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It's time to summarize a year in Hong Kong. I have made a compilation a few months ago (The Other Hong Kong Photo Set : and this is a continuation of that set.

1. One of the most thrilling sights was flying above Victoria Harbour in September.

2. The Lippo towers are overshadowed by taller and more prominent architecture nearby, but these hidden treasures should not be forgotten.

3. Bank of China will always be a much-talked-about building in architectural circles. There is an observation deck at the skylobby where the public can admire the harbour views.

4. Yet another huge new skyscraper pops up in Hong Kong. This one has been under wraps for a very long time, while the KCR logo in the building below will soon disappear as a historic relic.

5. Taxis are not my favoured mode of transport. What's wrong with riding the bus like every other normal person? Well, there are some abnormal people on there sometimes, too. Life is interesting, isn't it?

6. The smog problem seems to be getting better this year compared to before, but still a lot of work to do for the whole region to get our blue skies back.

7. Sunset is a great time to head up the hills.

8. Tram spotting is more fun as ads change ever more so quickly now that the economy is doing well.

9. Highcliff and Summit continue to dominate over the racecourse.

10. I walked around the sidestreets and slowly headed uphill to catch the buildings from a different perspective.

13. Hong Kong and China are a world apart, separated by a stone's throw. The village is Hong Kong and the port is China.

14. I really hate these kinds of skyscraper walls that are now popping up over much shorter and older buildings.

15. Despite continuing change, some traditions still survive.

17. A bargain price, and delicious to eat.

18. Colours in housing.

19. An urban oasis.

20. Yes, this is still Hong Kong.

21. Contrast ... insane density on one side, and empty on the other.

22. Would you like to call 50/F your home?

How about 30/F? Is that better?

24. I doubt there would be much turtle in the thing.

25. Hong Kong's natural side is much-varied. There is an island with a lot of neat rock formations.

33. Contrast all that to the bustling city.

34. I was bored one day and hopped into one of the apartments shown at the bottom of the following photograph to see how good they look and how expensive they cost. The view didn't seem as nice as this though!

35. I couldn't believe I hiked up this hill so quickly. It was quite insane .. the path was not exactly a real path at all, but the view over this 'sad community' of Tin Shui Wai, one of HK's poorer neighborhoods, was pretty good.

37. A beautiful yet cloudy sunset.

38. Now that Dragonair is part of Cathay, I can earn points on their flights to my oneWorld frequent flyer program. It's about time!

39. Finding your space in the vast city.

40. Finding money to buy a place is another big problem. No, I can't afford this building.

41. Hong Kong's central business district doesn't seem too densely packed at all. I'd think the residential districts are far worse.

42. I have yet to take this new under-used bridge crossing to China. Part of the border facility includes a viewpoint towards the marshes in the area.

43. I had a friend on this plane heading to Vancouver that day. A lot of friends flying in and out these days, and of course I'm in the air a lot myself.

44. Where is Waldo?

45. A congratulations sign.

47. Hong Kong will always continue to change. In a few more years this view will be drastically different on both sides of the harbour.

49. Home, sweet, home.

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