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It's Kansas City, and all photos were taken in the state of Missouri. That is all.

May First Friday Crossroads gallery crawl

The Waldo neighborhood at sunrise

Sunset Hill

The Country Club Plaza

Downtown from the observation deck of the Liberty Memorial

The new Sprint Center arena...

Looking up at the Liberty Memorial...

Some scenes from Midtown Kansas City

The ubiquitous old Colonnade style apartment buildings

Union Hill - sort of part of downtown and sort of part of midtown

Scenes from the City Hall observation deck

Power & Light district construction...

Davis Park, downtown, just north of City Hall...

Photos from the expansion project of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

To the left, the old - to the right, the new

In the Crossroads area again, at a small gathering to honor a bicyclist who was killed

More scenes from downtown KCMO, this time on a gray, dreary afternoon

Memorial Day weekend's Celebration at the Station -- On the grounds of Union Station & the Liberty Memorial for symphony concert and fireworks

And that's all from Kansas City in May.​

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Great pictures...When I see Kansas City pictures like yours I always remember "The Day After"...I think that, that movie help to put an end in the Cold War...
I loved your pictures specially the one of the mail box (you made a very interesting composition in it) and the firts one from "Scenes from the City Hall observation deck".
In fact I have noted that there are almost nobody in the streets ( what I could see in the Omaha thread too). And that is amazing! They say that the USA cities are famous for the absence of people walking in the streets except for New York (wich some say that is the only real city in the US)...Can you tell me something about this?...
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