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I have a dream.

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This post for our dreams. Every one has a dream and it's no fair someone judge us just to have dream so I'm going to post my dreams here if mods don't mind then we can all share our dreams please with a civil manner.

It happend that I have a dream about how the Iraqi government suppose to be in my dream I've seen it this way I wish every one telling me if this dream can come true or not and if it's good or bad thanks.

In my dream I see the Iraqi gov. this way:

Presidency counselors: it consist of President and 12 counselors every one of them should have either a master or phd in law and the rest of the fields six of them high rank religious since religion play important rule in the nation life.

executive: the Prime minister is the head of this branch in this guy should be elected directly from the people also he should have some sort of degree the least accepted is Bachelor and up and he should not be part of these banned people in my dream: Baathist, Wahhabist and Selefist. the rest are ok.

Representatives: now these people can be part of any party except again Baathist, wahhabist and selefist. they all should have some sort of degree: Bachelor and up and they should possess a good record of patriotism? means they have never involved in a sectarian thoughts or speech and never accused of stealing or corruptions since we need some clean and good people.

voila that was my dream what you think guys.
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Although Democracy may be bad, there is nothing better than it tbh.
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