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Hyderabad - Power, Energy, Electricity

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Hyderabad - Power, Energy, Electricity
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what about Krishna Water for Hyderabad? will this be affected ?
For those who bothered abt power production at srisailam by TS Govt. They must that it was proposed for Power production not providing drinking water to Rayalaseema Via Pothireddypadu(Galeru,Nagari, Hindreeneva) and this is not KKR/YSR Govt. who made srisailam for providing drinking water..
Ravikiran: Know the actual facts before you comment on this..!!
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we already know all this. We got our state, All i am asking is If interests of Hyd with 1cr+ population is taken care of?

Or as long as we have justifications copied from Harish Rao speech everything is fine?
wonder what will happen if KCR/KTR announcement of Hyd population cross 4cr in no time does come true :nuts:

How long are we going to cry on other for our problems?

I dont know much about brother..will get info from R.Vidyasagar Rtd .Central gvt CE,who is working under Tgovt (Please do watch his videos on youtue- deccan tv. you will get a complete info on telangana irrigation )

btw we have singur -which was actually proposed for irrigation sector - medak.but serving for drinking water to Hyd. Ellempally(Godavari) under constructn(ysr mega plan. so that he can divert krishna water to rayalseema.which is not krishna basin).same as devadula lift irrigation(ysr changed the design to help andhra).

so much discrimination on telangana irrigation sector.
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Please move to irrigation projects forum, i am more interested in Hyderabad.
You should have already guessed it my login ID.

I am only worried about the implications. Did the govt think this through? If hyderabad sneezes Telangana will catch COLD

It would be better if you can share those videos/articles which contains my comments ..wanna watch it badly. Please inbox me.

1. as per my knowledge. he has never spoken on devadula. Harish rao used give stmnts on kalvakurthi, nettampadu,bhima,echampally,jurala / as well as on galeru ,nagari, R- inaprroriate projects and allocation of budgets on them .

2. You gt me wrong. Devadula phase 1 pipeline which passes through our town -Bhoolapallay(Ya..KTPS HD) lifts the water in Buddaram cheruvu, then narisingapur, boralagudem(my gradma village).new regulagudem.i know the things beyond harish rao speechs. :)I met R.Vidyasagar couple of times. he cme our college once and i used participate in meetings of tnf irrigation. ( i am more passionate about t irrigation projects) i dontknow what do u mean by we alreadyknw???

3.problems?who created? descrimination? why we have asked telangana?united ap have succefully finished vamshadara,galeru,nagar,pulichinthala etc projects while our projects remains under construction.everybody knws it(excpt you) how they have allocated funds to t projects like echampally, devadula,slbc,Kaleshwaram lift...etc against andhra/rayalaseema projects. Brother read/get all the info from on it(Apply RTI to CE, you will get it). i will pm you.. if you want more details

4.interests of Hyd with 1cr+ population? whaaat? wondering!! what happend to them ??are they really interested in telangana ? please let me know.i think you should mention it as interests of 4crs population of telangana. what happend to hyd people interests? ekkada em dharnalu, rastharakholu.. etc jargatlede mari.. cbn/TDP is ready to take of care it. 1956 nativity is applicable for only fee scheme. you are not getting admission on 1956 basis( i think i gave you enough info.. )

5. Ellampally - singur 2 this was tagline for the project. everybody know whose interests taken into consideration on this projects.

6. how long ? you have any issues with that? please let me know.

7. am not bothered about hyd pop growth. am cared about t's warangal,karimnagar,tourisim.temples,culture, irrigation projects.

if you want to give reply on this. please pm me..Thanks.
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Why is rest of india looking at us as dumping ground. Let them have nuclear plants, we will pay for the power.

I dont trust our govt safety measures. Hope KCR will not pursue this and stick to Solar/Wind/Hydro and Thermal. getting connectivity should be other priority
let states with lesser population density generate nuclear/thermal. we will buy it from them

kcr just said in news that he is working on additional 6000MW atomic plant and DAE people will meeting with shortly....anybody know abt this news
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Wow, So Telangana has given away Hyderabad to whom??. OK so 65% voters didn't vote for KCR, using your logic GOD HELP THEM

These illogical statements had some weight before bifurcation, You need to find new ones.

I haven't realized there are so many zealots still in Telangana. I am tired of people judging in regional lines, disregarding any reasoning.

GOD Help Telangana and ITS Capital.

dont vote for trs/KCR from then. No issues !! implications--? oh...have heard the same word from the united ap govt when we asked about telangana requirements .

If hyderabad sneezes Telangana will catch COLD//
wrong statement ! please go through srikrishna committe reports.they clearly mentioned ... telangana can sustain with or without hyderabad. telangana revenue (excluding hyd) is enough for its population. if i go further. .what gentleman -agreement consists about revenue but they have allocated as per population ratio .
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Modi and Goel are awesome
This is all due to good leadership and timely decisions...
This is showing that we have potential to solve problems ..
Hope similar things happen to irrigation, education, roads and transportation sectors.
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