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Hyderabad - Power, Energy, Electricity

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Hyderabad - Power, Energy, Electricity
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More power-cuts in Hyderabad :nuts:

Power holidays for industries in Telangana from today

The Hindu

Industries within the purview of Southern Distribution Company of Telangana (TSSPDCL) will have to put up with a weekly power holidays from Saturday onwards. The 24-hour power holiday will be enforced from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. the next day, implemented on different week days for each area.

During power holidays, obtaining power through open access is permitted for dedicated industrial feeders. Further, the consumers are eligible to use 10 per cent of Contracted Maximum Demand for lighting load between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The officially announced domestic power cuts in the city and surrounding areas too are most likely to be increased from the existing three hours to four hours per day. As of now, the load reliefs are being enforced in two spells of one-and-a-half hour each in the pre-noon and post-noon hours respectively. Now, they will be implemented in two-hour spells, officials from TSSPDCL informed.

Notwithstanding official hours, city residents are putting up with power cuts ranging from five to eight hours. While three hours are in the scheduled hours, emergency load reliefs are being slapped during morning or evening hours as the case may be.

The industrial power holidays may be extended to Northern discom too from Monday.

The power cuts are necessitated owing to successive breakdown of power plants in Andhra Pradesh. One unit in the National Thermal Power Corporation’s Simhadri plant broke down on Friday, resulting in a shortage of 500 MW of power. The unit conked off due to a boiler tube leak in the plant, informed CMD, APGenco K.Vijayanand.

However, the units in RTPP and VTPS which had been down till Thursday began functioning normally, he informed.
^^ Thanks for the updates. Request you to post only Hyd power related news in this thread and Telangana power related you can post here-Telangana - Power Sector
Worst power crisis grips Telangana

With soaring day temperatures and a lull in monsoon, Hyderabad and rest of Telangana is facing its worst power crisis this year, with an unprecedented shortage of 25 million units.

With no options left, authorities are contemplating a six-hour daily power cut in the city, up from the four-hour ordeal for denizens now. In the districts, the situation has worsened forcing farmers, along with small and medium entrepreneurs, to hit the streets against eight to 12 hour-long cuts in Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal and Nizamabad.

"The power shortage is increasing and it has already worsened in the last two to three days. We are prepared to purchase power from everywhere and at any cost. But it's simply not available anywhere in the country," Shailendra Kumar Joshi, principal secretary (energy), Telangana, told TOI.

Tackling the precarious power situation has become an acid test for chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao ever since he took over reins as the state's head. Officials say lack of transmission connectivity with northern and western grids has made it impossible for them to purchase power from other states.

While KCR has asked power officials to purchase at least 2,000 MW power from Chhattisgarh and other states, non-availability of grid connectivity has become a thorny issue for them. To overcome this, the chief minister is planning to build a dedicated line from Chhattisgarh and purchase power from private power generators in that state. "But commissioning a new line will take at least three years time. Till that time, power troubles are here to stay," averred a senior official in the Telangana government.

Villages and mandal headquarters in Telangana districts are reeling under severe load-shedding and in some places there was no power for more than 12-hours. As a result many small and medium entrepreneurs are closing down their units, officials said."We are not in a position to run our units on diesel generators as the price of diesel has also increased. Power cuts during day is making it impossible for us to run our units and workers are demanding more wages for working in the night shifts," pointed an entrepreneur, whose unit in Medak industrial area has been badly hit due to power shortage.

To meet the unprecedented power shortage, Telangana energy officials are releasing water from Nagarjunasagar and Srisailam reservoirs to generate electricity, despite them being far from full. From the Srisailam dam, the government released 85,150 cusecs on Wednesday when the inflow was only 12,479 cusecs.

Similarly, from Nagarjunasagar, 27,718 cusecs of water was released to generate power along with some quantity from Jurala. Telangana state is now running its Nagarjunasagar, Srisailam and Jurala Hydro units at full throttle to generate 29.45 million units a day.

"The agriculture demand has increased and at the same time demand from domestic sector has also gone up due to unprecedented consumption of power through use of air-conditioners. To meet the situation, we are anyway buying 25 million units of power every day from Odisha and Karnataka," Telangana Genco chairman-cum-managing director Devulapalli Prabhakar Rao said.
^^ Power cuts come to haunt people of Telangana again

The Hindu
Power holiday for industry likely to be resumed soon. Hyderabad city has been divided into three groups, A, B and C, and imposed with staggered power cuts of four hours a day, enforced in two spells of two hours each between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The four tedious hours a day without power are back to haunt the city. On Wednesday morning, many areas in the city woke up to a two-hour power cut, resumed after lull of over a month. Two more hours followed in the noon, much to the chagrin of the consumers.

The Southern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Limited, later in the day, only confirmed the load reliefs imposed, by announcing the revised schedules.

District headquarters have gone back to power cuts of five hours a day, while for towns/municipalities it will be six hours, and mandal headquarters, eight hours per day, the official informed. Industrial power holidays, which had been revoked a month ago, are very likely to be resumed very soon.

The city has been divided into three groups, A, B and C, and imposed with staggered power cuts of four hours a day, enforced in two spells of two hours each between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

These are, by far, the most lengthy load relief schedules imposed in the non-summer months in the recent past. Water regulation to both Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar hydro power stations is cited as reason for the shortage.

“As long as there were inflows, we were allowed to generate power. Now, the Irrigation authorities have asked both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States to cut down the generation, as there are no inflows,” a Discom official informed. Water allocation for both States together has been cut down from 60,000 cusecs to 25,000 cusecs, resulting in generation reduced by seven million units. While the TSSPDCL requires 4,100 MW of power, only 3,400 MW is available now, with the remaining 700 MW covered through load reliefs. Meanwhile, power generation was stalled at the NTPC Limited in Ramagundam on Wednesday following a technical snag in the 500 MW seventh unit.

Swathi V. | Updated: September 25, 2014 00:49 IST
over 6 hrs of power cut in my area today, till yesterday it was for 4-5 hrs
^^ There was 5-6 hour power cuts for few days during Hudhud landfall but from Tuesday it is again for 4 hrs like before
Dont think this was posted here

Telangana hikes power charges for industry, non-domestic sectors

Business Standard
Poultry sector gets a straight Rs 2 cut in unit charges

Electricity charges for industries, commercial and other non-domestic categories of consumers have been increased by 30-40 paise in Telangana state along with a marginal increase in tariff on higher domestic slabs, effective from April 1, 2015.

The Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission(TSERC) on Friday issued the tariff order for 2015-16 with a moderate 4.42 per cent increase in overall tariff, facilitating an additional revenue of Rs 816 crore for the power utilities. Tariff has been increased for street lighting, water supply schemes among other categories. The railway traction has also been increased to Rs 6.80 per unit from Rs 6.36.

However, all domestic households consuming up to 200 units a month have been excluded from the tariff hike. Cottage industries and agriculture sector also has been kept outside the tariff increase while the existing charges on poultry industry had been slashed by Rs 2 per unit in a bid to protect the poultry industry. About 4,267 poultry farmers are expected to benefit from the government decision to give a special subsidy of Rs 30 crore towards tariff reduction.

Speaking to media, TSERC chairman Mohammed Ismail Ali Khan said the commission was able to reduce the requirement of around Rs 400 crore in additional revenue by not agreeing for a 2 per cent increase in fuel costs proposed by the discoms.

The commission has approved a total revenue requirement of Rs 23,416 crore for 2015-16, out of which Rs 19,159 crore would come from the revised tariff and Rs 4,257 crore as subsidy from the government.

Within the government subsidy, about Rs 2,366 crore would be spent on the agriculture as farm sector consumption has been determined at 10,650 million units, or around 25 per cent of the total supply, while the remaining subsidy goes for the domestic consumers, according to the officials.

The discoms will supply a total of 52,000 million units of power during the year 2015-16, a growth of 8 per cent in demand approved by the commission. The state is expected to have 10.2 million consumers in 2015-16.

Responding to a question on the AP government’s refusal to share power from certain new power projects, including Hinduja and Krishnapatnam, the commission chairman said the power utilities would make alternative power purchase arrangements if they fail to get supply from these generating stations.

BS Reporter | Hyderabad | March 27, 2015 Last Updated at 20:42 IST
^^ Not sure if they mean just city limits, there have been unscheduled power cuts 1.5-2hr+ in outskirts and RR dist. areas as since Tue temp. has risen to around 43!
^^ 21000 :eek: Cost of metro & airport combined. How can it be that much for laying just cables UG. They maybe referring to dedicated utility ducts to include all power/sewarage/water pipelines/comm. lines like in CP (Delhi). Atleast they can start with tourist areas, Old city, Secunderabad or other core areas
Delhi CP service tunnel very expensive project completed couple of years back-1, 2, 3, 4
Pics-1, 2

These service tunnels includes everything & will be too much to ask for as it will be very costly and diff. to execute. Utility ducts can do to include all cables/tele. and may require digging rarely.

Tell me more about this Delhi model.

Will I ever see something like this happen in Hyderabad !
SSC guys can go through TENDER SURE which is being carried out in Bangalore currently. We need such robust fix for entire city. People should never walk on roads or cross them at ones own will.
Tender sure is excellent projects with ducts, cycle tracks, continuous sidewalks & landscaping. It can change the look of the street completely. But problem is after Phase-I lobbies have convinced the govt. to reduce the width, give more preference to private vehicles etc. Hope it is continued as it is and they dont give in.
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^^ Yes, it has everything, even transformers


On one side, they have a “wet portal” which is basically three rows of iron girders on which the water lines, fire fighting lines and irrigation water lines would be placed. Underneath runs a water channel to carry any dripping water to a sump from where it could be pumped out.

On the other side of the tunnel is the “dry portal” or a frame of 20 iron racks placed in two columns of 10 racks each. These racks are for carrying the high and low tension electrical cables, telecommunication cables and any other ‘dry’ utility.

In every block, these tunnels also possess an open space on the side for placement of transformers. A provision was also made for having chilled water lines run through them for providing centralised air-conditioned all over Connaught Place but the proposal was shelved following objections from the traders.

The sewerage lines are 500 mm thick and those for the drainage are 300 mm. They run on both sides of the service tunnel catering to the adjoining blocks.

At Janpath intersection, the base is being prepared for making of transformer bays. Apart from such bays in service tunnels, underground transformer bays are being constructed at five places on the radial roads with capacity of installing four to five transformers each..
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