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Movie Giant, Universal Studios to Build Theme Park in South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — Universal Parks & Resorts and a local partner signed an agreement Tuesday aimed at establishing a Universal Studios theme park in South Korea that they want to see up and running in 2012.
"What we are hoping to do is to bring in a world class attraction not only for the Korean people but to draw tourism to this country," Frank P. Stanek, president of USKOR & Associates Co., Universal's South Korean partner, said at a press conference, citing the attraction of possible visitors from nearby China.

Other than the proposed date for opening the park, other details were vague, including how much the project might eventually cost. No site has been decided and financing remains in the planning stage, officials said.

"We are in the process of evaluating our options," said Stanek, a former Walt Disney Co. executive involved in setting up Disney them parks in the United States, Japan and France.

He said that officials hoped to decide on a location by the end of this year.

Universal Parks & Resorts, a division of General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal, operates Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, Florida, and Hollywood, California, in the United States, as well as in Osaka, Japan.

The parks include attractions based on Universal films including "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and "King Kong," as well as movies made by other studios such as "Spiderman" and "Shrek."

Universal Parks & Resorts Chairman and CEO Thomas L. Williams said South Korea's economic development, the concentration of half its almost 50 million population in the Seoul area and South Korean's familiarity with American cinema were positive factors behind the decision to bring a theme park to the country.

"We want to put you into your favorite scene from your favorite movie," he said, referring to attractions at Universal's other theme parks based on the films of Universal Studios.

In a press release, USKOR and Universal Parks & Resorts said that a facility in South Korea could potentially exceed the size of Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Studios Japan.

Officials also said a them park would also draw on elements of South Korean cinema, which has developed an international reputation, especially in Asia.

"We want to be part of the Korean Wave," Williams said, referring to the popularity of South Korean culture and cinema in the region.

Williams said that the important thing at this stage was to be open and transparent and let the South Korean people know what the companies aim to do.

"We want to have an open transparent process by which first off the public in Korea ... that they all understand that we're committed to Korea for the long haul," he said.

USKOR's Stanek said he is confident that a park in South Korea would serve as a powerful draw for tourists from nearby China. But Williams said that for now Universal has no plans for a theme park there.

USKOR also said it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with South Korea's Posco Engineering & Construction Co., a unit of Posco, the world's third-largest steelmaker, to join the consortium it is organizing to invest in the park.

Universal Parks & Resorts is developing Universal Studios parks in Singapore and Dubai.

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USKOR & Associates Ltd doesn't really have an official website, so i couldn't find any contact info.

hey!! I'm korea2002..
haha.... I have many Information about Universal Studio Korea Development...
I know Contractor and Developer(Investor-Universal Studio's Developer),too..
I will thread many many soon....(I don't know when to write many New thread....someday...)
anyway,very thanks.DanielLG... You're very good Forumer,korean Development...
I will write New Development News & Update pics~~~!!

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Very good news about USKR-2009.12.15

Universal Studios Korea construction projects green-USKR kyeojina - Universal Studios CEO will visit early next year

Way, visit Williams, chairman of securing credibility and synergy promotion ...

Hwaseong City in Gyeonggi Green Songsan ongoing Universal Studios Korea Resort (hereinafter USKR) Implementation Plan approved by the chief executive officer of the United States early next year, Universal Studios naehanhal said.

14 days full-fledged USKR turning to mark the start of business next year, 1, Thomas Williams, chairman of Universal Studios wolkke chujinki cold in the last 12, nothing for them to the U.S. dispatch of a senior official said.

USKR principal business before the actual AMC (asset management and eopmuwitaksa) USKR established in March this year development plan that reflects changes that have gained approval for construction projects next year, currently is promoting the land sale contract.

Recent government measures, especially the service industry through the advancement of Korea Water Resources Corporation USKR holds one of the theme park business to business site lease for the land applied for exemption, momentum behind the project is promoting.
Mars, Green City, 4.35 million ㎡ Songsan deuleoseol USKR scale development to the end of December last year for PFV (project finance and investment company) and the AMC was founded.
POSCO to a PFV Organizers, including the Korea Investment & Securities has launched eight captured.

PFV March 2013 now aims to open and tighten the three so far won a total expenses of the business plan and due yongyeokbi has invested 43 billion won.

Proceed to step 2 USKR business is one step 04 and the film combines theme park rides and shopping complex, hotels, etc., all will enter the main core facility.
Step 2 refers to 04 virtually completed in 04 finish with a 1-step LA · Osaka and Singapore as examples of Universal Studios Theme Park rail lines to extend the competitive advantage in attracting customers is planning to take.

The official "originally opened in 2011 aims to promote business, but is caused in preparation, approval process, securing funding and other problems around the ankle as long as two years, Williams japhyeoteuna the President's visit to the increase in business confidence , "said" the world economy survive 24 million and capital markets have USKR behind the project is promoting the reliability hwakbodwae be able to reap huge economic effect, "he said.

Focus-William(Universal Studio Company CEO) will visit South korea for Final Developmental Approval of USKR,this will be very good synergism to Developer(USK Property Holdings)

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□ 사업개요

∙규 모 : 송산그린시티내 국제테마파크 부지 4.4㎢

∙주요시설 : 테마파크, 워터파크, 시티워크, 컨벤션, 호텔, 아울렛, 골프장, 웰니스센터 등

∙투자금액 : 2조 9천억원, ∙개장목표 : 2013.3월

□ 추진경위

ㅇ 美 유니버설사와 독점계약권자인 USKR 컨소시엄이 송산그린시티에 유니버설 테마파크 사업제안(’07.10.19)

* 투자규모 : 2조 8,997억원, 사업시행 : 2007~2013년(’13 개장예정)

ㅇ USKPH․경기도․화성시․수공, 공동으로 MOU 체결(’07.11.27)

ㅇ 국제테마파크도입 시화지속협의회 합의(’08.2.15)

ㅇ USKR 추진 PFV 및 AMC1 설립(’08.12.31)

* USKR 컨소시엄 : 포스코, 쌍용, KCC, STX, USKPH, 포스데이터, 한투

□ 향후계획

ㅇ ’09년 : 국제테마파크 반영한 개발계획 변경 및 실시계획 승인

ㅇ ’10년 : 유니버설 스튜디오 코리아 리조트 착공

ㅇ ’13년 : 유니버설 스튜디오 코리아 리조트 개장

Contractor is USKR Consortium(Posco,Ssangyong,KCC,STX,Pos Data,Han2,Uskph)-USKR Development Co.Ltd-(주)유니버셜스튜디오리조트개발
Strategic Investor is Lotte Asset & Tour Development(Lotte World developer)
Financial Investor is MPC(USKPH's origin Company)-
Design Management-Jungang Design(중앙디자인)
Official Homepage(USKR)-
USKR's Development Cafe Community(Korean Community-Naver)-Songsan Green City & Universal-

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Architect & Interior Engineering...

유니버셜스튜디오 코리아 리조트 개발사업

발주처 : USR (Universal Studio Resorts) AMC
위 치 : 경기도 화성시 신외동 446번지 일원 (송산그린시티내 동측부지)
용 도 : 위락시설, 운동시설, 상업시설, 숙박시설 등
대지면적 : 4,352,000㎡
개발기간 : 2008-2012년 (착공 2010년, 개장: 2013년 3월)

프로젝트를 위해 수고하신 임직원분들께 감사와 축하를 드립니다.

본 프로젝트는 ‘유니버셜스튜디오 코리아 리조트 개발사업’으로 USR (Universal Studio Resorts) AMC에서 발주하였습니다.
대상지 내에 기 확정된 테마파크 & 시티워크와 잔여부지에 대한 복합리조트 수익모델을 개발하여 전체 사업의 수익성 제고를
통한 투자유치와 성공적인 사업추진을 목적으로 하는 프로젝트입니다.
USR AMC는 2009년 2월26일 입찰 공고를 하였으며 컨설팅분야, 엔지니어링분야, 건축설계분야 등 세개의 다른 분야로 나누어
참가사를 지명하여 입찰제안을 요청하였습니다. 컨설팅 분야는 CBRE, 엔지니어링 분야는 동명이 선정되었으며
특히, 건축설계분야에는 해안, 건원, 간삼, 야마사키등 4개의 건축설계사무소가 경쟁을 하였고, 2009년 3월 11일 최종 제안서
검토와 각사의 프리젠테이션 평가를 통하여 해안의 제안이 선정되었습니다.

yeah...Architect was decided by USKPH(USKR Asset Management Corporation)
Consulting Advisor-CBRE
Engineering-Dongmyeong Engineering
Architect-Haean Architecture.

Unfortunately,Haean's Design haven't announced yet...later,I will find Detailed Design of the USKR,PMP Korea,MGM Korea Themepark..

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Infrastructure-Transportation-good News-2009.12.17

Universal International Theme Park 'reality', resolve challenges Songsan Green City Transport Measures

Green City in Hwaseong Songsan development of the area transportation improvement projects that can find solutions, and international theme park (USKR: Universal Studio Korea Resort) will receive a resilient business.

Gyeonggi Province to the national marine deputy chairman of the 66th Greater Metropolitan Area Transportation Committee on October 16 th Songsan deliberate measures to improve the Green City area transportation. 15 days he was scheduled to finalize.

March 13 USKR turn for the transport infrastructure to attract development projects reflects Songsan Green City area traffic measures to improve the built and Maritime Affairs Ministry has submitted to the Land, Infrastructure and Water Resources Department who conducted 04 projects in progress and was in close consultation.

This is assured finalized Songsan Green City area using public transportation in the transportation improvement measures for active-wonsiseon Sosa, Sin Ansan Line, Saikai, raw ~ songsangan double-track train line in connection (5.8 ㎞) in 2018 to promote national projects, but the raw ~ International Theme Park section (2.5 ㎞) according to the first international theme park opening times and Songsan opening the railway station. bus. cars. Bicycles and Transit Center complex is expected to develop damgil content.

In addition to the formation of inter gyotongchuk in the direction of the main entry to the international theme park on Route 77 on Route 2013 winner, 4-6 to extend the car and the road connections between Songsan-Sihwa MTV (4 car) and Songsan-fat, the road connecting Route 305 ( 4 car), and 2016 include the construction of the said information.

The east-west direction for private cheoncheongan Songsan-road (4 car) and the west entry road (6-8 car) for construction by 2013 and 2 Outer Circular Highway and the Pyeongtaek-Chats and convenient for use in South saeopji fixed IC The information also will be established to damgil.

Turning Green City Metropolitan Transportation Songsan improvement project is completed, traffic conditions around the area are expected to improve significantly.

Meanwhile, the official "Green City area transportation improvement Songsan confirmed doeme international theme park opened on time and according to New City moving traffic measures to be completed without disruption to their business post-administration plans to tighten up," he said.

He also "international theme park visitors and tenants to use and traffic inconvenience will not haengjeongryeok focus," he said.
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