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Hyderabad - Power, Energy, Electricity
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Eenadu, Hyderabad is publishing a series of stories on the failed implementation of UG cabling of power lines.

The boxed item is an excerpt from ST Power Discom CGM Satish Kumar, says " that there is no big advantage of UG power lines, instead they are facing lot of issues and taking lot of time to repair in case anything goes wrong. That's not the case with OH cables as they can easily identify problem and restore the supply.." :nuts:

^^ With officers like this we can never expect power supply system to modernize in Hyderabad.
"....Keep Over Head Cables as Standby....."
Where do these idiots get such innovative thoughts from? :bash:
Send these jokers to Mumbai in a over night bus and show them how electricity is supplied in Urban areas.
Source: The Hindu

Four electrocuted near Haj House
Electric wires from the shops connected to the high tension wire snaps, resulting in short circuit

Four men got electrocuted while taking shelter under a tarpaulin tent of shops adjacent to Haj House in Nampally due to heavy downpour on Monday night.

The four victims, who worked for Gemini circus near Jubilee Bus Stand in Secunderabad for the past one month, hailed from Kandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. They came to Nampally to catch a train for their village.

As they got off a bus at Nampally, it started raining heavily.

The quartet, along with another friend, ran towards the shops at Haj House and stood under the tarpaulin tent covering some shops which caters for Haj pilgrims.

Serious burns
“Somehow, electric wires from the shops to the high tension wire got snapped resulting in short circuit. All the five suffered shock and serious burns,” Central zone DCP V.B. Kamalasan Reddy told The Hindu.

Four of the injured were rushed to Medwin hospital and another to Osmania General Hospital. Four of them died and were identified as Ramkesh, 17, Kausal, 18, Roopend, 20 and Sushil Kumar Yadav, 20. The injured Nagin was being treated at Medwin hospital.

Electricity department officials told the police that they were trying to ascertain how the wires got snapped. An eyewitness said one of the snapped wires fell in the puddle formed due to the downpour and the five suffered electric shock since they were standing close to it.

Deputy Chief Minister, Mohd Mahmood Ali, Hyderabad Mayor Majid Hussain, Charminar MLA Ahmed Pasha Quadri, Secunderabad MP Bandaru Dattatreya, BJP State President G. Kishan Reddy visited Medwin Hospital.
For many more years Hyderabad has to suffer like this? :bash:
Was in Pune over the weekend. There were absolutely no over head cables ( LT/HT)or ugly transformers any where. Even the fringe areas have UG cables.
I know its an expensive affair but when other cities can make such progress why can't Hyderabad? What are they doing so different?
Why can't they look at the benefits and safety instead of just looking at Money?
I guess increased hours are due to Hudhud cyclone. Thermal Plants in Vizag are shut down and also transmission lines got disrupted. This has effected KA too with Bangalore facing 2 hour scheduled power cut from yesterday.
over 6 hrs of power cut in my area today, till yesterday it was for 4-5 hrs
Saw couple of trucks and cranes opposite to Lakdi-Ka-Pul bus stop carefully plucking out those rusty old electricity poles along with the various assorted wires tied to it and then loading them into the trucks. Oh boy, what a beautiful sight it was :D . I wish I could see this scene in all roads and gullies of Hyderabad making Pole & wire free.
Only in Hyderabad you will get to see things like this. :bash:
Last week, a person got burnt to ashes while pissing on a RMU box. Still lessons not learnt.

Source: Eenadu

Out of all critical departments, Only police department seems to be getting some funds and attention. Rest all are just lost puppies with no directions and plans. Major overhaul of working style of GHMC, HMWSSB, Discom is the need of the hour.

Source: Deccan Chronicle
Power consumption in suburbs up by 21 per cent in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The westward growing city’s per capita power consumption in suburban areas is increasing at 21 percent annually, as against an increase of 7-8 percent in core city areas. While there is a huge demand of upgrading and establishing new feeders in suburban areas, officials say that it remains unmet due to shortage of staff and time taken in establishing more infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the average per capita consumption in the city is estimated at 1100, that of the state at 985 against the national average of 917 units per individual.

Sudden load increase is resulting in tripping during the day in some areas. “The use of electrical appliances are increasing very rapidly in most suburban residential areas. There is a need for 2000 feeders in the suburban areas. In fact, many bigger residential complexes need separate feeders, as they alone can result feeder tripping,” said a senior official from the discom.

In fact, the state discoms have proposed a differential tariff system, increasing the per unit charge during peak hours to keep a check on peak demand and curtail feeder breakdowns.
Entire city was groping in the dark this evening. Got the power just now after 3 hours of cut. :eek:hno:
Looks like TSPDCL got hit by the heat wave.
^^ Not sure if they mean just city limits, there have been unscheduled power cuts 1.5-2hr+ in outskirts and RR dist. areas as since Tue temp. has risen to around 43!
Source: Eenadu

As per the news in Eenadu, it seems that, during the conclusion meeting of Swacch Hyderabad at HICC yesterday, CM has announced that all power and all other assorted cables will be grounded and that they will be spending 21,000 crores on this ! :shocked:
I know Eenadu has the habit of adding it's own masala to news, can anyone confirm if it is published in any other news sources?

I am not surprised with the cost as I remember when they first conceived the plan in way back 2001 itself, the estimation came around 9000 crores. Will see if I can find that news item.

Tell me more about this Delhi model. I have seen cable grounding work in Pune live but it was certainly not a duct like thing. Entire street was dug for 3 or 4 days, laid cables, 9 inch PVC pipe ( for commn cables), fresh sewer lines and water lines laid, as soon as the UG power cable was activated, they removed the poles and overhead wires. once all the works are done, laid a cement road over it with colored interlocking tiles wherever utilities were passing through ( I liked that plan!). So, whenever there was a repair needed, workers used to carefully remove the tiles, repair the line and then properly laid the tiles back.

Will I ever see something like this happen in Hyderabad !
^^ 21000 :eek: Cost of metro & airport combined. How can it be that much for laying just cables UG. They maybe referring to dedicated utility ducts to include all power/sewarage/water pipelines/comm. lines like in CP (Delhi). Atleast they can start with tourist areas, Old city, Secunderabad or other core areas
Frustration saar, frustration >(. Main roads are ok, Internal roads in Hyderabad need a major overhaul. All that you see is unevenly laid cement roads that got chipped over several times without any repair, unscientific speed breakers almost in front of every gate, low hanging wires and not to talk about sand dunes on either sides.

I didn't mention Pune had common ducts, I said how the cables are grounded and the way they did complete makeover of an internal street with coordination from several departments.
You aren't really asking a question, are you??

You sound rhetorical at the very least :sad2:.
Do you have any pics and a DPR(if available) for common utility ducts laid in Pune?
Torrent doesn't make OFC cables. Check their catalog on their site....
BTW, how are they cleaning up the mess? just putting back the mud from where they have dug? or is there any proper patchwork going on where they have finished laying the cable?

This evening, came home to see concrete road in my colony chipped out ( for some telecom cables) , In 2013 they changed sewer lines and after living through the rubble for over 8 months, they just relaid the cement roads 2 months ago. Now this. :bash:
Guys! Update: These wires are supposedly for internet, I asked a worker and he said that. I asked a neighbour and he said it was reliance doing it..So it must be 4G cables isn't it??
That utility tunnel looks amazing ! I guess even transformers will be out out of sight with this tunnel.
Delhi CP service tunnel very expensive project completed couple of years back-1, 2, 3, 4
Pics-1, 2

These service tunnels includes everything & will be too much to ask for as it will be very costly and diff. to execute. Utility ducts can do to include all cables/tele. and may require digging rarely.

Tender sure is excellent projects with ducts, cycle tracks, continuous sidewalks & landscaping. It can change the look of the street completely. But problem is after Phase-I lobbies have convinced the govt. to reduce the width, give more preference to private vehicles etc. Hope it is continued as it is and they dont give in.
Source: The Hindu

Hi-Tec City all set to turn ‘wireless’

Overhead electric wires to be replaced with underground cables
After being chosen for the first public Wi-Fi spots in the city, Hi-Tec City is all set to turn ‘wireless’ in the real sense. The numerous overhead electric wires and cables that are spotted in the IT corridor of Cyberabad will go missing in the coming few months. In its latest initiative, the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) will start works for underground cabling in Madhapur and Gachibowli as part of a pilot project.

The two stretches selected for the project, measuring a total of 2.5 km, are Raheja Mind Space to Inorbit Mall and Raheja Mind Space to Biodiversity Park. Costing about Rs.15 crore, the project is expected to be completed in the next eight months.

“This project will give a facelift to the area as the sight of the overhead wires is spoiling the ambience,” said E. Venkat Narsimha Reddy, vice-chairman and Managing Director, TSIIC.

The tender process is under way and multiple government departments will be involved in the initiative.

“Based on the result of the pilot project, similar work will be undertaken throughout the IT zone in the Cyberabad region. All the upcoming industrial parks will have a similar design with no overhead cables or wires,” he said.

The ducting will come up along the far end of either side of the road.

For this purpose, the earth would be dug up 2 ft in depth and 1.5 ft in width.

Cabling track

The electricity wires as well as communication cables would pass through the ducts and a pre-cast slab will be placed above the ducts. At various designated points, provision will be made to open the slab for repair or extension works. The underground cabling track could be used for pedestrian or cycling purpose, Mr. Reddy added.
8 months to lay underground cables in a stretch of 2.5 KMs ?!
Looks like they have only one or two workers to spare for this project. :lol:
Source: Eenadu

Estimations are made for UG cabling of power lines, but only where it is urgently required. 250 Cr required to convert 727 KM over head wires to UG.

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Source: The Siasat Daily

‘T’ declared as Best State in India for the REPA Awards-2015
June 17:
Telangana State has been declared as winner to receive an award in the category for Best State of India for Energy Security, Governance and Sustainability for the REPA Awards 2015.

The awards have been constituted by the Renewable Energy Promotion Association (REPA) and its official publication ENERTIA, one of the Asia’s premier journals on sustainable energy and power.

In a communication to the Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao, the Co-Chairman and Convener of Jury, “REPA STATE Awards 2015” mentioned that the Eminent Jury Panel of “REPA STATE Awards 2015” recognizes that “Telangana State” has achieved the State Installed Capacity of 9,500 MW for the State Population. He also mentioned that Telangana being a Young New State of India with challenge of providing 24x7 Electricity access to the people has been successful in a short time in Urban, Small Town and Rural Telangana.

The “REPA STATE Awards 2015” were adjudicated by an Eminent Jury Panel under the Chairmanship of Professor A.G. Iyer, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, ENERTIA and President of REPA and ENERTIA Foundation. Other Eminent Members of the Jury include K. Ravi Kumar, Former CMD, BHEL and Prakasam Tata, Executive Director, Centre for the Transformation of Waste Technology, Illinois, USA. (NSS)
Source: Deccan Chronicle

IT hub fuels power surge in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: With a quantum jump in power demand in residential areas around the IT Corridor, authorities are going for tie-ups with individual societies for installing feeders in the areas. Per capita power consumption in suburban areas is increasing by 21-23 per cent each year, as against an increase of 7-8 per cent in core city areas. Currently, work on 35 feeders for residential schemes with heavy demand is under process.

Also, an increasing number of requests for separate feeders are pouring in from residential areas around the corridor as these areas have been at the receiving end of breakdowns due to load. For example, in Madhavapuri hills, a separate feeder is being set up which will cater to four huge housing complexes. The TSSPDCL has plans to double the total feeder strength of 11 KV feeders (roughly 3500) and 33 KV feeders (roughly 300) in the city over the next three years. Areas where large residential societies show interest will be taken up on priority basis.

The constant growth in residential areas around the IT corridor in the last couple of years has put a lot of strain on the transmission and distribution infrastructure. During the past few months when temperatures were at their peak, although there were no scheduled power cuts imposed by the discoms, several hours of power cuts were recorded. These were mostly due to load related failures.

“Areas around the IT corridor have been facing a problem of load related trippings. Some cuts were imposed due to sudden increase in loads after office hours, which were resulting in trippings as the loads in many new and developing areas were continuously going above the feeder capacity. We are now enhancing the capacity wherever possible. Wherever possible we are going for tie-ups with housing societies and communities for setting up separate feeders,” said a superintending engineer from the area.

While there is a huge demand of upgrading and establishing new feeders in suburban areas, officials say that it remains unmet due to shortage of staff and time taken in establishing more infrastructure. The pace at which demand is increasing in these areas is too high to match. Meanwhile, the average per capita consumption in the city is estimated at 1100 units per individual and that of the state at 985 units, against the national average of 917 units.

Breakdown of feeders and substations

In the last two years, substation and feeder breakdowns have been most common in the newly developed and developing areas, despite a backup system. In fact, the huge load during peak hours, has resulted in breakdowns of subsequent sub-stations as a ripple effect. Moreover, the bigger residential complexes need separate feeders as they are alone enough to pull down the sub-stations in an area and result in a feeder tripping.

There is a need for setting up close to 2,000 feeders in the suburban areas, but the pace at which transformers and feeders are set up, is not sufficient. When there is a tripping in one area, back-up supply from surrounding areas is started which usually increases the load in surrounding areas as well. In the recent summer months, seven incidents of such chain trippings due to the load jumps were recorded, said the officials.

Usage of air-conditioners increases load suddenly after working hours and the infrastructure is unable to bear the load which might result in a grid failure too. On several occasions, sub-stations of Gachibowli, RC Puram and Kukatpally had power shutdowns, pulling down nearby substations too.
Source: Eenadu

1666 million units of power unaccounted for in Hyderabad. It's worth 830 crores !!! This alone can make a strong case for modernizing power distribution in Hyd.
No issues with power's the ailing poor distribution system in the city that is the reason for frequent power cuts. Can you imagine that for a city that is aiming to be on par with global standards still has it's employees run around the streets to identify which pole or overhead cable fell down. :bash:
Also, those silly power transformers that are present in front of each and every building.
Are power cuts only due to rains ? I heard unofficial cuts are back.
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