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Hungry for Pittsburgh - The Strip, 05/12/2007

We're headed for the Strip District, on foot. On the way we'll check out a few more downtown sights.

Daniel Burnham's 1903 Pennsylvania Station still serves Amtrak trains. Long in severe disrepair, the building has been restored to provide residential space in the former hotel tower.

Federal Reserve Pittsburgh branch

Megabus provides low-cost transportation between major cities in the Midwest

Heading into the Strip District

16th Street Bridge

The pictures say more than I could about the Strip. I've heard that the best time is Saturday morning.

Old-school retail

The Pennsylvania Railroad Fruit Auction and freight terminal building was built in 1926 and still serves as a produce market on a much-reduced scale. There has been discussion of reviving it as a marketplace to attract more people to the Strip.

Heading back downtown

If you just have to have more Pittsburgh, you can check out my photos from 1985 and 2006.
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