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I-22 completion date is pushed back AGAIN!!

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For the life of me I do not understand the reason that ALDOT is building I-22 at a snails pace.

The Completion date was set for 2012, now it maybe even later than that. Birmingham's interstate system is in major need of an overhaul maintance wise, but I guess it will take another bridge destroyed by a huge fire to get anything done.
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Along with the other projects in my city, Roanoke, An art musuem, I-81 widening, and I-73 constuction all pushed back...
FM 2258 said:
I don't know what our President is doing but all that money going to Iraq could be better spent on upgrading the transportation system in this country.
For real, just look at all the money spent, click the link and it shows:

Cost of War
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