill

The B.S.R. above the Yarqon river

The sun sets on north Tel Aviv

blocks of Tel Aviv

and the Yarqon

Finally, a panorama of the view from the small hill, Scrll...

That's it, i'm out of pics for now. Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

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Good to know that we got some israelians in here. great photos.
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