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Iron horse rider dlx
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Not sure but here is a quote from another forum dated 04-11-2005

Note: Makkasan is in Bangkok and Suvannabhum is the new airport

Wisarut said:
I just got the latest news about High Speed Railway ... they have 2 choice of routes (From Than Setthakij):

1) Makkasan - Suvannabhum - Bang Nam Priaw - Ongkharak -
Wiharn Daeng Banna - Pakchong (near Khao Yai) - Nakhon Ratchasima
Total Distance: 223 km

2) Makkasan - Suvannabhum - Chachognsao - Ongkharak -
Wiharn Daeng - Banna - Pakchong (near Khao Yai) - Nakhon Ratchasima
Total Distance: 247 km

The Specifications: 300-350 km Maximum speed with average speed
of 250 kph to ewnsure that those who live in Khorat could reach
Bangkok (Makkasan) within 1 Hour ... and could arrive into
Suvannabhum Airport in 50 minutes.

Wait unit the next 4 months before finalizing the plan.
I hope someone can provide more info because I don't know much about these projects or their status.

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emilreza said:
they're making one in jakarta
I haven't heard of this before.

Geographically speaking very few countries in SE Asia is suitable for HST operations. Well, unless they are willing to commit HUGE sums of money for supporting engineering works.

Here's the problem:

Indonesia & Phillipines : Many islands, linking one with the other will require bridges or undersea tunnels. These will be costly.

Singapore: Mainland Singapore is only a small island, no point building a HST network within the island, nor will there be any economic benefits to link surrounding small islands (they are mostly deserted).

Malaysia & Thailand: Thailand and western Malaysia lies on a peninsula, which stretches for hundred of kilometer. A railway network already existed here. So, it would be easier to organize effort to convert into HST. Furthermore, these countries are doing pretty well economically, so funding will come easier.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Myanmar: Among these countries, only Vietnam is experiencing great economic growth. Even then, I think the cost of a HST network is unjustifiable when compared to the economic returns, at least in the near future.

In my opinion, the most prospective HST network would be between Thailand, Malaysia, and perhaps Singapore. The rest of the countries, well, I doubt we'll be seeing a HST program within the next 10 yrs.

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They could build a Bali-Surabaya-Jakarta HSL in Indonesia. Jawa is a very densly populated island, they could make it profitable. I don't think they have enough money to build a complete system, but they can build it in fases to spread the costs.
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