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yall get the quickr pickr due to html limitations. if youd like to see the set organized with nice black borders click here




great sw




guitar summit

DSC03594 dog walkers

DSC03597 jew fro

DSC03600 old couple

DSC03588 guitar summit

DSC03590 guitar summit

DSC03571 skinny building

DSC03570 doorway man

DSC03568 hole

DSC03567 trailer

DSC03566 messenger bag

DSC03565 arches

DSC03563 money building

DSC03562 going both ways

DSC03581 plaid skirt

DSC03579 corner detail

DSC03587 host



DSC03634 band

DSC03633 band

DSC03626 horns

DSC03619 audience

DSC03618 audiance

DSC03616 keyboard

DSC03614 bass

DSC03613 horns

Band and host

This was a band I saw at Discovery Green park in April. I was invited out to the show by my friend Heidi because her stepfather was playing in the band shown here, He is in the white shirt on the right. The host informed the crowd that this event was part of a Thursday concert series sponsored by the park to help promote local musicians in the Houston area. It was a very nice show with a very nice crowd.

DSC03607 chris

DSC03604 whitedressgirl

DSC03599 oldguybeer

Jessica - 100 Strangers: 1/100 [Explored: 5/8/2011] 1st Explore!!!

This is Jessica Wahlquist.

I met Jessica while out with my friend James(jfre81). We were out doing a neighborhood shoot and stumbled up on Jessica. I asked her if I could take her picture for the project 100 Strangers and she happily agreed and told us about this great mural right down the street from her house that she said it would be great for some photos.

As we were walking down the street she told me about how she had done some modeling for local fashion designers such as Gin Martini Designs and had done several episodes modeling hair and beauty products for the tv show "Mirror Mirror" with The Upper Hand Salon here in Houston. She was also really into photography. Plus she told me she was working at a Mothers Day Brunch the next day at Avant Garden, a very cool little club.

The portrait was just one of a few pictures I got of her at the park. The mural was great and made a great backdrop for the photos. So I'm very glad she made the suggestion for the location.

Picture was taken with my Sony A200 and Minolta 50mm F1.7. Edited with Photoshop CS4.

This picture is #1 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the <a href="">100 Strangers Flickr Group page</a>

Black and White Floral

Muse In The Woods

Rock Star Pose

80's Vibrant

Own The Wall




Life Imitating Art

LET ME IN !!!!!

The f*ck you look

leg out

The Green Scene

Cool Shades

half body shot

The Downward Angle

Making Ackward Attractive

legout green

no blue

What's Your Angle???

Sprouting Wings

Muted to Perfection

I really like this photo for a few reason. One, it was one of the few poses I actually suggested to Jessica and it came out just how I envisioned it. Two, I love the desaturation. I took the time to individually desaturate some of the colors to give it this feel here. Three, the location is in EADO which is one of my favorite parts of downtown. Lots of artists live in this area and there are lots of art galleries and lots of great street art. The warehouse here is actually owned by a friend of mine. Unfortunately he was not home or you would have seen some shots from the rooftop as well.

The Oak and the Pyramid

This was outside of one of the various exhibits at the Menil Museum in Montrose. A great area for photography. Lots of great trees and other landscape.

The Upward Angle

Here I was trying to make Jessica look a little taller. This would have been a good time to have a wider angle lens. The 18mm kit lens just couldnt really provide to wild kind of distortion I was trying to get. But getting some new lens is definitely a goal for next time.

It's Okay To Be Happy.......

The Blink of an Eye

Wood Paneling

skull reflection

Saw this on the saddle bag of a bikers roadster. I asked if he minded me taking a picture of his bike.He didnt really care at all. So I snapped this real quick and left him be.



bark close up

jazz singer

This is part of a 3D mural at Catbirds. I think The bar used to be a jazz club back in the day but dont wuote me on that. I think I'll have to look that up.

james at catbirds

This is my good friend James. He pops up often in my photostream. We were out taking pictures in Montrose on a hot Saturday afternoon and stopped in for a couple cold ones. We even saw the end of the Kentucky Derby.


Whats a city with out some toy graffiti? Took a quick snap of this little piece. I like all the various textures of this piece with the lamp post and the sidewalk and the gravel supports and such.

cottage angle bw

I love this house. Its a really large house but with all the greenery around it was very hidden still and only bits a pieces were hanging out.

square house

Sometimes wandering can lead you to cool things. Me and James had been driving around trying to find some cool stuff to take pictures of when we rolled past this house. Immediately I knew I had to get out and snap a picture of this fine house. Turns out more luck was on my side this day then I even knew.

mural wall

This is a picture of the fence I used for this picture: <a href=""></a>

I instantly fell in love with the bright vivid colors and knew some good photos were to be had here.


This is one of the test shots I got of Jessica the first time I meet her. It was a really nice day that day and the sunlight was bouncing off her in amazing ways. Framing could have been a little better but I wasnt paying a lot of attention right at the moment cause my mind was a bit preoccupied. .

sunflower flare power

Spotted this as we were walking through a neighborhood. It was a lone sunflower growing on a vacant lot that had been leveled for construction of a new home. I stopped to take a picture of it because my wife has a thing for sunflowers. I would have picked it for her but I was afraid of getting bugs in my car plus it deserves to keep on surviving on its own.

james (jfre81)

Got an awesome shot of James in action here with his new Sigma 70-200mm APO. I so jealous of his lens. Its the new version of the one I have and the AF on his isnt busted yet so he can still get sweet action shots. This was taken at a park downtown while we were waiting on our gyros to get made. The gyros were good too. They didn't last long enough to have a picture taken of them.


Spotted this duck on the Bayou walk downtown. Many people stop to feed the ducks in this area so they are not very disturbed by people being close by if you dont move to quickly.

fat tire

This is a shot I took for the Day In The Life Of... 3/20/2011 edition.

This new belgium here met its intended fate soon after this shot. I was grillin up some bison burgers with Guacamole, bacon and some pepper jack cheese. I figured this would compliment the meal well and it did.


This is a shot I took for the Day In The Life Of... 3/20/2011 edition.

This was actually breakfast. Cafe DuMonde coffee with chicory in the cup. Its my favorite coffee. I fell in love with it the first time I went to New Orleans and it is pretty much all I drink for coffee now.


This is a shot I took for the Day In The Life Of... 3/20/2011 edition.

This is my oldest son Xavier. He really likes cameras and sticking his finger on the lens making smudges. One day I caught him with my camera bag and he had both my motors out and every lens. He had pulled all of the caps off of everything. Now I keep my bag up on the top shelf of my closet far away from the reach of little dirty fingers.


This is a shot I took for the Day In The Life Of... 3/20/2011 edition.

Just chilling drinking the morning coffee. It was a Sunday, so no bother shaving.

ill sleep when youre dead

This is some hardcore street art. I love Houston.

park fountain


I dont know who made this but I like it.



minmal skyline



1. <a href="[email protected]/5699836751/">Jessica - 100 Strangers: 1/100</a>

Created with <a href="" rel="nofollow">fd's Flickr Toys</a>

My Hipster Wife

alesia at the french market

a quickr pickr post

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Cool photos.

Joe, could you use the BBcode for sharing Flickr photos next time please? We've had enough Flickr issues the last couple of months.
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