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Hybrids 1100km trip (Part 1 of 8)

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Here is the first part of my 4 day trip. First day was Rīga - Liepāja - Nīca.

Day 1 (01.05.2008)

Not much pics here,cuz we checked in the hotel at about 16 and were too tired to drive back to Liepāja (17km) and make a tour - so we just drove to the sea side and back and relaxed at the hotel.

Liepāja finaly

At the hotel

Hotel "Nīcava" (a small review after the pics)

At the hotel

Hotel Review


Location: *** - Is located in a small town 17 km from Liepāja, which makes it a gret stop traveling from Lithuania, but not so ideal traveling from Latvia.
Comfort: ***** - Large rooms, large windows. A room feels like an apartment. Satelite TV, WiFi internet connection.
Staff: ***** - Friendly, helpfull.
Food: **** - Haven't eaten anything so good before. Only thing which makes it a bit bitter is the price.
Price: **** - The isn't the highest, but isn't the lowest (For 2 persons - 35Ls (~25Euro))
Overall: ***** - Great hotel, next time I'll stay here too
5 stars is maximum

To be contiuned​
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That seems a good trip! your car is really cool, i went to Liepaja by bus and hired a car there. we went to Nica and were going to stay there, but changed plans and returned to Liepaja.
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