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Hudson's Bay Store, Toronto?

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Hudson's Bay Store | Toronto, Canada

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Hudson's Bay store on Yonge/Queen/Bay streets in downtown Toronto, right next to the Eaton Centre (or should I say Sears Centre now).

This building was built in and expanded in 1895-96, as a Toronto flagship store for the former Robert Simpson Company. Simpson was a legendary canadian merchant, and he opened and operated his trademark names of stores a long time ago in cities across Canada until his death in 1897. Since then, his stores continued to carry his name, until Sears and The Bay bought out all of his stores in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Since 1991, this store has been a Bay store, until then, it was Simpson's. This store and the Eaton Centre are connected to each other through a walkway or underground pass. Today, it is a popular shopping destination for many Toronto visitors and shoppers. On another interesting note, some fans of the TVOntario educational show "Today's Special" will know this place, because that show was filmed here, and you could see the "Simpson's" name all over the place. It aired from 1981-87. I certainly know it and visited this place a couple of times just for that reason. :)

I took these pictures of it in they are quite old

Main entrance on Queen Street
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I can tell you one thing, it is one beautiful old-looking department store. They certainly don't build buildings like they used to, and it's very elegant inside and outside as well. 9/10.
the building reminds me the Wainwright Building in Saint Louis.
can't see the pics :redx:
sinjin said:
This is not the Hudson's Bay Store, it is another building ( I
believe the Gooderham Building).
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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