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There have been so many Pittsburgh threads lately but I love the place so much I just have to share these too. We were there for just two days last week but managed to cover a fair bit of ground. I could happily have strolled around the city for much longer. It seemed so European in a way with store fronts and people on the streets (even outside of downtown), yet with a very American skyline. And what a skyline it is. Well, without further ado, here are the pics.

Convention Center:

16th Street Bridge:

Strip District & Markets:


I loved the different graphics on the buses. This was the only one I managed to catch without motion blur:

I think this building has been shot by more forumers than some supertalls ;) :

SouthSide Works mixed use development:

Day 2, North Shore:

From inside the Children's Museum:

Station Square and Smithfield Street Bridge:

Goodnight Pittsburgh:

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Lovely shots!
I really like Pittsburg skyline against the hilly backdrop! :cheers:
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