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Hybrids 1100km trip (Part 4 of 8 - Klaipeda, day 3)

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Hotel Review

Location: **** - Not in the center, but still in the city
Comfort: *** - Rooms are very small and full with furniture, so you don't have much space to walk in there
Staff: *** - Friendly, but too friendly
Food: ** - Nothing special
Price: **** - 190LTL for a double room (~55 Euro)
Overall: *** - Not the best, but is ok


Old ferry

Near the old ferry


A detail of the D tower (every modern highrise needs one) :D

Senamiestis (old town)

On the new ferry

My relatives :D

Klaipeda Skyline

On Kuršiu Nerija

Now this trip was planned to end here. But as we left Klaipēda, we saw the road sign which showed how far is Kaunas and Vilnius and decided to drive a bit further.

Day 3
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Nice job mate - the K+D is great! :happy:
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