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Huge desalinisation plant for Melbourne

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Lets hope all the whingers dont start moaning about having to pay for this!

Bracks announces $5 billion water plan

Rachel Kleinman
June 19, 2007 - 12:05PM

Household water bills will double over the next five years to pay for a $4.9 billion water strategy to secure Melbourne's water supplies.

The centrepiece of the strategy will be a $3.1 billion desalination plant in Victoria's south-east.

The Victorian Government is to build Australia's largest desalination plant in the state's south and a 70-kilometre pipeline from the Goulburn area to boost Melbourne's water supply, Premier Steve Bracks has announced.

The desalination plant will be built in the Wonthaggi region, south-east of Melbourne, at a cost of $3.1 billion. It is expected to provide 150 billion litres of water per year for Melbourne, Geelong, Westernport and Wonthaggi.

The pipeline from the state's north will cost $750 million and is aimed at transferring 75 billion litres of water to Melbourne by 2010.

Mr Bracks also said the Government would expand the state's water grid by adding a new pipeline between Geelong and Melbourne.

"Under today's direct plan almost $5 billion of major new water infrastructure spending on projects will be built right across Victoria, securing our water supplies for the long term," Mr Bracks said.

"Victorians will have access to an extra 375 billion litres of water each year. That's about 50 per cent extra water which will be available for Melbourne itself," he said.

Today's announcement in Melbourne is expected to anger some rural communities who object to their water being piped to Melbourne.

Coastal communities have previously expressed concern about the environmental impacts of a desalination plant.

Mr Bracks said he believed the government was making the right decision.

"I'm confident we have the right plan for the future," he said., with AAP
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I did some research into this a few years ago. The power consumption is actually very reasonable, the power of a small toaster will get you about 1000litres per hour if I remember correctly.

Desalination works basically by pushing water through a filter. Not exactly rocket science.
As for the global warming thing, you know desal plants use massive amounts of power right?
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