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ICE STORM Montreal, Canada - On Discovery Channe

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This should be very intresting:

April 10, 2006

ICE STORM Montreal, Canada - Next Episode of THE PERFECT DISASTER On Discovery Channel

It happened over a decade ago - an ice storm that brought the city of Montreal to its knees. But scientists now believe that there is far worse to come. Strangely enough the nightmare begins with a warm spell.

Viewers will learn that Montreal is uniquely situated in an area that maintains the worse ice conditions in the world.

CGI helps illustrate the seemingly impossible atmospheric conditions that collide to create an ice storm, and experts explain how Montreal will attempt to weather it.

ICE STORM THE PERFECT DISASTER Premieres Sunday, April 16, 9-10 PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Channel.
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I remember that storm,' interesting' event, but is nothing compared to the natural distasters most other parts of the world receive.
Cool (no pun intended) im gonna watch it.
Yeah that storm even hit this area hard! Crazy times!
granted the storm wasn't as spectacular as tornadoes or earthquakes. Still the whole city was shut down for 10 days.

can you imagine a city this big without power and temperatures going down to -20?
Thanks malek, I was not here then, but I certainly remember reading about it in the news.

I wonder how I would cope without power for 10 day in sub-zero conditions.... not very well I suspect.
It happened under a decade ago, not over.

It was horrible and I felt sorry for the people who had no power for weeks. I was
in Mtl shortly afterward, and some areas of town never lost electricity at all...
for example the guest house I stayed at near the Berri metro station.
yes my friend never lost power either because he was on the same line as a hospital, which is top priority.

Our home didn't loose power at the beginning, but at the end of that 10 days period for about 3-4 days.

I brought my computer to my friends home and we played multiplayer games the whole time... Red Alert rocked ;)
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I lived in the middle of the city then and had power every single minute.
I thikn we had lost something like 24 hours of electricity over a span of 3 days(in the beginning) after that we were fine. Although some of my friends had to be removed from their homes because they didn't have any electricity for 3-4 weeks. The water in the toilet had frozen!
I know what you guys are talking about. Even though I live in Texas and we usually have mild winters, we had a really bad ice storm during Christmas 2000. Our power was knocked out for nearly a month. It got so cold that none of the meat in my family's freezer went bad.
Sounds interesting..will definately be watching!
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