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If you had $4-5 mill to spend on a house..

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A rather frivolous posting, but nonetheless..

Where in Chicagoland would you live if you had $4-5 mil. to drop? East Lake Shore Drive? A Lincoln Park townhouse? A Gold Coast townhouse? Or somewhere off the beaten path, like combining several lofts ?

(I presume none of the forumers has the means to afford places like these.)

Also.. if you live in/have visited/have seen a really interesting Chicago condo or apartment, tell us about it.
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Right north of Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Near West Loop, or in Lakeshore East.

Although, in reality, I would take that money and invest it into my real estate business, and then later get an even better home from the profits.
I would buy a condo in a three-flat in Uptown. Then another one in Rogers Park. Then one in one of the converted buildings in the Loop.
i would buy an abandon industrial factory in the lake calumet area and live in it
Buy a huge condo in the John Hancock .
I would buy a small (older) building in Uptown and do a complete rehab. Retail/work space on the ground level... And a large open loft on the second level... Roof deck garden...
I would buy a penthouse at the top of the pinnacle tower.
It may be nearly 40 years old, but the Hancock still is the highest on my list. When you go above the 82nd floor, you get 13 foot ceilings, and there are several units that have sky terraces (basically glass room, with operable windows to the outside, see below.)

Here is a link to several units on the market. While none of them are my style (in fact many of them are a bit ugly)... With that much money, I could gut the unit and re-do it to my good taste.

John Hancock Condos for Sale
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ThirdCoast312 said:
i would buy an abandon industrial factory in the lake calumet area and live in it
For god's sake why?

I would buy a Gold Coast townhouse.
I think I would buy a house on Dearborn. The houses on Dearborn from North Avenue all the way down to Chicago Ave. fucking blow me away.
I would buy a $4 million place somewhere in LSE, with a western view (hopefully with comfortable living space for a family of 3, and a pool table).

I would use the remaining $1 million as an escrow account to pay the taxes, association fees, utilities and so on... That way, my g/f's and my income could be spent on our kid, liesure and retirement savings.
Chi-town said:
^ I was thinking Astor, but ok.
Yep. I'm changing mine to a house on Astor or N. State St.
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