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International Commerce Centre
(Union Square Phase 7)

Hong Kong

Height: 484m
Floors: 118
Architect: Kohn Pederson Fox
Developer: MTR Corporation

- Will become the tallest building in Hong Kong, surpassing Two International Finance Centre by some 80 meters.

- The final design of this tower was made in 2001 after more than four design proposal changes.

- The original World's Tallest design (574m with a pyramidal top) was changed, and the new design is by KPF.

- This tower will form a "gateway" for Victoria Harbour with Two International Finance Centre at the opposite side of the harbour.

- A 7-star Ritz-Carlton hotel with 300 rooms will be located near the top portion of the tower on 13 floors. It will also include convention and conference facilities.

- The 7-star hotel will be the highest elevated hotel in the world, surpassing the one in Jin Mao Tower.

- There are a total of seven phases or packages to the whole development, totalling 12 million sq ft:

- Phase 1 is a series of six apartment towers known as "The Waterfront"
- Phase 2 is a series of five apartment towers known as "The Sorrento"
- Phase 3 is a series of four apartment towers
- Phase 4 is a series of three appartment towers known as "The HarbourSide"
- Phase 5 was cancelled
- Phase 6 are mixed use twin towers

- The whole complex is situated around the Kowloon Station, part of the of Mass Transit Railway, Hong Kong's subway system. Kowloon is located on the peninsula across from Hong Kong Island.


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This was one of my first views of Hong Kong because the Airport Express train link drops you off at Kowloon station which is underneath the developement. Standing below the Arch and looking up is something I can't really put into words too well, the sheer scale of the surrounding apartment blocks is also staggering......i definitely had neck ache after my few days in HK.

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I love HK & I love the way they just geton & build things ....and boy do they build tall. HK imo is THE skyscraper city. I was last there in about 2001 & the amount that has been built since is staggering. Puts london to shame (although of course HK has a slightly different planning system).

I also love the fact the harbour is always soo busy. just look at all the boats in the last picture.

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I thought construction on this had stalled. Obviously back up again.
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