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Hi there northern neighbours! :hi: Congratulations on a new forum! :eek:kay:

Working titles of your sections "Projects and Constructions" and "Photography" are only temporary. We expect you to come up with new names which will be less generic and specific to this section. Keep in mind every title also has a subtitle. So for an example "Photography" forum can have a subtitle in Hungarian - "Fotográfia". Subtitle for a forum name can be made as well.

We also expect you to decide whether you want your forum to be in English or in Hungarian. English makes it more readable for foreigners but Hungarian will boost the activity. It's up to you.

I will check back in couple of days to see what have you decided. Give priority to the decision on section titles and subtitles.

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Looks like we have new moderators. Congratulations on your promotion! :D

Figyelem! Attention everyone! :)

Long-time moderator of Hungary, RawLee, decided to step down after many years of dedication and hard work for the Hungarian forum. I thank him for his service.

He nominated two successors who have been installed as mods this evening.

Please welcome Windblower and Qtya as new Hungarian moderators!

I hope this choice satisfies everyone and that the Hungarian forum picks up the pace and starts rapid development.

Here is to the future of the Hungarian forum :cheers:
Thank You Rawlee, for the many years of patient work and your outstanding moderation so far. I'll try my best to keep our mood calm on this side of the Globe :)
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Good stuff! I'm sure Windblower and Qtya will be able to keep the forum in a good shape!
Rawlee :cheers:
Thank you RawLee for your work!
Congrats for the two active users who added a lot to the Hungary section.
They deserve it!
I can only join the others, thank you RawLee!

Windblower and Qtya really deserved it. :)
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Thank You guys! We'll do our best to improve the Hungarian forum in connection with the rest and the guidelines of SSC admins and mods. I'll be absent for s couple of days, but doing my best to join you as soon as I can. As being a mod this is not how I'm trying to be as invisible I can... :)
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Greetings from Puerto Rico!

I'm the moderator of the Puerto Rico Forum. Can we open a photographic thread about Puerto Rico in the Élménybeszámolók "Travelogue" sub-forum of Hungary?

^^ Welcome on board!

Please feel free to post pictures about your nice island. :cheers:
Kedves Fórumozók!

Javaslom állapodjunk meg egy (maximális) képméretben, és ahhoz tartsuk is magunkat.

Várom a javaslatokat.
1200px szélesség? Hossz gondolom mindegy.
Ha max. 1600 a pixelszélesség, a monitoromon még egyben látszik minden.

Érdemes lenne egy külön topicban postolni a túlméretes képeket, mert vannak olyan dolgok, amik érdemesek arra, hogy eredeti méretben kerüljenek bemutatásra. Túl ezen, az egész magyar Fórumot átvilágítottam. Sztem nem ártana közösen kialakítani vmi állandó szerkezetet.
A napokban többnyire feleslegesen összevissza méretezett, de inkább hatalmas képek kerültek feltöltésre.

Én a max 1200-asra szavazok. Szerintem az tökéletesen megfelel. Természetesen vannak spéci esetek, amikor igen is szükséges a nagyobb méret, de azért ez nem jellemző.

Ha megszavazunk egy max méretet, akkor próbáljuk már meg tartani is magunkat hozzá a jövőben.
Részemről OK, de akkor több saját képet nem fogok tudni feltölteni. Mind 1250px széles... (automatikusan kisebbítve 1200px + 2 x 25px keret)
A nagyobb képeket lehetne linkelni. Szerintem azért az 50pixelért nem fognak téged bannolni :cheers:
Az első két szám egy és kettő legyen...
Részemről OK, de akkor több saját képet nem fogok tudni feltölteni. Mind 1250px széles... (automatikusan kisebbítve 1200px + 2 x 25px keret)
Hello everyone, although I should say Szia(sztok)! I was wondering why there's no Budapest thread on the City/Metro Compilations. I moved here two weeks ago and I will be living for one year. I was about to open a thread for Budapest but it'd be much nice if the locals who have the information could open it. I would collaborate occassionaly with some pictures. I have spotted some projects in District 8 where I am living right now. Sziasztok!
I live in Edinburgh, Scotland but have visited Budapest many times. It is one of my favourite cities. What is the best way of finding out the new buildings and developments happening in the Hungarian capita?
Hi Ian,

you are welcome to visit our development topics, either here, in the Hungary subsection, or on the World Forum where we post regularly any development worth of mentioning. Google will translate all our local content to English on demand, I guess...
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