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How about a Supertall in Beirut?

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I think Beirut needs a worlds tallest on the new land...That would be amazing!!! Bigger than Burj Dubai! :)
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dream on.
i think beirut should fix its economy and employ the 400,000 unemployed people first.
it would be rather nice i must agree. :)
I think Beirut needs a worlds tallest on the new land...That would be amazing!!! Bigger than Burj Dubai! :)

OWH ! lol i cant picture a huge Tower in Lebanon ! taller then the burj dubai :) it would be good though !
I dont think its inconceivable ...yes in the short to medium maybe..but most people forget that Lebanon has many assets at its disposal ie. one of the largest gold holdings that is sitting and could be leased, a highly liquid and profitable banking system, an expatriate community which controls or leads majors industries in the gulf, a highly educated population, a zero default history, rich and supportive neighbors..Lets not forget that Lebanon in the 60's and 70s had an economy 4xs that of Israel and economies in the Gulf.. ..Now we face a vary serious prospect of significant oil and gas offshore....PGS is completing a 3d survey as we speak. What we need is political stability and peace ..and WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!! The Phoneix will rise again...Call me optimistic but i dont think its offbase...
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You guys can continue this discussion here.
Oops..Sorry Beirut...Its my first week here posting. Ill keep the comments to the subject...:) Can you imagine the view if one was built tho? :)
rich and supportive neighbours? u're quite funny, you shud be a stand up comedian. :| ... isreal and syria (which coencidently happened to be lebanon's neighbours) would do anything to ruin the economy in lebanon.
tell us more about PGS and the prospective oil find. any news about it? any CHANCE of finding oil? coz that wud be nice :)
oh btw, whats zero default history?
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^^maybe he meant the Gulf Arab states:dunno:
Yes Saudia Arabia and the Gulf States...always supported the economy.

Zero default means Lebanon never defaulted on any loans. While they have one of the highest debt to GDP ratios in the world..they always paid or rolled over there debt..

PGS ( is a company is currentl;y doing a 3d survey offshore Lebannon after a 2d survey showed a big promise for oil and gas ..It was suppose to be announced after the 1st quarter this year...and i have been dieing to see it....I emailed the guy thats on the website and he never emailed me back...Maybe they are holding off the anonuncment until the political situation subsides who knows..Earlier this year Cyprus and Lebanon signed a formal agreement to deleinate there undersea that each country knows where they can exploit the resources...

I know in the 60s and 70s they actually dug for oil onshore and found some deoposits of oil shale rock...but at the time the price of oil was low and didnt make any economic sense to drill...but now since its so high it may be th right time..they hvent said anything about on land tho..they are only talking about offshore..
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i edited this pic of the beirut waterfront so i can draw a supertall that looks real

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WoW ! I was hoping to do this..but not much of a photoshopper...
i think those buildings look a bit out of proportion...but yeah i'd definitely like to see a supertall in Beirut, in the hotels district most of all...a 300-350m would look really nice because we need a building that dominates the skyline!
ameri-leb! i love ur optimism, the phoenix will rise again! i love it! im not being sarcastic, but finally i found someone who still has hope, faith and optimism for beirut and lebanon!!! long live the greatest country in the world!!! lebnan ou bass!
Very nice Idea !! we need it ....we are allready an icon ...but we need this record here :)
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