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This will be the first of 22 towers planned for the massive Howard Hughes Ward Centers megadevelopment.

Opposition muted for Ward condo tower

June 21, 2013

Though the building will be tucked close to its neighbors, the proposal gets support

A planned condominium tower on Ward Avenue received mostly supportive comments Wednesday despite being nestled up against another residential high-rise an issue arising as Kakaako increasingly fills up with tall buildings.

Howard Hughes Corp., the owner of Ward Centers, presented detailed plans for its first tower in a 22-tower master plan covering 60 acres during a Hawaii Community Development Authority public hearing.

David Striph, senior vice president in Hawaii for Dallas-based Hughes, said the proposed tower at 404 Ward Ave. will usher in a transformation of Ward Centers as a mixed-use neighborhood now dominated by retail, office and industrial businesses with about 3,000 workers but no residents. “It would be really nice if people could live there and walk to work,” he said. “We are really excited to be here today as we launch the first phase of the master plan.”

Dana Bergeman, the owner of Island Olive Oil at Ward Centre, said he supports redeveloping Oahu’s urban core as opposed to increasing suburban sprawl, and anticipates businesses like his will benefit with higher sales. “It’s going to create a sense of neighborhood,”he said.

But Pavia Stuart, a 20-year Kakaako resident who lives adjacent to 404 Ward in the Kauhale Kakaako affordable rental tower owned by the state, said she’s not welcoming more urban density in the area. “All in all, it’s too much,”she said. Stuart, who also said the Hughes Corp. tower will be too close to her building, was the only person opposing the project to testify. Eight people testified in support of the project, including another Ward Centre tenant and the project’s architect.

Hughes Corp. is seeking to build the tower 120 feet away from Kauhale Kakaako instead of the 300 feet required under HCDA rules for spacing between the broad sides of towers. The developer is asking to deviate from the rule because of a relatively small lot size and a requirement to set the tower 75 feet away from Ward Avenue. A portion of the site also will need to accommodate the city’s planned rail line. A similar spacing issue arose in May with a tower at 803 Waimanu St. proposed by MJF Development Corp. piece of that project would be 90 feet from the existing Imperial Plaza tower.

Another significant rule deviation Hughes Corp. is seeking is to build the tower’s garage 75 feet high, which is above a 45-foot limit pertaining to the developer’s master plan, though under rules revised last year the limit is 65 feet. The 400-foot tower, which has yet to be named, is designed with 424 units, of which 375 would be reserved for residents earning between 100 percent and 140 percent of Honolulu’s median income.


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The project is now named Ke Kilohana and Howard Hughes has began accepting applications for buyers. Its considered an affordable project in Honolulu.

Hawaii News Now: Lottery will feature moderately priced Kakaako apartments

Some quotes from the HNN article:
"The developer plans to build a 43-story apartment tower across the street from Sports Authority on Ward Avenue in Kakaako."

"It will feature 375 apartments priced from $323,000 for one-bedroom units, $474,000 for two-bedrooms and three bedrooms from $522,000."

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