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More power-cuts in Hyderabad :nuts:

Power holidays for industries in Telangana from today

The Hindu

Industries within the purview of Southern Distribution Company of Telangana (TSSPDCL) will have to put up with a weekly power holidays from Saturday onwards. The 24-hour power holiday will be enforced from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. the next day, implemented on different week days for each area.

During power holidays, obtaining power through open access is permitted for dedicated industrial feeders. Further, the consumers are eligible to use 10 per cent of Contracted Maximum Demand for lighting load between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The officially announced domestic power cuts in the city and surrounding areas too are most likely to be increased from the existing three hours to four hours per day. As of now, the load reliefs are being enforced in two spells of one-and-a-half hour each in the pre-noon and post-noon hours respectively. Now, they will be implemented in two-hour spells, officials from TSSPDCL informed.

Notwithstanding official hours, city residents are putting up with power cuts ranging from five to eight hours. While three hours are in the scheduled hours, emergency load reliefs are being slapped during morning or evening hours as the case may be.

The industrial power holidays may be extended to Northern discom too from Monday.

The power cuts are necessitated owing to successive breakdown of power plants in Andhra Pradesh. One unit in the National Thermal Power Corporation’s Simhadri plant broke down on Friday, resulting in a shortage of 500 MW of power. The unit conked off due to a boiler tube leak in the plant, informed CMD, APGenco K.Vijayanand.

However, the units in RTPP and VTPS which had been down till Thursday began functioning normally, he informed.

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The boxed item is an excerpt from ST Power Discom CGM Satish Kumar, says " that there is no big advantage of UG power lines, instead they are facing lot of issues and taking lot of time to repair in case anything goes wrong. That's not the case with OH cables as they can easily identify problem and restore the supply.." :nuts:

^^ With officers like this we can never expect power supply system to modernize in Hyderabad.

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In one acre 5 MW of solar power can be produced therefore in 6000 acres approximately 30,000 MW of power can be generated.The capital cost for installing solar panels to generate 1000MW including the cost of land would be Rs9000 crores.The cost per unit of power net of subsidy would be Rs8/-.Additional cost of solar inverter and batteries if needed to store the generated power for use during nights will be aeound Rs1500 crores which adds to the units cost of power by another Rs1.50.At present only smaller units up to 50MW solar power plants are set up.No where in one go 1000Mws of solar power plant is set up till date.They have to make feasibility and viability study studiously.
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