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Hong Kong 2007 - Part 13 (New & Old Architecture Mix)

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1. Imagine you're a container with this view.

2. Imagine walking along this bridge to the city every day.

3. What will these boats think if they can?

4. This is Hung Hom district, a redeveloping area with waterfront views of the skyline.

10. There was a big public controversy over these buildings. Originally slated for public housing, a property market slump prompted the developer to consider tearing them down for redevelopment. A public outcry followed due to the environmental effects and now they're being renovated for resale.

12. There are a lot of new developments in the area. Rents in some of these units cost only about HK$10,000 a month.

18. Here is a student residence from a local university.

22. Across the street lie a fairly new residential redevelopment.

27. See One Island East peeking above the buildings?

28. Let's switch gears and take a look at some re-enacted historic architecture.

More photos on my website :
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The buildings look so much better close up!
I do not really like these buildings in Hong Kong, they look cheap and dirty (I don't know how they look in real life). Nice photo's mate! Photo 1 is my Favvv
Not the prettiest building, but also not the prettiest prices.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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