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HOUSTON | The Sovereign | 22 fl | Completed

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This 22 story apartment tower was originally called The Horizon.

Luxury tower planned at secret location


A reader tipped us off to this “290 unit luxury apartment tower consisting of 21 stories featuring panoramic views of the downtown Houston skyline, the Buffalo Bayou, Memorial Park, River Oaks, and the Galleria.”

The information on the tower — called the Horizon — comes from GID. That’s the Boston developer who owns the Allen House Apartments and tore down most of them for an ambitious mixed-use project that hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe this is one of the buildings the company is planning for its sprawling inner-Loop site. All it says about location is that it’s on “Block D.”

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So how's this one coming along?
So how's this one coming along?

The Sovereign Apartment Highrise Beginning To Stand On Its Own

A reader sends this photo of the construction progress of that Regent Square-ish residential tower the Sovereign. The 21-story, 290-unit building designed by Ziegler Cooper is going up on West Dallas between Rosine and Rochow, where some of the old Allen House Apartments used to stand.

The North Montrose site is just around the corner from Dunlavy, where other dirt is being pushed around to make way for Regent Square. The Sovereign, contrary to its name, was originally planned by Boston developer GID to become one of the uses in that mixed-use spread, but the 2 projects are listed separately on the company website.
The Sovereign

Photos courtesy of cloud713 on SSP.
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Nov. 2013

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