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Hottest Lebanese guy?

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who is Hottest Lebanese boy?
who is?
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You mean on this forum? :)
If so, we have to be able make at least short list (after 2 years it would be good thing to make Mister Lebanon SSC contest; and Miss/Mrs. Lebanon as well, as this forum is very special on SSC ;) ).
If no, you have already a separate thread for hottest Lebanese guys.
^^lol NP, beauty contest in a Skyscrapers forum :nuts:
^^ We have such contest on Polish forum every year (only for guys, as we lack girls, only few officially :( ). And I think it's not so unique on SSC ;)

Lebanese forum without beauty contest? Unimaginable! :lol:
(Even though it's not Venezuelan forum ;) ).
^^oh well still an odd idea :D
if we will have one for Leb's forum ,it would be only for guys,same deal.
I'll be glad to judge :p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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