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Astoria Houston

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Randall Davis Hoping To Attract Rich Foreigners to His Dreamy New Uptown Tower

Where’s Randall Davis gonna find buyers for the glitzy condos in this new 24-story Uptown highrise he’s planning — you know, the kinds of carefree, fun-loving sophisticates who’d regularly leave all the lights on in their bedrooms at night just to make sure the whole building glows like this? In other countries, probably. But they’ll be moving to Houston soon!

* * *

A new venture formed by Davis and a resident of the Cosmopolitan, his last big Galleria-area condo project, was approved last month by the USCIS as a “regional center” under this country’s EB-5 visa program. Under the program, foreigners investing a million dollars in an approved job-creating or -preserving project (or half that amount in a “targeted employment area”) make themselves and their families eligible to become permanent U.S. residents — and can apply for citizenship in as few as 5 years.

Houston EB-5 is looking for 40 such investors to pony up $1 million each for stakes in the development partnership behind Davis’s new Galleria tower. But unlike a similar EB-5 scheme for a hotel headed up by former Houston mayor Lee Brown over in East Downtown, Davis’s project offers investors a potential place to live that they’d be able to sell later as real estate. A PDF flyer touting the EB-5 investment program for the project, called the Astoria, glosses over the distinction between benefits to investors and the tower’s appeal as a residence to condo buyers. “This is a home for a select few,” it reads. “Move your walls to define your living space, mix textures and finishes to please your palette; your vision will become reality. Whether you design your own space or choose to customize a plan, we will make your ideal home come to life. Our only standard is perfection.” [Emphasis in the original.]

Also: Where the Astoria itself is going to go doesn’t appear to be quite settled yet. Designed by Page Southerland Page and featuring 55 2,700-sq.-ft. condos (in floor plans that appear to riff on the configuration of the almost-30-year-old Parklane Condominiums next to Hermann Park), the building is shown sitting smack dab in the middle of the future site of BLVD Place at the southwest corner of Post Oak and San Felipe. The same background view is shown on the website without the tower too, probably photographed from one of the Cosmopolitan condos (the site is at right):


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Height boost to 28 floors:


February 15, 2013

Moving forward into the New Year, Astoria is making some real exciting progress. Our partnership has closed on the land, and the transaction completed. McDonald’s has closed next door, and will soon start on a new building, which is principally a small store with multiple drive thru lanes.

Uptown Houston is about finished with plans to expand the esplanades from Richmond and Post Oak to 610 and Post Oak. There will be a "Trolley" that runs the length of Post Oak, which will be a major plus for the neighborhood. Road construction is starting (I believe) in about 4 months and will take 18 months, which is close to our proposed timeline of completion. We are finishing our entire set of plans, both architectural and mechanical, over the next 45 to 60 days. We will then submit for a permit which is expected (subject to City of Houston delays) in April or May with 24 months to completion.

The final design is still a work in progress, but I am sharing a recent computer-generated image below which will better depict some of the detailing of Astoria. I am also working on the lighting at the crown of the building (this image is also shown below). More details on the coloration, materials and design elements will follow at a later date.

Sales are VERY, VERY GOOD - we have sold 30 of the 69 residences! This was accomplished in a short 5 months. Congrats to our sales manager, Gloria. We have also increased the height of the Astoria to 28 floors, as a client has purchased an entire floor with a pool. So we begin the month of February at 44% SOLD, and have several more clients in serious negotiations.



RANDALL DAVIS COMPANY | 1210 W. Clay, Suite 10 | Houston TX 77019 | 713.526.3222

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Astoria website with fresh details:

Building Specifications (as currently designed):

Height: 322’

Floors: 28

Parking: 151 Spaces

Residences: 74

Design: Modern Art Deco

Building Features:

Modern Art Deco Architecture

Downtown, City and Galleria Views

Private Elevator Entries

Starlight Infinity-Edge Pool

24-Hour Concierge

Pied-A-Terre for Guests

Storage Units Available

Private Movie Theatre

Private Wine Room

State-of-the-Art Fitness Center
From HAIF:
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