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Hybrids 1100km trip (Part 5 of 8, To Kaunas)

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Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4

This part could be titled also as "My love for Lithuanian highways". Such roads, such speed. Driving on such road after Latvian roads is like being on drugs - it's just a feeling that I can't describe. I'm addicted to those roads. :D

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Looks like great road quality - what are the speed limits ( and are they respected :) )
It seems that you extended your trip quite much. :) So far most favorite part is (Part 2 of 8 - Liepāja), second favorite is (Part 4 of 8 - Klaipeda, day 3).

As for speed, maximum allowed speed is 130km/h but only in warm season. Some respect it but some drive faster.
Thanks, this is nice thread!!! And highways in Lithuania are great!
I also went (by bus) on lithuanian highways last week when drove to Warsaw. It was a bit funny - every time when I tried to pour in tea from thermos to teacup, bus started to jolt a bit (on the way from Panevežis to Vilnius), making drinking a bit like acrobatic experience :) But for latvians who has used to drive on f*&^%$)*&g roads, the lithuanian highways, of course, are like paradise!
Ecolines route went through Kaunas and Vilnius, so I saw the cities and all I can say is that Vilnius looks very impressive, especially in night, with all those massive commie areas and highrise clusters, actually it feels like quite larger city than Riga. Vilnius Gate highrise over the road tunnel was especially urban and impressive. But Kaunas - I discovered this city in completely different light, when drove through it at night. Before I thought it's one of the most boring and depressing cities in the world, but then I even wanted to get out of bus and take some of the most beautiful pictures in my life - the hill with all those small private houses, the spooky lantern lights shining from hill's top through trees' leafage, or at railway line, and some of the most interesting industrial building I have ever seen... Just surreal and fantastic! Kaunas is the Queen of Night - then it has incredible charm!
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As for speed, maximum allowed speed is 130km/h but only in warm season. Some respect it but some drive faster.
Well average speed on the highway was about 150-160km/h :D ... maximum was 180km/h ... but my engine started to overheat then :(
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