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Hyderabad - Power, Energy, Electricity

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Hyderabad - Power, Energy, Electricity
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Seeing those late night like 3AM, they said there is maintenance going on many places.
Inspite of all these complaints Hyderabad power supply is better than Bengaluru where I suffered for long hours of power outages.
Are power cuts only due to rains ? I heard unofficial cuts are back.
No issues with power's the ailing poor distribution system in the city that is the reason for frequent power cuts. Can you imagine that for a city that is aiming to be on par with global standards still has it's employees run around the streets to identify which pole or overhead cable fell down. :bash:
Also, those silly power transformers that are present in front of each and every building.
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KTR on twitter:

"Need some serious capital to take them (electricity cables) all underground. We are working on it."

Please make this happen !!!
Alright, nothing to be excited guys as these proposals will remain in proposal stage only.

Source: Eenadu

TSSPDCL to bury all power related cables in GachiBowli, Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills on a pilot project. There are proposing to lay trenches and then bunch all the electricity transmission cables in it.....and the interesting part in the article "Once done, Hyderabad would also look like any other western world, probably this reporter is unaware that Mumbai and several other cities in India already have underground power supply system.
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Underground cabling of 186 km (work worth 1000 crore) supposed to take 6 months was completed in 29 days thanks to KTR


how much more left and this i am sure will not include those tv and internet cables.. but anyway still a good news to start with
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how much more left and this i am sure will not include those tv and internet cables.. but anyway still a good news to start with
Well, the works are not "100%" on the Joints is still in progress and thats where they usually drag.
Modi to lay foundation of Rs. 10,600-cr Telangana Power Project
Modi to lay foundation of Rs. 10,600-cr Telangana Power Project

Hyderabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on Sunday lay the foundation stone for the first phase of NTPC's Telangana Super Thermal Power Project (STPP). NTPC will establish the project in two phases, 1600 MW (2x800MW) in Phase-I and 2400 MW (3x800 MW) in Phase-II, it said in a statement.

The project is being set up in the available land in the premises of NTPC's existing Ramagundam station. An investment approval of Rs. 10598.98 crore has been accorded for the project.

The AP Reorganisation Act 2014 mandates that NTPC shall establish a 4000MW power facility for the newly carved-out state of Telangana.

Ministry of Coal last year allotted Mandakini-B coal mine in Odisha to NTPC for the 4000 MW Telangana STPP. As an interim arrangement till the development of this mine, tapering coal linkage for Telangana Phase-I (2X800 MW) shall be provided from WCL, the statement added.

Governor of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh E S L Narasimhan, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, Union Minister of State Power, Coal, New & Renewable energy and Mines, Piyush Goyal and Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Bandaru Dattatreya are among those expected to be present on the occasion.
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I wonder why these people go aww whenever they hear about trenchless technology. This has been in place for over a decade now and all other cities are actively using it. Only in Hyderabad, they bring up a stupid discussion whether it is possible or not due to rock layers. I am like, "come on idiots, you are not going to dig 100 feet under. Its just 5 foot under the surface and given the way our roads are laid over several times, the machines don't even need to touch the soil layer. Just get over the stupidity and start using the machinary and technology.:bash:

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Source: Deccan Chronicle

Telangana planning to take overhead power lines underground

The government wants an underground duct project that suits local conditions.

Hyderabad: Underground cabling for power distribution will cost a bomb, but will be worth the money spent in terms of citizens’ safety and ensuring an end to frequent supply disruptions caused by tree falls and other mishaps.

A government team that studied the multiutility underground corridor project in New Delhi is expected to report that the cost of the underground 1.3-km multiutility corridor was Rs 400 crore.

This included shifting of the electricity lines and laying them underground; setting up of electricity sub-stations, transformers, water and gas pipelines, a separate fire fighting system; besides the telephone and internet cables of companies.

“What was created in New Delhi was a huge duct of 23.95 feet x 25.42 feet. It has CCTV cameras and illumination. While the 1.3 km duct cost the New Delhi Municipal Council, Rs 265 crore, another Rs 130 crore had to be spent ti shifting multi-utility systems and construct of transformers and other infrastructure,” said Southern Discom chief general manager (master plan) K. Ramulu, who led the team to New Delhi.

The government wants an underground duct project that suits local conditions. It has proposed laying of underground ducts before white-topped roads are laid so that frequent road-digging can be avoided. If properly planned and laid, multi-utility service ducts will ensure that the road is not dug up in the next 15 to 20 years.

Initially, the government wants to lay 100-km of white-topped roads. Following the Delhi model would cost it Rs 40,000 crore.

TS Southerm Discom director (operations) Sreenivas Reddy said the government would take a call on the report and a similar study from Mumbai. There is also a proposal to study similar projects in other cities.

Same Newspaper...different story on same day
Deccan Chronicle

In Hyderabad, overhead power cables will still continue
The main idea to lay underground electricity cables is to minimise the power supply interruptions.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad has 370 km of 11-kv cables and 470 km of 33-kv cables underground. Multi-utility duct technology had not been used here to lay these cables below the road surface.

It costs Rs 80 lakh to lay an underground cable km including the road cutting charges that are paid to the GHMC. Though the project was launched about eight years ago under the restructured accelerated power development programme (R-APDRP), it is progressing at snail’s pace.

The main idea to lay underground electricity cables is to minimise the power supply interruptions that occur on over-head electricity lines due to rain, wind, tree branch falls and other reasons. There was also a proposal to remove overhead lines once the under-ground cables were laid. Both have not happened.

“Due to the increasing load on the overhead power distribution infrastructure, the UG cable network is sharing the load. As such, both the UG and overhead lines will remain. The overhead lines will not be removed. We need them as no house owner is allowing us to erect poles or set up transformers or even run an electricity line in the vicinity of his house. Whatever overhead lines are there would be retained,” said a senior official in TS Southern Discom.

TS Southern Discom director (operations), Sreenivas Reddy said the number of new connections in Hyderabad was increasing by about 2 lakh every year.

While duct technology will be implemented on corridors that will get white-topped roads, a decision on continuing with ductless underground cabling in the remaining parts of the city would be taken when the duct-technology proposals are finalised, he said.
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How can it be 400 cores for 1.3 km I sriously doubt the cost ..
Source: Eenadu.
Plans, Plans, more plans, some more plans.
At the ground level still they use the pole and wring a wire method.:bash:

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Telangana's solar power generation capacity reaches 3,800 Megawatt


Telangana Energy update:

  • Solar:3800 MW
  • Wind: 100 MW
  • Thermal Current: 8000 MW
  • Additional Capacity by 2018 - 9000MW
(with commissioning of
Damarcherla (4000MW)
Manuguru (1080MW)
Ramagundam (4000MW) NTPC)
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Not sure about the purpose but I see more and more electricity cables are being laid all over the city these days. Roads are decorated with electricity wires on either sides. There are wires being laid even on those roads where there are already cables on either sides. Not even IT district being spared. I see fresh puttings for metal HT poles on the footpaths of kothaguda.
Good bye Haritha haram. Good bye aesthetics.
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These are silver Coated poles, looks like mini high tension poles. If underground cabling is not feasible, these are next best. Center led lighting poles have new design and looks good. They implemented this in siddipet and Karimnagar. If they are doing this in IT district then forget under ground cable
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These are silver Coated poles, looks like mini high tension poles. If underground cabling is not feasible, these are next best. Center led lighting poles have new design and looks good. They implemented this in siddipet and Karimnagar. If they are doing this in IT district then forget under ground cable
Yeah, the silver coated ones. I haven't seen such poles in any other city or states. Looks like they have no thoughts of going underground in eternity. :bash:
I have been roaming around GHMC for getting street lights installed in my colony. They keep saying that they can't do anything until the Govt starts LED street lamps project.
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RenewSys opens 100MW cell line at Hyderabad production plant

India-based PV module and EVA encapsulant manufacturer RenewSys India Pvt Ltd said it had started ramping its 100MW highly automated multicrystalline solar cell line at its Hyderabad facility.

Deploying primarily European production equipment, RenewSys said that German consultancy firm Solsol GmbH had helped in the commissioning of the line, which was first announced back in January, 2016.

RenewSys noted that its decision to invest in solar cell production was based on the Indian Government policies that supported domestic manufacturing.

The company also said it expected to increase both cell and module production further in 2017 as well increase production of its With the confidence that this support will be on-going, RenewSys intends to enhance its EVA/POE ecapsulant and backsheet material capacity.
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5039 MW added in 2.5 years: KCR

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has claimed that his government has added 5039 MW of power during the last two-and-half years in Telangana State.

Making a statement on the floor of State Legislative Assembly in view of Telangana State joining Centre's Uday Scheme on Wednesday, the Chief Minister said that as on June 2, 2014, the power capacity of the State was 5,8963 MW and the shortage was of 2,700 MW. With an addition of 5039 MW, today the power generation capacity in Telangana State is 10,902 MW. Of this, 3,531 MW were from Hydel, Solar and Wind Power. "Even though the power generation capacity is 10,902 MW, the stable power we can depend on is 7,371 MW. As on today, the demand for power is 8,284 MW. This shows the variation of more than 1,000 MW between demand and production in the State. Even then, my government is supply quality power without power cuts in the State," he said.

The Chief Minister claimed that from November 20, 2014, i.e., after six months of the formation of Telangana State, the government was supplying power without any power cuts. He also claimed that the government was supplying 24 hours power for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes and 9 hours three phase current to agriculture sector. "The usage of generators in our State has reduced drastically. Today, the time has come when the invertors will go and investors will come," he said.

KCR also claimed that presently Telangana was miles ahead in power sector. It has successfully overcome the difficulties that cropped up due to the indiscriminate policies adopted in erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh.

The Chief Minister said that the two discoms in the State were in the debts to the tune of Rs. 11,897 crore. Blaming the previous regimes for wrong policies, he said that his government focussed on augmenting power generation capacity through short term, medium term and long term strategies. "We mainly focussed on increasing the institutional capacity initially. We reduced the losses in supply and distribution from 16.83% to 15.98%. We substantially increased production of power through Genco. We marched forward to expeditiously complete the power plants which are progressing on snail pace," he said.

Due to these measures, 600 MW through Bhupalpally KTPP, 1200 MW through Jaipur Singareni Power Plant, 940 MW through Thermal Power Tech, 550 MW through Central Generating Stations, 240 MW through Jurala Hydro Power Project, 30 MW through Pulichintala Project, 1080 MW Solar Power, 99 MW Wind Power, totally about 5039 MW was realised within a short duration of two-and-a-half years.

The Chief Minister informed that by appreciating the performance of power sector, the financial institutions like REC and PFC had reduced the interest rate on loans from 12% to 9.95%. Due to this, Rs. 2,000 crore were saved. He hoped that the Telangana State would soon achieve the goal of being a power surplus State by generation of 5880 MW of power through Bhadradari, Yadadri and Kothagudem power plants which are to be newly established. As per the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, NTPC will establish power generation stations with 4000 MW capacity at Ramagundem. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already laid the foundation stone for first phase construction of 1600 MW capacity plant. In three years 595 MW power will be provided through CGS. Singareni is establishing another 800 MW power station at Jaipur and 1000 MW of power will come in 3-4 months from Chattisgarh. Besides these plants, by 2017-18, 3920 MW of Solar Power will also be materialised.

KCR said that the Telangana State will have power capacity of 27,187 MW by 2019.

The Chief Minister informed the House that the government was entering into MoU with Central Government to join the Uday scheme. "Due to defective policies of erstwhile rulers, the two discoms were in debts to the tune of Rs. 11,897 crore. TSSPDCL has Rs. 7,392 crore debts while TSNPDCL has Rs. 4,505 debts. By joining in the Uday scheme, 75% of debts, i.e., Rs. 8,923 crore will be paid by the State Government. The remaining Rs. 2,974 crore can be given as bonds with government guarantee by Discoms. With this, the discoms will be free from burden of loan," he said while adding that the State will be saving Rs. 890 crore annual interest. He said that the government would be giving Rs. 4,584 crore to Discoms in form of subsidy.

KCR also informed that a decision has been taken to regularise about 20,000 employees working on outsourcing basis. So far, 1175 JLMs were regularised, he said.
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Solar plant inaugurated

Director-General of Police Anurag Sharma on Monday inaugurated a solar power plant at the Police Department store Suvidha at Lakdi-ka-pul. The 35 KV power plant was installed to lower energy consumption of the store on conventional power.

Mr. Sharma said the plant would not just bring down power cost, but its eco-friendliness was the need of the hour in the face of rising global warming concerns. The power plant makes Suvida the first super-market in the city to go solar. Besides police, personnel of fire services purchase from the store.
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Expedite work on power lines, KCR tells officials

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has exhorted the officials of the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited to ensure speedy completion of the power lines connecting southern States with the north-east and west grid.

Once the connectivity was established between the southern States and NDEW grid, the utilities would be in a position to coordinate the demand and supply of power across the country, he said.

Speaking to a delegation of the PGCIL led by its chairman I.S. Jha and senior officials, who called on him at Pragati Bhavan on Tuesday, the Chief Minister wanted the officials to complete the power lines between Wardha and Dichpally to ensure power supply from Chattisgarh to the State.

The PGCIL officials told the Chief Minister that the line would be completed by March and with the completion of the 765 KV double circuit line of 4,500 MW capacity, the State would be able to get power from Chattisgarh.

The Chief Minister wanted the PGCIL to take up works on the Warangal-Varora (Maharashtra) with immediate effect. The completion of the two lines would facilitate power transmission between the southern grid and NEW Grid paving the way for coordination among different States.

According to an official release, the PGCIL had expressed keenness to invest in the transmission projects in the State and Mr. Rao wanted the officials of the State departments to hold negotiations in this regard.
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