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I n d o n e s i a: Part 3 - LOMBOK AND BALI

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Part 3 is the final chapter of my Indonesia series. Having travelled through Malaysia and Singapore, I arrived in Indonesia. I travelled first through Java (part 1) and up to the incredible Sulawesi (part 2). From Sulawesi I flew to Lombok, and the Gili islands before heading to the beautiful Bali. I visited Padangbai and Candi Dasa, Ubud, various temples and and the amazing Jatiluwih rice terreces before heading to Lovina (Singaraja) in the north, before heading back south to Kuta and the airport to fly back to England.

There is a lot more to Bali than beautiful beaches, and I wanted to see that, and through photography portray that. Like my Sulawesi thread this also comes with a WARNING. This thread contains cockfighting which some may find upsetting (although the pictures aren't graphic). However it must be understood that cockfighting is a big part of the real Balinese culture. I stumbled across one in a temple where there are religious elements to it (blood must be spilled to ward off the evil spirits), and the second time I went with a Balinese guy to a backstreet, up in the hills, illegal cockfight (I even had to bribe the police). This might all seem strange to you, but it is just an aspect of a deeply foreign culture (and I like to get as deep as possible).

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Can people view the photo's?
i can see nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:horse::no:
We have again problem with flickr; from all those photos only few are visible (farms 2 and 3 only)
Thanks for the awesome photos though it took a long time to load....:cheers:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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