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Huambo | Xyami shopping

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^^Como está o andamento das obras do shopping em Huambo ?

Flavio Rocha

^^Soube que o Shopping já foi inaugurado. Fotos da inauguração ou do Shopping já em funcionamento ?. Obrigado.

Courteasy of Xyami shopping & hipermercado Kero
but a pity that it has taken the city more than 40 years (!!!) to introduce modern retail. Huambo without the war & shitty communist madness would have had all that and much more from the (early) 1980s onwards which is more than a generation ago. I wouldn´t want to imagine what the city could have had by now....

But Africa always tends to opt for the trail of destruction first...

Anyway, better late than never.... this sense, parabens.:cheers:
Sabes? :lol:
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Sabes? :lol:
Mas não vou comentar, dou-te contudo razão :lol::lol:.
:| Gostas muito de luxo Sky
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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