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Disney wishes more hotels
The Standard
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland has made a big wish - it's asked the government for four more hotels.

Disneyland's proposal includes building one large hotel and three smaller vacation-style hotels to be connected by a mini-tram system, sources told Sing Tao Daily, a sister newspaper of The Standard.

The park, which the sources said saw a record 5.9 million visitors last year - also aims to build an artificial lake.

If the new plans seem too massive for the government, which owns 57 percent of the park, Disneyland is willing to compromise, saying all four hotels do not have to be built at the same time, the sources said.

Disneyland managing director Andrew Kam Min-ho had earlier said the park wanted to build one large and one small hotel. A government source said Disneyland submitted different proposals including the feasibility of expanding within the existing area.

But the source noted that everything is tentative and nothing has been confirmed. It is understood Disneyland wants to expand its rides first before building the hotels.

Disneyland will officially reveal its 2011 performance results this afternoon.

A record 5.9 million people visited the park last year, up more than 10 percent from the 5.2 million in 2010.

Earnings last year before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization has been estimated at HK$400 million to HK$500 million, up from HK$220 million in 2010.

The park's net loss narrowed from HK$718 million in 2009 to HK$200 million in 2010.

Currently, new attractions are being added to Hong Kong Disneyland.

The first - Toy Story Land - opened at the end of last year.

Visitors to this attraction feel dwarfed by the oversized characters of Slinky Dog, Toy Soldier Parachute Drop and RC Racer - characters from the movie Toy Story.

Grizzly Gulch will be completed this year and Mystic Point next year.

The expansion will increase the park's area by 23 percent, taking its total offerings - including rides, entertainment facilities and shows - to more than 100.

From last August, Disneyland raised the adult admission fee from HK$350 to HK$399, and admission charges for children from HK$250 to HK$285.

In September, the park announced the recruitment of 1,000 staff, the largest intake since opening its doors in 2005.

Earlier reports put the figure of the park's entire expansion cost at HK$3.6 billion.

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Park needs to be less Mickey Mouse
The Standard
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland opened with a flourish in September 2005.

But it seemed to quickly lose its appeal in the first few years, and Disney veteran Dave Vermeulen had to relinquish the managing director's post to Coca-Cola man Andrew Kam Min-ho in 2008.

Yesterday, Kam delivered his third report card. It's the best one so far. Although the theme park is still in a deficit position, after taking into account all expenses - including interest and depreciation - it had an operating profit of HK$506 million.

So its financial health appears to be steadily improving. However, the burning question is whether Kam can continue to maintain the trend to steer the Disneyland ship into the magical port of sustained profitability.

Kam inherited an under-performing operation three years ago. While it would be relatively easier to start afresh from a low threshold, the more serious challenge lies ahead in maintaining growth. A total of 5.94 million people visited the park in Penny's Bay in the past year. But is that a reason for rejoicing? It was the expected target five years ago.

The 2011 results still lag far behind what they should be as per the original plan prior to the 2005 launch.

Nevertheless, maybe Kam still deserves kudos for doing what his predecessor had been unable to achieve - especially in view of the global financial crisis and swine flu outbreak that greeted his 2008 arrival.

But Kam will have to prove to shareholders - including the government - he can keep the magic working. Results for the fiscal year ended September 30 have boosted public expectations for improvement this year.

Expansion may be the key, but it alone can't solve the problem. There are five Disney theme parks globally - two in the United States, and one in Japan, France and here. When Shanghai Disneyland becomes operational in 2016, the number will increase to six.

Yet, Hong Kong is the smallest of all. Even after the three new theme zones are completed, the SAR park will still be no match for its sisters in terms of size.

There isn't yet a timetable - at least as far as the public is aware - for the local attraction to meet the target of 11 million visitors annually, as spelled out in the agreement between the government and Walt Disney.

This certainly can't be achieved in a fortnight, but it would be nice to know when. The local park performed poorly in the first few years because it inflexibly clung to American tastes. The formula may have worked elsewhere, but failed here.

Innovation is needed to expand the attractions to young adults who, having grown up, may find the old ones, er, too Mickey Mouse. Those who know Kam may be tempted to say the non- American chief has many ideas in mind. But can he give the SAR theme park a distinct identity to make it special - despite its status as the smallest in the Disney family?

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Disney has designs on creative types
The Standard
Monday, April 30, 2012

Hong Kong is poised to become the world's next creative hot spot because of its strategic location and a booming design industry, Disney executives say.

In addition, local graduates have an enormous potential for creativity and an edge over foreigners when it comes to offering unique perspectives.

Walt Disney Hong Kong director of creative development and show quality standards Theron Skees said that "2012 is the year for design in Hong Kong."

He added: "We'll soon see some world-class talents emerging from this city, as there's now a growing public acceptance for design and creative jobs as a long-term career option, and local students are really going into it full steam."

Skees was speaking at the launch of the Disney ImagiNations Hong Kong design competition, which aims to inspire young creative talent and identify budding "Imagineers" for the world's largest entertainment company.

The term "Imagineering" was adopted by Disney to describe the blending of imagination and engineering as embodied by its employees.

It is the creative force behind the company and covers a broad range of skills with more than 140 different job titles under its banner, including illustrators, architects, show writers and graphic designers.

Traditionally, culture and entertainment products flowed mainly from West to East. But, according to Disney Imagineer Kelly Willis, this flow will soon be reversed, with local creative types perfectly placed to capitalize.

"The creative focus will be on East Asia in the next decade with integrated resorts, casinos and theme parks sprouting out in cities like Singapore and Shanghai," he said. "As a key gateway to [China] and being at the crossroads of Asia, Hong Kong can develop into a well-established design hub."

Skees said strong government support is the driving force for the rapidly expanding sector, with agencies such as Create Hong Kong providing millions of dollars annually to foster the greater appreciation and adoption of design.

On a visit to Wuhan to promote local creative products and industries last week, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So Kam-leung said the government will continue its strong support for one of the SAR's six pillar industries, and hopes for fruitful collaboration with the mainland.

That support is also the reason why parents now are giving approval to their children to pursue careers in design and innovation over more established professions, Willis said.

The US-based firm is also looking to hire more local graduates to give Asian visitors a more authentic Disney experience and make them feel at home.

Skees dismissed the common refrain that Hongkongers lack creativity due to an education system that places overwhelming emphasis on rote-learning.

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China card harder to play for parks
The Standard
Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland has finally posted a profit since opening in 2005.

Although HK$109 million is modest compared to the capital invested, the sum was nevertheless hard-earned.

Perhaps, Ocean Park got wind of it competitor's result, as chairman Allan Zeman used the soft occasion of a spring reception to reveal some robust figures for the Lunar New Year to win a share of the press coverage.

It was obviously a smart PR "coincidence."

Five years ago, Hong Kong Disneyland was still struggling. There were 120 days a year when daily admissions were less than 10,000 visitors. Now, there are only 14 such days. Clearly, this has a lot to do with the park's expansion and new attractions.

In addition to more families and young singles looking for some Halloween fun, perhaps most surprising of all was that visitors from the Philippines became a bright spot.

To an extent, Disneyland and Ocean Park mirror challenges common to Hong Kong as a whole.

Like the rest of the society, both parks have benefited substantially from the mainland's individual visitor scheme. With more mainlanders coming here, so were more people visiting the theme parks and spending money.

The same holds for the rest of the SAR, so it's worrisome to see the recent surge in ill feelings toward mainlanders.

Given James Tien Pei-chun's role as Tourism Board chairman, it was awkward to hear him repeat the need to limit mainlanders' entry. It would make more sense for him to defend the scheme and help cool local hostilities.

But, in reality, it will be unrealistic for Tien, a lawmaker, and others in the legislature to go against public sentiment and speak favorably about the individual visitor scheme - even if it had saved Hong Kong from economic ruin after the financial crisis and the SARS epidemic.

The Disney figures offer some more food for thought. Out of every 10 visitors, four came from the mainland. But growth has already slowed down. And it will be difficult to say for sure that the SAR won't be affected by the Shanghai Disney theme park - scheduled to open in late 2015 - despite the official line that both sister parks are designed to cater to different clientele.

Also, the growth in mainlanders staying overnight in Hong Kong is slacking. People coming and leaving the same day are less likely to find time to visit the theme parks.

So, it would make sense for tourism officials to look elsewhere in Asia for potential visitor growth.

However, that's not free of risks, as China is engaged in territorial disputes with various neighboring countries. Should tensions escalate, it is foreseeable there will be fewer tourists arriving from those countries as well.

If the SAR government responds to local sentiment by clamping down on mainland travelers, we may discover that we'll end up too close to the edge of the cliff to be safe should the worst happen.

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Rise of new marvels at parks
The Standard Excerpt
Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland will be the first in the world to feature the superheroes from Marvel Comics.

The heroes - the most popular of which include Spider-Man, Iron Man, the X-Men and Hulk - will be housed in a new themed area opposite Toy Story Land, according to John Tsang.

It is expected to be completed by 2016 or 2017. It has yet to be decided, however, which characters will be included, a source said.

A new night parade will also be launched with the projects funded by Disneyland's operating surplus, Tsang said.

Disneyland said it has nothing to add to his remarks.


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Disneyland looks to raise prices
The Standard
Friday, March 22, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland is conducting a review that may see ticket prices rise for the first time in two years.

There are suggestions the increase may be in the range of 13 percent but the company will only confirm a review is being carried out.

"After all we haven't increased the fees for two years and there is inflation," a Disneyland spokesman said.

However, a source said ticket prices will rise by more than 10 percent, which would mean a jump from HK$399 to HK$450 for adults, and from HK$285 to HK$320 for children.

Locals may be hit particularly hard if Disneyland does not introduce a concessionary period.

"Previously, we provided a concessionary period for Hong Kong residents . We will take another look, but at this stage it's hard to say," the spokesman said.

Tourism sector lawmaker Yiu Si-wing said he expects an increase of about 10 percent, with 13 percent being far too much.

"It is reasonable for Disney to increase ticket prices in light of inflation and the opening of new attractions," Yiu said.

"The rise will have little effect on tourists but will hurt local residents," he added. "I think the concessionary period should be extended to six months so residents may buy tickets at the old prices during that time. This will provide a buffer for both local visitors and travel agencies."

Yiu hopes holders of annual family passes will enjoy concessionary rates.

Disney last raised prices by 14 percent in 2011, pushing adult tickets up to HK$399 from HK$350, with a concessionary period for locals.

Last month, Disneyland reported that in fiscal 2012 it had made its first net profit - of HK$109 million - since opening in 2005.

Total revenue stood at HK$4.27 billion.

It was also announced last month that the theme park will open an area featuring Marvel superheroes in 2017.

Another attraction, Mystic Point, is on the way.

Rival Ocean Park has no plans to raise ticket prices.

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Iron Man Experience Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2016
Press Release

HONG KONG (October 8, 2013) – Today, Hong Kong Disneyland announced a new themed area based on Iron Man, which will take guests on an epic adventure of a lifetime as they join Tony Stark in a battle against alien invaders across the city of Hong Kong.

“Since Marvel became part of the Disney family, our Imagineers have been dreaming up new ways for our guests to experience their favorite Marvel characters and stories,” said Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “We’re thrilled to bring this first Marvel attraction featuring Iron Man to Hong Kong Disneyland."

As the story unfolds, Tony Stark – also known as Iron Man – has brought his Stark Expo to Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland where guests have the opportunity to see firsthand the progression of Tony’s Iron Man suits and many other Stark innovations. The anchor of the attraction is the Iron Man Experience itself, where guests will be able to take flight with Iron Man on an epic adventure that not surprisingly pits Iron Man, along with guests, against the forces of evil.

Even more, this first-of-its kind, E-ticket attraction will include a storyline that takes place in the streets and skies of Hong Kong.

Set to open in late 2016, the experience will also include an area where guests can meet and take photos with Iron Man, as well as a Marvel merchandise location.

“Combined with Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point, this new themed area underscores commitment to and confidence in the continued growth of Hong Kong Disneyland,” Staggs said.

In the past two years, these new areas have increased the size of the park by about 25 percent, bringing the number of attractions and entertainment offerings at Hong Kong Disneyland to more than 100.

“The new Marvel-themed area will give guests visiting Hong Kong Disneyland even more reasons to visit,” said Andrew Kam, Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland. “We are pleased to see the momentum of growth continue at Hong Kong Disneyland benefitting both our resort and the entire Hong Kong tourism industry.”

Iron Man is one of some 5,000-plus characters that are part of the Marvel universe. Over the last 70 years, Marvel has continued to be one of the most prominent character-based entertainment brands. The Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment in 2009.

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Mickey must keep up the magic
The Standard
Monday, December 30, 2013

Hong Kong's two theme parks did well during Christmas.

A friend of mine decided to spend the holidays here but could not get a room at the Disneyland hotels. He later found that due to great demand, one would have to call at least a few months ahead.

When the park opened in 2005, its performance was disappointing, but after management localization and shareholding restructuring, things have turned around.

Business has been further boosted since the mainland introduced the individual visit scheme in 2003.

The concern now is not patronage levels, but whether the park is expanding fast enough to meet the rising number of visitors.

Demand is expected to shoot up further when the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge begins operation in two years or so.

To prepare for the opening of the bridge, Zhuhai is earnestly pushing forward its Hengqin development, which will include a large theme park. That facility will become a new tourist attraction, but it is not expected to have a direct impact on Hong Kong Disneyland due to the latter's brand advantage.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai Disney Resort, which is to open in 2015, will serve the market in the north, as opposed to Hong Kong Disneyland that serves clientele from South China and Southeast Asia.

Both resorts are managed by the Asia section of the Walt Disney Company, but as the Shanghai park will be larger and charge admission in yuan, its turnover may easily overtake the one in Hong Kong.

If Hong Kong Disneyland does not want to lag too much, it must start investing in expansion as soon as possible.

But as the government is a shareholder, any additional fund injection will have to get the approval of the Legislative Council, which is a protracted process.

Someone observed that since the theme park is good business, and with new competition looming near, significant expansion would already be well under way had the same situation happened in Singapore.

But in Hong Kong today, we can expect the usual dilly-dallying.

Siu Sai-wo is publisher of Sing Tao Daily

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China tourists push Hong Kong Disneyland to record profit
17 February 2014

Hong Kong (AFP) - Hong Kong Disneyland on Monday reported a record profit last year buoyed by an increasing number of tourists from mainland China and said it would build a third hotel in the theme park to meet demand.

The once-struggling park said profit more than doubled to HK$242 million (US$31.2 million) in the last fiscal year that ended September, compared with US$14.06 million in the same period of 2012, with a record attendance of 7.4 million visitors.

It said the increase in attendance was largely due to more mainland tourists visiting.

"Asia is experiencing strong economic growth. Disposable income around Asia is improving and that has stimulated the tourism industry within Asia," Hong Kong Disneyland managing director Andrew Kam told a news conference.

"I don't have a crystal ball... but as long as disposable income keeps increasing, the demand for outbound travel certainly will continue" to grow in mainland China and the rest of the region, he said.

Kam said the theme park's two existing hotels had an overall occupancy rate of more than 90 percent for the past three years.

He said the new hotel would add 750 rooms to the existing capacity of 1,000 and would require a new investment of HK$4.26 billion, partly funded by the Hong Kong government, the park's largest shareholder.

Hong Kong Disneyland is 52 percent-owned by the city's government.

The park reported its first-ever annual profit since its 2005 opening in the 2012 fiscal year, totalling US$14.06 million, while attendance stood at 6.7 million visitors.

The new hotel would open as early as 2017, he said.

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Third hotel next big Disney thrill
The Standard
Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland will have its third hotel by 2017.

The HK$4.263 billion project, with an HK$800 million loan from the government, will provide 750 new rooms and increase the theme park's hotel capacity to 1,750 rooms.

The plan, announced together with the business results for 2013, has been submitted to the Legislative Council for approval.

Managing director Andrew Kam Min-ho said the hotel is expected to be finished by early 2017 to meet the expected demand following the 2016 completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

He said last year's occupancy rate was 94 percent, a 2 percentage point rise from the previous year.

The new resort will be larger than Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel, and will occupy 6.4 hectares with a floor area of about 50,000 square meters.

Located between the existing hotels, the resort will have an exotic rainforest and adventure theme with a pool and three restaurants.

In addition to the loan, the government - the biggest stakeholder of Disneyland with a 52 percent share - will have to convert a HK$1.7 billion loan out of its existing HK$2 billion loan into equity.

Kam said profit more than doubled to HK$242 million for the fiscal year October 2012 to September 2013. He added that both stakeholders agreed not to distribute dividends and retain the profit for future development.

"Our stakeholders took a view for long-term development," Kam said. "In fact we do have space for developing hotel and entertainment facilities in future."

He said there is no pressure to increase fees.

The park had a turnover of HK$4.89 billion, an increase of 15 percent compared with the previous year.

Park attendance was 7.4 million, an increase of 10 percent.

Records showed 33 percent of visitors were from Hong Kong, 47 percent from the mainland and 20 percent from overseas. The number of mainland visitors increased by 2 percentage points.

"Asia is experiencing strong economic growth," Kam said. "Disposable income around Asia is improving and that has stimulated the tourism industry within Asia.

"I don't have a crystal ball, but as long as disposable income keeps increasing, the demand for outbound travel certainly will continue to grow in the mainland and the rest of the region."

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The green green grass of Hong Kong … or lack of it
30 May 2014
South China Morning Post

One of the striking aspects of Hong Kong is the absence of grassy areas in the urban areas where people can walk around, sit, lie down, or where children can play. So many of our parks or gardens are essentially concrete walkways accompanied by flower beds. How much nicer it would be if they were all grass providing a gentle contrast to the harsh cityscape. Chater Garden, once a cricket ground, would be vastly improved if restored to grass. There is a grassy area on the waterfront area near Tamar, but this is criss-crossed with paths and little fences.

We suspect that for Leisure and Cultural Services, the government department that looks after open spaces, concrete is easier and cheaper to maintain than grass. Our developers, always keen to squeeze the most out of their plot ratios, would never contemplate grassy areas around their properties.

Given all this it is understandable that when what was probably one of the finest lawns accessible to the public in Hong Kong was drastically reduced, there was some disappointment. We are referring to the lawn at the back of the Hollywood Hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland, which has been open to the public since the hotel was opened in 2005. Disney has chosen to use at least half the space to house a new cooling plant for its hotels. But loss of this area has raised the ire of the Alliance for a Beautiful Hong Kong, which feels that Disney has an obligation to preserve the lawn and has mounted a campaign urging people to write to the Legislative Council urging them to ask Disney to reinstate the lawn. It will be recalled that the Hong Kong government has about 52 per cent of the equity in Hong Kong Disney.

To be fair to Disney, it says it has located its cooling facility on the site of the lawn as it needs to be reasonably close to the hotels. The company also says that the third hotel it wants to build will have an “Explorer’s Lodge” theme and will have at least three or four themed gardens, resulting in more of a grassy area than previously. Indeed there is considerable open space and additional grassy areas and woods throughout the resort area, which the public can access freely and are well away from the crowds in the main amusement park. It is just a pity there isn’t more of this elsewhere in Hong Kong.

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New Disney hotel aims to be worth exploring
The Standard Excerpt
Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Guests to Hong Kong Disneyland's third hotel, to be opened in 2017, will travel back in time to the grand era of exploration.

Walt Disney Imagineering creative director David Lee Yong said at yesterday's groundbreaking ceremony that the aim is to recapture the 1920s through four themed gardens Asia, South America, Africa and Polynesia that will surround the hotel.

The new hotel will add 750 rooms, including one suite, increasing the number of rooms at the park by 75 percent to 1,750.

"We explored lots of different ideas. One of the key principles is to create something that would be unique to Hong Kong."

Lee said the South American garden will feature three banyan trees with lanterns hanging in the center and surrounded by purple jacaranda tress.

The lawn at the Polynesian garden will be designed to resemble the rolling waves of the South Pacific.

He said visitors will see winding paths and seasonal flowers at the Asia garden and a combination of yellow and orange tones of a savannah. There will also be an outdoor swimming pool, themed restaurants and a merchandise shop in the accompanying lodge.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort managing director Andrew Kam Min-ho said the HK$4.26 billion cost of the hotel will be met by Disney Corp (HK$1.7 billion), the Hong Kong government (HK$1.7 billion), the resort company (HK$600 million), and two major shareholders.

Kam said room prices will be set between the current two hotels Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel. Currently, room prices at the Hollywood Hotel range between HK$1,700 and HK$2,950 and at the Disneyland Hotel from between HK$2,400 and HK$5,400, plus service charges.

"Hotels at Disneyland are pricey. But for the past several years, our occupancy rates have been more than 90 percent," he said.

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Disneyland profit up as visitor growth slows
10 February 2015
South China Morning Post Excerpt

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort yesterday reported a record HK$336 million net profit for the last financial year, up 36 per cent year-on-year, despite a significant slowdown in visitor growth.

But the theme park did not say when it could share financial returns with the government, which owns 52 per cent of the park, even though this was its third consecutive year of robust profit growth.

The theme park’s revenue rose 12 per cent between October 2013 and September last year, to a record HK$5.4 billion. Per capita guest spending rose by 11 per cent, thanks to product sales associated with the ultra-popular Frozen animated film.

But the attendance increased just 1 per cent, a departure from the double-digit growth in each of the previous four years.

The park’s managing director Andrew Kam Min-ho insisted the results were still very encouraging, however he said there was no timetable as to when the park would start paying dividends to the government.

He said the profits would instead be re-invested into new projects.

The park saw a total of 7.5 million visitors last financial year, a rise of only 100,000. The number of mainland Chinese visitors grew by 4 per cent, while those from Southeast Asian countries increased by 2 per cent.

Kam said the opening of a new attraction, Mystic Point, in 2013 had boosted the park attendance, providing a higher base for comparison to last financial year.

The occupancy rate of the park’s two hotels also dropped one percentage point from a year ago, to 93 per cent. Kam said renovation work had temporarily reduced room supply. A third hotel is scheduled to open in two years to provide 750 additional rooms.

When asked about the progress of the resort’s second phase of development, which Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying announced in his policy address last month, Kam said it had yet to enter into any “key stages” with the government.

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Park to mark 10 years with fairy-tale fun
9 December 2015
The Standard Excerpt

Visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland will be able to see re-enactments of the fairy tales they heard as children this month.

As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations the theme park will open a Fairy Tale Forest in which the much-loved tales of Tangled, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid will be brought to life.

The result of two years of collaboration with Disney's creative team in the United States, the theme park's latest attraction includes six whimsical gardens recreating iconic scenes from the princess stories.

"The Fairy Tale Forest has been designed only for Hong Kong Disneyland,'' said Kelly Willis, the park's creative development director.

The park's spokeswoman, however, declined to say how much it cost, although it is sponsored by jewelry retailer Pandora on a 10-year contract.

Pandora has been cooperating with Disney in the United States and wants to further develop in Hong Kong, she said.

Each garden has three basic elements: a photo frame, music box and an interactive story book that activates vibrant miniature castles, towers and mountains.

First stop is the Garden of Tangled, where Rapunzel's Tower stands in front of a cliff with a waterfall cascading down its face. Visitors can activate the bronze crank on the storybook pedestal and the tower will open for Rapunzel to hoist up her long sparkling braid with lovable rogue Flynn Rider, her love interest, tangled up in it.

A photo frame is placed in each garden, to help visitors take better shots.

The Fairy Tale Forest will open to the public on December 17.
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