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Hello! Usually never upload photos of my trips but I think it's necessary to change mind.

This is my first project uploaded in an internet forum. In October 2013 I visited for a couple of days Kansai region. Actually i'm living in Busan so it's a cheap destination using Fly Peach :lol:

This report is divided in five parts. First, arrival at Kansai Airport and short visit around Osaka Station. Second, one day in Kyoto, then, the third day, my first time in Kobe. Fourth part for Osaka, and the last one: back to Korea.

Sorry for my photos, It's obvious I'm not good in this area and my camera was not the best.

My trip starts on Busan-Gimhae International Airport. I like this airport, it's small but convenience. Not far away from the city, you can arrive by LRT in 10 minutes from Sasang Terminal (transfer to Busan Metro Line 2). If you take a taxi from Haeundae it cost around 20.000 won (15 euro / 2000 yen)

PA030010 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030012 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030014 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030011 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Busan-Gimhae Airport has two independent buildings. One for domestic routes and other for international flights. Basically Asian routes to Japan, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

PA030006 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030019 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030031 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Departure area has nice views of the runway, cargo terminal and military base.

PA030035 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030030 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030029 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Time for embarkment. Peach it's a nice company with good prices. I dislike you can't buy a combined ticket i.e. Busan - Kansai > Kansai - Narita. Except that, the res is perfect. Good attendance, fast and punctual.

PA030038 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030023 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030062 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Busan New Port :)

PA030065 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

First views over Japan: Yoshii river and Okayama.

PA030075 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Seto-Ohashi Bridge.

PA030076 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030079 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Seto Inland sea is a fascinating area. Like other parts of Japan, I want to visit in exclusive.

Here the bridge in Naruto.

PA030081 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Awaji City.

PA030084 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr


Arrived at Kansai Terminal 2 I went direct to my hostel in Shin-Imamiya area. I think I was booked a really nice and cheap option.

PA030094 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

It was late, maybe 20h and was tired so I spend the rest of the day looking technology in Yodobashi Umeda.

PA030108 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

I was surprised by the development of Osaka Station. Last time in 2006 I remember a ugly station and worst surrounding areas but now they do a nice job!

PA030116 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA030119 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Next: Kyoto (Fushimi Inari, Arashiyama, Nijo Castle, Umekoji SL Museum and others)

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Thanks inefekt!

Well, the first full day in Japan starts early, at 5:00. For movement this days I was bought the Kansai Thru Pass for three days. Very convenience and interesting if you want to use all the private operators in Osaka area :) Is my case :cheers:

PA040001 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Ready for take the first train of the day on Dobutsuen-mae (Midosuji Line)

PA040003 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040005 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040006 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Not bad, only 10 minutes to Yodoyabashi.

PA040004 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040010 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Keihan-Yodoyabashi station.

PA040011 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040012 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

First Express train leaves at 5:48 in the morning. My planning was arrive at Fushimi Inari before 7:00.

PA040033 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040035 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040036 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Some scenes at Fushimi Inari Station (Keihan)

PA040038 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040040 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040041 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040045 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040048 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040049 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040050 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

If you want to enjoy Fushimi Inari but you can visit now, good option is watch this anime: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

PA040054 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040055 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040056 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Fushimi Inari is 24 hours nonstop shrine so, the best moment of the day is early morning, maybe. No tourist and only local citizens doing sport or cleaning streets. You can enjoy a typical japanese morning.

PA040057 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040060 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040061 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040063 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040064 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040065 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040068 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040069 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040070 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040071 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040072 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040074 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

I don't know why people likes Love Live!, please, Wake up, Girls! or The [email protected] was best options.

PA040076 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040091 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Your friend.

PA040096 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040097 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

I love this morning scenes.

PA040098 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Back to the station I found an small bakery with really good prices and better products.

PA040102 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040100 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040101 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

The owner speak english so he ask me were I'm from and other basic questions. The only problem of this bakery was they haven't coffee machine :eek:hno:

PA040099 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040103 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Next: Kyoto (Arashiyama)

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Now we move to Arashiyama. From Fushimi Inari I take a train to Gion-Shijo and change to Hankyu Kyoto Line for two stop and then the Keifuku Tram to my destination.

In fact the urban sector of Keihan and Hankyu can take part of the Subway System.

Idea: Construct an underpass saving Kamo river connecting Keihan and Hankyu stations.

PA040115 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040116 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040117 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040118 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr


PA040119 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040121 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040122 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040123 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

I like the interiors of Hankyu trains :lol:

PA040126 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr


PA040127 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040128 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040129 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

I never take Keifuku tram before, and I've been two times in Kyoto -_-

PA040132 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040136 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040138 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

My favorite moment is when Tram runs in the street with cars and pedestrians.

PA040146 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040147 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Arriving at Arashiyama Station. I really love this new design with the "Kimono forest"

PA040148 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040151 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040154 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Again, two times I been in Kyoto but this is my first time in Arashiyama area -_-

PA040155 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040156 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040157 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040158 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040160 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040161 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040163 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040167 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040169 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040170 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040171 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

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Main visits in this area was Tenryuji Temple and Bamboo Groves.

Some parts of the Tenryuji Temple was under works so I can not visit the inside rooms.

PA040172 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040173 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040174 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040175 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040176 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040181 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040190 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040200 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Behind the Bamboo Grove there's a nice residential area. Time to back to the Randen station.

PA040230 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040231 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040232 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040233 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040234 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Oh! crossing on the San'in Main Line :cheers: Time for lost time taking photos of trains :lol:

PA040240 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040248 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040252 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Next: Nijo Castle.

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Thanks to all.

Well, after an intensive week with lots of work, here I am back with more photos.

Nijo Castle

I've been twice in Kyoto before the present short trip but I never visited the Nijo Castle. Big mistake, after visit the complex I think it's one of most interesting places in the city.

From Arashiyama, I toke the Randen to Tenjingawa and transfer to the Subway Tozai Line. The Subway in the first station on the lines was empty :shifty:

PA040261 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040262 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Short trip, 5 minutes. Kyoto Subway has one of my favourite station chimes when the voice announces the next train.

PA040264 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040267 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040269 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040270 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Inside the castle you can not take photos :eek:hno:

PA040271 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040272 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040275 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Looks like a tea house.

PA040276 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040277 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040278 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040279 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr


PA040280 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040283 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040284 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040286 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040288 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

From Nijo Castle I went to the Kyoto International Manga Museum near Karasuma Oike Station. Unfortunately it's impossible to take photos inside de museum but I recommend to all who visit Kyoto to dedicate a little time in that place.

PA040291 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

My lunch was on Kyoto Station.

PA040295 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Next, Umekoji SL Museum.

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Let's continuing with the Umekoji SL Museum. This old depot in the Kyoto Railway Triangle has no direct connexion by rail but you can access by bus from Kyoto Station.

Diesel tractor and Limited Express Haruka.

PA040337 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Spain MZA SL miniature

PA040349 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

Big diorama inside the museum.

PA040322 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040297 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040302 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040303 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040311 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040323 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040324 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040314 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040316 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040312 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040313 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040320 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040325 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040346 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040343 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040327 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040328 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

In a side of the SL depot there is a garage with workers repairing and cleaning pieces of the SL.

PA040329 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040330 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040331 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040333 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040332 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040334 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040336 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040342 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040339 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040338 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

PA040341 por Sr.Horn, en Flickr

That's all for now.

Next, Keihin Uji Line and Kyoani.

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Sorry for the delay.

Let's continue with the Uji Line and Kyoani.

Back to Kyoto Station, using the Kansai Thru-Pass I rode on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line to Tanbabashi and changed to the Keihan Line and Keihan Uji Line in Chushojima.

PA040353 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040356 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040357 por Alberblo, en Flickr

Passing train at Kamitobaguchi Station.

PA040361 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040365 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040367 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040370 por Alberblo, en Flickr

Ok, let's ride on the Keihan Uji Line!

PA040374 por Alberblo, en Flickr

But first of all, I stopped at Kawada Station, just for this:

PA040377 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040380 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040381 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040385 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040387 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040388 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040390 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040391 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040392 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040394 por Alberblo, en Flickr

Back to the Uji Line, I rode until the last station, Uji Station.

PA040396 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040397 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040398 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040399 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040404 por Alberblo, en Flickr

And back to Osaka. After shower, I looked for a place to dinner. Walking from Dobutsuenmae to Dotonbori.

PA040408 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040409 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040411 por Alberblo, en Flickr

Mmmm I've found an Animate shop.

PA040416 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040418 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040418 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040424 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040429 por Alberblo, en Flickr

Azusa from [email protected] and Ichika for Ano Natsu de Matteru. I love those characters.

PA040434 por Alberblo, en Flickr

Kirino's dakimakura :lol: For your tsundere nights.

PA040437 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040446 por Alberblo, en Flickr

DTR zone.

PA040456 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040460 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040463 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040469 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040470 por Alberblo, en Flickr

PA040475 por Alberblo, en Flickr

Next, Kobe.

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I woke up early in the morning (again)

In this occasion I decided to use Hanshin from Hanshin-Umeda Terminal. I don't know why I didn't use Hanshin from Kintetsu-Namba :dunno:

First of all, a subway ride to Hanshin-Umeda. I want to use a freak-route. From Dobutsuen-mae take the Midosuji Line and change at the first station (Daikokucho) to the Yotsubashi Line.

PA050480 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050481 por Albertblo, en Flickr

Inside the train, Sanyo Electric Railway 5000 series through the Hanshin Main Line.

PA050485 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050487 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050496 por Albertblo, en Flickr

Nice redesign for Kobe Sannomiya Terminal.

PA050496 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050499 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050500 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050501 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050503 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050504 por Albertblo, en Flickr

But it's early in the morning (7 am) so... I decided to visit Shin-Kobe Station using the platform ticket.

PA050505 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050507 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050508 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050509 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050510 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050511 por Albertblo, en Flickr

OK, nice neighborhood.

PA050545 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050547 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050548 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050559 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050560 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050564 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050565 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050567 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050569 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050570 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050573 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050574 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050571 por Albertblo, en Flickr

That's all for Shin-Kobe. Next: Kitano ward.

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Kitano Ijinkan in Kobe, an historical district with some foreign-style residences from late Meiji and Taishi eras. Good area and better views of Kobe.

Walking from Shin-Kobe is only 20 minutes... and I've found interesting business.

PA050576 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050577 por Albertblo, en Flickr

Former Chinese Consulate.

PA050578 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050579 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050580 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050581 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050582 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050583 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050586 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050588 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050589 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050590 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050591 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050592 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050593 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050594 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050595 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050596 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050597 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050598 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050601 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050602 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050604 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050605 por Albertblo, en Flickr


PA050606 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050607 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050608 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050609 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050610 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050611 por Albertblo, en Flickr

Moegi House.

PA050612 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050615 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050625 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050626 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050628 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050629 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050630 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050633 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050634 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050636 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050637 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050638 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050640 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050642 por Albertblo, en Flickr

Weatherclock House.

PA050645 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050648 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050649 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050654 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050673 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050677 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050682 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050690 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050691 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050692 por Albertblo, en Flickr

PA050694 por Albertblo, en Flickr

Next: Sannomiya and Awaji-Hanshin Earthquake Museum.

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Continuing Kobe, I walked to Sannomiya Station and take a Hanshin train for visit the Kobe Earthquake Museum.

Frankly, I love these clean streets.

PA050695 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050696 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050699 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050701 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Sannomiya Station.

PA050705 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050706 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050706 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Iwaya Station area.

PA050706 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050712 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Nagisa Junior High School.

PA050713 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050714 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art.

PA050715 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050716 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050717 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Kobe Earthquake Memorial Museum.

PA050718 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050723 by Albertblo, on Flickr

These museums are in a new developed district, HAT Kobe. I'm waiting for a nice skyscraper or whatever.

Getting back to the Hanshin station went through the Nagisa Elementary School.

PA050729 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050730 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050726 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050727 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050724 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050725 by Albertblo, on Flickr

In contrast with Spain, schools are well completed. Specially elementary schools where children caring for animals and have lots of materials in the school.

Even the temporary classroom building looks better than too many temporary school buildings in Spain.


Next: trying to visit Sake Factory and Takarazuka.

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After the Earthquake Museum I've tried to visit a Sake Factory in Ishiyagawa.

PA050732 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050733 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050734 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050735 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Hanshin Expwy.

PA050736 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050738 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050741 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050743 by Albertblo, on Flickr

The Sake Factory.

PA050744 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050745 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050746 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050749 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Back to the station and before move to Takarazuka I toke more pictures.

PA050750 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Hankyu Imazu Line.

PA050751 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050753 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050754 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050758 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Arrived at Takarazuka, after short walk I visited the Osamu Tezuka Museum. Nothing exceptional except the building and the nice neighborhood.

PA050765 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050768 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050770 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050773 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050774 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050776 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050778 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050779 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050780 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050781 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050786 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050787 by Albertblo, on Flickr

And back to Kobe.

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Back to Kobe using Hankyu, I love their cuban-green olive moquette :lol:

PA050789 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050791 by Albertblo, on Flickr

This is the Port Tower area.

PA050791 by Albertblo, on Flickr

An the Kobe Port Tower.

PA050794 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050795 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Hotel Okura Kobe and the weird Kobe Maritime Museum.

PA050795 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050798 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050799 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050801 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Idyllic scenery with the Hanshin Expwy and the business towers.

PA050802 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Kobe Airport lights?

PA050804 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Port Island.

PA050805 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Port of Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park.

PA050807 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050807 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050809 by Albertblo, on Flickr

This is a kind of Kobe downtown area. Nice western-style buildings mixed with towers.

PA050818 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050819 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050819 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050822 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050825 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050826 by Albertblo, on Flickr

And now, some views from the top of the Kobe City Office.

PA050832 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050834 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050835 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050835 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050837 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050837 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050842 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050843 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050843 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050846 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Sannomiya Center Street.

PA050852 by Albertblo, on Flickr


PA050853 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA050854 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Robot in Wakamatsu Park.

PA050855 by Albertblo, on Flickr

That's all for Kobe.

In my opinion one of the best cities in Japan for life. Downtown is compact and looking to the port, it seems like Tokyo Port. Close to Osaka and Kyoto is a choice to consider if I want to live in Japan.

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^^ WTF!!??

Well, as I promised to Ukiyo, after a long ~hiatus~ (always want to use this word since certain anime production used it :lol:) here the final of my short trip in Kansai.

Osaka. The second third largest city of Japan. This is my third time in that city, and probably the first that I enjoyed a lot. First in 2004, my day here was rainy and humid, difficult to enjoy. The second in 2006 was an extremely cold day.

After two days leaving my hotel around 5am, today is time to rest until 7~

First of all I visited one of main shrines in Osaka, Sumiyoshi Taisha. Interesting ride with the Hankai Tramway, but they didn't accept the Kansai Thru Pass and it generates a problem for me. Only 10000¥ note, and only 100¥ coin ... and the ride cost 200¥. For sure the motorman was gently and he let me down without pay. Thanks!

PA060858 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA060859 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA060875 by Albertblo, on Flickr

The Shrine:

PA060860 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA060861 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA060862 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA060864 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA060870 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Who designs those bridges? :lol:

PA060871 by Albertblo, on Flickr

From the bridge:

PA060872 by Albertblo, on Flickr

PA060873 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Back to the Nankai Station to use my last day of Kansai Thru Pass.

PA060874 by Albertblo, on Flickr

Interesting shop, Lanvin. I remembered a spanish genius of arts.

PA060876 by Albertblo, on Flickr

It makes sense. :lol:

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