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How much would it cost to build Jeddah Tower in North America?

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While I know the building costs ~$2 Billion I wanted to know more about how those costs would translate? Say if I were to build the building in either Manhattan or Toronto

The biggest difference I can think of is labor costs considering Saudi Arabia just hires cheap manual labor, as opposed to NA where construction contractors make quite a bit of money; what would the breakdown be of materials, transportation, labor, logistics, government/legislative costs, etc?
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I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 billion dollars. Easily that if it's in NYC or San Francisco.

To compare, 1 World Trade Center cost 3.8 billion. 1 Vanderbilt is estimated at 3.1 billion. Central Park Tower, which is a skinny tower above a department store, is said to be a whopping 4 billion dollars. Salesforce Tower was 1.1 billion.
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Aside from labour costs, a building of that standing would definitely be made as terror-proof as possible, able to withstand everything short of a thermonuclear explosion (or even that), and engineering costs would skyrocket accordingly.
Probably at least US$5 billion.
It would be next to impossible to build that in NY or SF, property values close to downtown are expensive, you not only have to pay for land but for how much airspace you need too. 1000 meters plus the 5-10 acres needed to construct the tower alone would be close to 1-3 billion USD. Then after that you have multiple contractors you have to deal with, and multiple permits you need to get. Overall it is next to impossible. Trump tried to build the world's tallest in Chicago a few years ago and you see how that went, his company is arguably worth anywhere from 2-5 billion USD. So to conclude, it is impossible unless you have state, and municipal support making your life as easy as possible.
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