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Huge(6MB) interactive panorama of Oslo

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Go here:

And press "Klikk her for større høyoppløselig versjon! ( 6 mb )".


Thanks to
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Nice :)

You should really use something like this for SSC banner ;)
^Yeah, that would be cool!
Superlicious pano! oslo in the sunrise!
While we are at it, here are 60 panos from Oslo:

Here is anohter one, from

And here is some from Sandvika, the suburb where I work, some 15 km from downtown. You can acctually see my office-window at the first one:) Have had these for a long time, not knowing really where to put them.

Sandvika again, seeing across the Oslo-fjord, to south-eastern parts of Oslo.

Sandvika, from Kalvøya.
Nice panoramas, the first one (that of 6MB) is really impressive. :eek:kay:
Awesome panos :bow:
Great panos, I like this Sandvika pano, terrain looks awesome there.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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