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The late 18th century? I don't think that railway even existed then, these signals must have been built to last if that's true!

Seriously though, it's always interesting to look at old infrastructure like these abandoned railways but just because it's there doesn't mean it's worth re-opening. A lot of these old routes don't really seem to go anywhere in particular. That strip map is interesting but again some of the routes seem a bit odd, especially those between the eastern and northern suburbs! I'm sure it might warrant a bus connection but not a railway. While we're on this subject, I seem to remember some vague flight of fancy about an elevated monorail a few years ago in Hull!

I'm sure a lot of the busier bus routes around Hull and the rest of the UK could easily justify trams or trolleybuses, indeed it was silly to close them all down in the first place, and if any government (or citizen for that matter) seemed interested in facilitating more such transport schemes we might even get them. Sadly, nobody seems that bothered. As for railways, we do have a ridiculously low level of electrification, hopefully the recent murmurs about the likes of the Great Western Main Line, Midland Main Line, Bolton-Preston, Liverpool-Manchester etc are a step in the right direction although the Tories might well stop the plans anyway. The lines to Hull could easily justify it in a sensible country. Our diesel stock is ageing considerably and hardly any other country wants new diesel trains (especially not for main line or commuter work), so they are ever more expensive to buy and ever more expensive to run and maintain. Our smaller loading gauges still require us to buy different stuff than Europe of course but now seems like the right time to finally start catching up. So of course we time a financial crisis to perfectly coincide with this moment! :nuts:

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Looking around I noticed this interesting piece from 1975 - the guy has a similar idea to the one I suggested to re-open the Hornsea line to Sutton, but he suggests using the old Botanic Gardens station part of the network (Victoria Dock branch line?) and not the high level line. Can somebody explain whether it would ever be feasible to run tram-trains on down Wawne Road to Bransholme Centre and then Kingswood (I presume the circuitous route into the city centre may make the latter pointless?).

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I know it sounds like I'm complaining alot but before freedom festival stagecoach and eyms explained that there would be lots of buses on but even though I didn't have that problem I saw people waiting for buses and the next ones not been due for another 40mins.

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Park and ride firm 'must get its act together': Outcry as 2,000 fans left stranded

CALLS are being made for a full review of a Hull park and ride service following numerous complaints.

Hull City councillors want an investigation into the service provided by bus operator CT Plus, which has been told to "get its house in order".

The call comes after about 2,000 angry Hull City fans queued from the bus stop at Anlaby Road, west Hull, right back to the stadium because CT Plus failed to provide a full service.

When East Yorkshire Motor Service (EYMS) previously ran the route, there were 12 buses in operation between the ground and Priory Park.

But last Saturday there were only four vehicles available.

Now, councillors are demanding action.

Councillor Martin Mancey said: "CT Plus is now a provider of public transport services in Hull and we should be getting information and updates on its performance.

"The review should cover performance, reliability and contract compliance."

The Mail understands CT Plus has been given £230,000 to run the service, despite EYMS saying it only needed £199,000.

It is understood the council awarded CT Plus the contract In January based on quality rather than cheap prices.

The contract is for two years with an option to extend for a further two years.

Adam Fowler, of the Hull and Humber Environment Forum, runs regular bus forums in Hull and the East Riding.

He said: "We believe CT Plus was short of drivers and having to make four runs each which takes time.

"There should be 12 buses running on match days but there were only four last Saturday.

"There have been a growing number of complaints.

"The contract was awarded on quality rather than price but now that quality is in question.

"It is vitally important the highest quality and reliability is maintained as this is a flagship service.

"CT Plus needs to get its house in order."

Some fans have said the experience last Saturday has put them off using the park-and-ride route again.

Tigers supporter Ann Storey, of west Hull, was one of those who had to wait following the home game with Coventry.

She said: "We had to wait 45 minutes, but we were within the first 500 people.

"There must have been about 2,000 so I dread to think how long some people had to wait.

"I've used park-and-ride for many years but this was the worst it's ever been."

Michael Wood, 77, of Beverley, believes the amount of
buses available was woefully inadequate.

He said: "There were people in wheelchairs waiting in the cold."

Fellow fan Ken Ashton added: "Since the new company took over, the service has gone down hill."

CT Plus, part of the HCT Group, has apologised for the problems.

A spokesperson said: "We apologise for the difficulties some passengers may have experienced last Saturday.

"The service, which has operated reliably since we took over the contract earlier this year, was affected by an unusual and unfortunate vehicle shortage.

"Normally, there are between six and ten buses made available for Hull City games.

"We are investigating the matter with our service delivery partner, Stagecoach, with a view to ensuring that this situation does not occur in future.

"Service delivery was also affected by the closure of the Walton Street car park, leading to an increase in passenger numbers, and road works along the route."

* CT PLUS will have a full park and ride service to accommodate Hull Fair.

It will be the first time CT Plus has run services for the fair,
which started this weekend.

It's normal service will operate every ten minutes via the fair in both directions from 7.30am to 6.30pm.

In addition, at peak times, partner Stagecoach will be operating a dedicated service from Priory Park to Hull Fair every ten minutes. From 6.30pm to 11pm, there will be
buses departing to and from the fair approx- imately every five minutes. There will be a minimum of two ground staff on duty at Priory Park and at Hull Fair during peak periods.
In my opinion the contract should of never been awarded to this company eyms is local, good service and invests in new buses and anything else which improves bus travel.CT plus are terrible some people I know used it (who had never been to hull before)and met me, and when they arrived the bus they were on was very old orange and the seats were very uncomfy apparently

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ChrisG messaged me on Twitter before, as I said I'd been dragged to Hornsea Freeport again, even though there is nothing there. ChrisG said; any controversial T-shirts in Madhouse? ...and I said; Nothing out the ordinary, a pair of boxers with 'Park N'Ride' on them... if they were sponsored by CT Plus, they'd just say 'Park' on them, lol.

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From The Selby Times

Plans for extra rail services through Selby are on track

New information boards at Selby railway station. Reg French. Picture: Iain Howard

Published on Fri Oct 29 17:37:18 BST 2010

PLANS to bring more cross-country trains to Selby have been welcomed by a railway campaigners.

Alliance Rail recently announced it has secured the backing of multi-national Deutsche Bahn, one of the world’s largest transportation companies, for its plans to run services every two hours between Hull and Liverpool, stopping at Selby.

It had previously seemed possible Alliance’s plans could be derailed after the Office of Rail Regulation expressed concern about the company’s ability to meet the increased financial commitments it would bring with it.

However, with DB’s backing, those issues seem to have been resolved.

Alliance’s managing director Ian Yeowart said: “The company is now part of the DB group. It means we’re in a position to say ‘We’re ready to go’, as we don’t have to go looking for further funding.”

Plans for the Hull to Liverpool service are expected to be submitted in November next year, and if they’re successful, should see new services running through Selby by May 2015.

SADRUG secretary Reg French said: “Though we’re talking quite a while in the future, of course we would welcome extra services through Selby.”

But Mr French added he was currently more concerned about recent cuts to present public transport services in the district – particularly the cancelling of the 8.12am service to Leeds.

During a public meeting at Eversley Garth Parish Hall on Monday, residents raised issues about cuts to both bus and rail services in the district. The meeting was attended by bus operator Arriva, but Northern Rail didn’t have a presence.

Mr French (pictured) said: “Having seen the hostile reaction of the public at the meeting, both ourselves and Sherburn Parish Council will be considering what further steps are possible to deal with these issues, which are causing commuters great concern.”

But SADRUG is celebrating one success – the 5.27pm service from York to Selby will stop at Sherburn and South Milford from May next year.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Rail operator plans new 140mph service to London
7:30am Wednesday 20th October 2010

By Will Kilner »

A rail operator has revealed plans to introduce new 140mph inter-city services between Bradford and London and major cities in the north.

Alliance Rail Holdings has published proposals for direct services every two hours between Bradford Interchange and London Euston via Manchester Victoria, Crewe and the West Coast Main Line (WCML).

The company also wants to restore Bradford’s long-lost direct rail links to two major northern cities by operating a Hull to Liverpool Lime Street service via Bradford every two hours.

In the final part of its three-pronged bid, Alliance wants to run direct services from Skipton and Ilkley to London Kings Cross via the East Coast Main Line (ECML), providing a boost for passengers in the Aire Valley and Wharfedale.

Alliance, owned by Berlin-based Deutsche Bahn, one of the world’s biggest transport companies, is holding talks with train manufacturers with a view to building a fleet of 140mph trains to operate the services.

The ‘duel fuel’ trains would be capable of operating from overhead electric wires on the main line and then switching to their own power provided by onboard diesel engines on non-electrified routes.

Ian Yeowart, managing director of Alliance, said the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) was aware of his company’s plans and will be asked to approve them.

Mr Yeowart said: “Subject to the proposal being accepted by the ORR, it is planned to begin the roll out of new services on the WCML from December 2013, with ECML services and Pennine services following soon after.

“There’s a huge amount of investment backing up these service groups. These proposals are well thought-out.

“No other operator has ever introduced a fleet of new trains, which makes this an exciting proposal.

“In the first phase of work on the WCML, we want to offer a frequent service down the Calder Valley, which has been quite neglected. We’re looking at a high-quality commercial link between Bradford and Manchester Victoria, then on to London.

“For Bradford, it starts to create a high-quality intercity link between itself and Manchester which has been long lost.

“Phase two of the service proposition will be for services serving London King’s Cross from Skipton and Ilkley. Skipton and that area has been deprived over time by GNER and its successor.

“We are looking at a third phase with services that would link Hull and Liverpool right through the Calder Valley.

“That would mean an hourly fast train between Bradford and Manchester.

“Although we don’t anticipate many people catching the train all the way from Hull to Liverpool, we think there’ll be a real demand for the intermediate journeys, from Hull to Bradford, or from Bradford to Manchester or Liverpool.”

Mr Yeowart was heavily involved with Grand Central’s successful bid to introduce a Bradford Interchange to London King’s Cross service before he left the company.

Grand Central, which introduced its new Bradford to London service on the ECML earlier this summer, said: “Grand Central welcomes new entrants into the market as this shows that open access operators are able to meet passenger demand for new journey opportunities that franchised operators are unable to.”

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I'm not quite sure how it would avoid Leeds. I'd have thought they would want to include it as it would drastically increase passenger numbers (both visitors and commuters). I'm not sure the section leading up to Hull would ever get that busy but i'm sure there would be enough demand elsewhere along the line to make it economically viable to run it as far east as Hull.

Its very good news if it increases the number of destinations within one train ride from Hull. Currently its fairly limited. If we are not to get included in the cross country route to the Midlands then this proposal is the next best thing.

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Stagecoach investing on new buses

It's about time some stagecoach buses are appalling
Hopfully these are new double deckers. Quote from stagecoach
nine new vehicles arriving shortly for service 30

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Oh it just gets better :(

£8bn rail investment goes ahead

Posted: 25th November 2010 | No Comments

Class 319s can now be cascaded from Thameslink, where they have been in service since 1988
THE government has confirmed this morning that it's going ahead with new rolling stock orders and electrification worth £8 billion, including 2,100 new vehicles for Thameslink, Crossrail and other operators.

The transport secretary Philip Hammond is authorising 1,200 vehicles for Thameslink and the infrastructure upgrade of their route across central London, at a cost of £6 billion.

He has also*confirmed the already-announced electrification of the 'north west triangle', and electrification of the Great Western Main Line between London and Oxford and Newbury. This route*had already been set to be electrified as far as Maidenhead as part of the Crossrail programme.

However,*the Intercity Express Programme remains undecided, although the Department*said it*had evaluated possible alternatives to the original IEP proposal and*is now concentrating on two*options.

These are*a revised bid from Agility Trains, the consortium led by Hitachi, and an alternative for a fleet of all-electric trains which could be*hauled by*new diesel locomotives where there are no*overhead wires.

The*1,200 new Thameslink vehicles*which have been confirmed today will allow the existing Thameslink Class 319 fleet to be cascaded to Great Western as well as newly-electrified lines in the north west, which had already been included in the Chancellor's Comprehensive Spending Review, but the new Thameslink fleet will not be delivered in full until 2019.

The DfT said it was currently considering bids to build the Thameslink fleet from two consortia led by Siemens and Bombardier.*An announcement*about the choice of preferred bidder*will be made in the*spring.*

Of the remaining vehicles, 300*will be allocated to*train operators. But it's not yet clear which franchises will have their fleets enlarged.

The announcement will cause disappointment in the East Midlands, where there had been hopes that the Midland Main Line would be electrified between Bedford and Sheffield.

Yet again hull will probably miss out as the attention will be on London. I'd like to see some lines coming out of hull electrified and new carrages added.

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A63 Castle Street Improvement- update

The Spending Review announcement listed the A63 Castle Street Improvement scheme for potential construction in future spending review periods, subject to the outcome of statutory processes. For more information visit our Future Delivery Programme page.


The Secretary of State's announcement of 26 October on major transport projects and the Department for Transport's supporting document entitled "Investment in Highways Transport Schemes" sets out the major schemes on the strategic road network split into five categories (subject to outcome of statutory processes where appropriate). Those which:

will continue in construction
will be prepared for start of construction in the current spending review period;
will be prepared for start of works in future spending review periods;
will be reviewed for start of works in future spending review periods; and
are cancelled.
This note clarifies the process which the Highways Agency will undertake in order to determine the future delivery programme for the schemes which are proposed to be taken forward in the current and future spending review periods.

Schemes under construction
The Secretary of State's announcement confirmed that all schemes currently under construction will be completed to their current timetable.

Schemes to be prepared for start of construction in the current spending review period
The Secretary of State's announcement listed 14 schemes which will be prepared for start of construction by 2015, subject to the outcome of statutory processes. These are listed at annex A.

The Highways Agency is now preparing an optimised programme for the delivery of these schemes with the aim of securing efficiency savings through a range of measures including certainty of forward work programmes, value engineering and efficiencies in the use of materials, labour and equipment.

The Agency will announce a programme for these schemes, and outline start of works plans, in spring 2011.

Schemes to be prepared for start of construction in future spending review periods
The Secretary of State's announcement listed fourteen schemes for potential construction in future spending review periods. The fourteen schemes are listed at annex B.

The Agency will now consider how these schemes will be developed during the current spending review. The Government's intention is to start work on these schemes in the future, subject to the outcome of statutory processes.
All of the schemes will be subject to a rigorous appraisal of costs, to look for ways in which greater efficiency can be designed into each scheme. The Agency will also update its assessments for these schemes using the revised scheme appraisal guidance which the Department is planning to introduce in spring 2011.

In order to ensure that the roads programme retains sufficient flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances or to enable additional investment, we will advance a small number of schemes from this group through statutory processes and design work as 'further development schemes', which could be accelerated to start construction before 2015 if circumstances allow.

These schemes will be identified on the basis of:

Public value for money - those schemes that offer the best return for public investment
Low development cost - those schemes that can be prepared for accelerated construction without diverting funds from road schemes under construction.
We will select these schemes during the course of 2011.

Schemes to be reviewed for start of works in future spending review periods
Four schemes will be subject to further review to ensure that the design of the scheme is the best possible, check whether traffic projections are still correct and, for two of the schemes, to see whether there is benefit in dividing the work into smaller packages that can be delivered in sequence. The four schemes are listed at annex C.

Cancelled Schemes
Seven schemes have been cancelled and these are listed in annex D. The Agency will now move to close these schemes in an efficient manner and remove them from the programme.

Future Strategy
The Agency will continue to work with the Department to develop plans to deal with network needs beyond 2020.


Annex A
Schemes to be prepared for start of construction in the current spending review period

M1 Junctions 28 - 31
M1 Junctions 32 - 35a
M1 Junctions 39 - 42
M25 Junctions 5 - 6/7
M25 Junctions 23 - 27
M4 Junctions 19 - 20 and M5 Junctions 15-17
M6 Junctions 5 - 8
M60 Junctions 8 - 12
M60 Junctions 12 - 15
M62 Junctions 18 - 20
M62 Junctions 25 - 30
A11 Fiveways - Thetford
A23 Handcross - Warninglid
A556 Knutsford - Bowdon

Annex B
Schemes to be prepared for start of construction in future spending review periods

M1/M6 Junction 19 Improvement
M25 Junction 30
M6 Junctions 10a - 13
A14 Kettering Bypass
A160/A180 Immingham
A19 Testos
A19/A1058 Coast Road Junction
A21 Tonbridge - Pembury
A27 Chichester Bypass
A38 Derby Junctions
A45/A46 Tollbar End
A453 Widening
A5-M1 Link Road
A63 Castle Street

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Serving up a first class, new menu on-board our trains - 1st November 2010
Hull-based rail operator, First Hull Trains, is relaunching a new on-board menu in its first class carriages this month, as part of the rail operator's efforts to continually improve and develop its on-board service.

The complimentary, new menu has been developed under the leadership of new appointment, Darren Fennah, head of customer service delivery for First Hull Trains, and promises to expand on the rail operators previous menu whilst still providing satisfying, hearty on-board meals and a wide variety of refreshments.

The relaunch will see First Hull Trains introduce a separate weekday and weekend menu to its First Class carriages. The weekday menu will feature old favourites like Cottage Pie and Chicken Tikka Massala and the weekend menu will offer up light bites like sandwiches and cakes, as well as the full drinks selection.

Unlike many other operators who charge for on-board refreshments the new menu will remain free for first class passengers.

Darren Fennah says: "The process of pulling together our new menu has been very customer focused. We have taken time to chose the dishes and feedback from staff and customers has been important to the offering. We have got the right blend of dishes for the time of day. A good example is at breakfast, we have had numerous requests for a bacon roll rather than a full breakfast and as a result we have introduced the bacon panini to sit alongside the full breakfast.

"I think the new menu shows we're really listening to our customers and we're really pleased with the content and design. Hopefully we'll have some positive feedback from our customers."
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