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Hospital Expansion Schemes

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More land sought for private hospitals
Expansion would ease crowding, say doctors

31 August 2007
South China Morning Post

Private doctors have urged the government to reserve more land for private hospitals to relieve the pressure on overcrowded rooms.

The private hospitals say the government must also increase training of nurses and allied health professions or any new beds will be empty.

Medical sector legislator Kwok Ka-ki said high demand over the past two months had pushed up charges for beds and operating theatres in some private hospitals and he had received complaints from private doctors.

He said charges for general surgery had risen about 17 per cent on average and for minimally invasive surgeries about 30 per cent.

Medical Association vice-president Louis Shih Tai-cho said that, worse still, some doctors could not book an operating theatre because they were full.

"Some patients who suffer from appendicitis, heart attack or stroke and need emergency surgery have no choice but to visit public hospitals, although actually they can afford the higher prices," Dr Shih said.

"This further increases the burden on the public hospitals and prolongs the overall waiting time for public services."

There are 12 private hospitals providing about 3,000 private beds. With the expansion projects in several hospitals, it is expected the number will increase to about 3,650 in 2012.

"The government should reserve more land, especially in urban areas such as West Kowloon and the old Kai Tak airport, for building new private hospitals," Dr Shih said.

But it must also offer discount on land premiums or it would be difficult to find investors in private hospitals, which generally have a high cost compared with their returns.

However, the chairman of the Private Hospitals Association, Alan Lau Kwok-lam, said more land alone would not solve the problem.

He said private hospitals had raised their charges recently mostly because of a shortage of nurses so they could offer higher salaries to maintain manpower. He said the appreciation of the euro had made medical equipment and tools more expensive. "Some new beds are left unused because there are insufficient nurses. So it's not only about a land problem."

Kwong Kwok-hay, the deputy medical superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, said a manpower plan to support the development of private hospitals must be drawn up. He said the hospital had recently raised charges for surgery equipment and disposable materials because of higher costs.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital has raised the charges for its three operating theatres for several types of surgery by 4 per cent to 8 per cent; Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital increased bed charges by 5 per cent to 7 per cent; and Baptist Hospital in Kowloon raised charges for operating theatres for major operations by 30 per cent to 40 per cent and tool and equipment fees by about 15 per cent.
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Children's Hospital

Hong Kong Children's Hospital by Kwok Ho Eddie Wong, on Flickr

Hopefully this will open by year-end.
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Dec 18, 2018
Hong Kong Economic Journal Excerpt
Hospital works project halted after subsidence at adjacent site

Kwong Wah Hospital (KWH) in Mong Kok has seen some redevelopment works put under suspension as engineers have uncovered ground subsidence problem on an adjacent site that houses another building.

The construction work will not resume until the subsidence issue is investigated and authorities are convinced that the KWH structures will be safe, according to an announcement by the Hospital Authority (HA) on Monday.

The authority said the initial situation assessment suggested the works may be subject to a three-month delay due to the incident.

Work will begin only when it is deemed that the problem no longer exists, a move aimed at ensuring the structural safety of the new construction, which contains a combination of Chinese and Western architectural features, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

The HA, meanwhile, stressed that other buildings in KWH and residential buildings in the neighborhood have not been affected by the incident, and that the hospital’s patient services have remained normal all along.

The first stage of the KWH redevelopment project began in mid-2016, including the demolition of the South Wing of the Main Hospital Building, the Nurses Quarters and the Administration Building.

A new complex will be built on the original site, while The Tung Wah Museum located within the range of the construction site will be retained.

According to the HA, basement excavation works that commenced in February this year have been carried out as usual and all monitoring readings have stayed within acceptable limits.

However, Vibro (H.K.), the contractor responsible for the works, found on the morning of Nov. 26 that there was groundwater in the lift pit excavation area of the construction site.

The problem was detected as monitoring data around the museum indicated abnormal readings in groundwater levels and settlement.
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HK$13 billion Hong Kong Children’s Hospital starts operating limited service with inpatient wards to start opening in 2019
First patients at the hospital in Kai Tak attend for follow-up care at specialist outpatient clinics
December 18, 2018
South China Morning Post Excerpt

Hong Kong’s first children’s hospital, which will focus on rare and complex cases, opened its doors on Tuesday, but inpatient services will not commence until next year.

The first patients at the HK$13 billion (US$1.7 billion) Hong Kong Children’s Hospital in Kai Tak were attending for follow-up appointments at specialist outpatient clinics. Specialties for nephrology, oncology and metabolic medicine start first.

On Tuesday, nine patients previously receiving follow-up care from the paediatric nephrology team at Princess Margaret Hospital in Kwai Chung attended the new facility.

Julian Yue Yat-hei, a 13-year-old boy who was born with one kidney and suffered from narrowing of a major blood vessel, was among them. The Tseung Kwan O resident arrived at the hospital with his mother shortly after 10am.

“It feels like I’m in a private hospital, everything is brand new,” he said.

His mother Fiona Cheuk said the hospital’s location and operational arrangements were more convenient.

“We don’t have to walk up and down here. In Princess Margaret Hospital, we needed to go to different floors and different blocks for registering, picking up medicine, seeing the doctor and having blood tests or ultrasound scans,” Cheuk said.

“Here everything is more organised and new, so the workflow is so much faster and smoother.”

So far, 260 patients had registered for follow-up appointments at the children’s hospital. They included those from the children’s cancer centres of Queen Mary Hospital in Pok Fu Lam and Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin.

The new hospital does not have an accident and emergency service or general outpatient clinic.

More :
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United Christian Hospital expansion
Project highlights : Introduction | Hospital Development And Improvement Projects

Funding approval was obtained from the government in 2020 to build a 2 block redevelopment with scheduled completion in 2025.


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