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Hotel Cecil

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If there is one building in Downtown LA that I find attracting and that would be Hotel Cecil.

I first noticed this building when I was exploring DTLA back in 1998. During that time, urban renewal within The Historic Core district has not taken place.

The area where Hotel Cecil was located was filled with homeless people and The Hotel itself was more a flop house.

The last time I was in LA was 2008 and was able to explore DTLA again. Hotel Cecil has transformed from a flop house to an affordable budget hotel. The lobby itself has improved drastically and I even went inside their convenient store to buy some drinks.

Instead of homeless people or those of the working class you see tourists whether from around The US or from aboard.

I'm sure there are hotels within DTLA that had the same situation as Hotel Cecil.

But tell what do you think about this hotel?

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il looks interesting from this angle in my opinion
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