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Hortiatis Mountain (1201 m.)

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Hortiatis Mountain dominates the city of Thessaloniki, snow-capped in the winter, cool and refreshing in the summer. The village of Hortiatis is well known for its many tavernas serving meat delicacies.

Hortiatis also has a refuge:

...and photos!

Parts of the forest:

The village:

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mountain-beautiful village-meat delicacies,just yummy!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmm
Yeah, it's tavernas are worth visiting, especially in weekend :puke:
very beautiful,i love winter settings
aaaaaax xioni sto xortiatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
thelw ki egwwwwww
I have spent ther 2 weeks almost on the top of the mountain in a camp. it is really nice place. but some people were nervous about the masts and antenas up there. They say it can cause cancer and something like that.

anyway my 2 weeks were nice and from up ther you can see the city in front of you, Chalkidiki on the left and lake on the right as well as other mountains all around in distance when air is clean.

the problem is the road which usually took some 40 minutes from Thessaloniki on bus and all the rounds are exhausting.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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